Winning Elections The Communist Way: Facial Hair And More Of It

We see mutton chops to goatees all take centre stage in politics and Carl Marx, Trotsky and Stalin were certainly no stranger to these facial hair principles. The communist way of doing things has influenced the world for a bit of time now. The red beards we see in this image are typical of how propaganda during the early days of elections. Great authors like

The French have leaned on the angle of comparing Marxism to the Matrix as you will see in the video below and yes the main author has a beard too. The beard seems to be an important part of this era, Stalin preferred a moustache or what’s better known as a goatee here in the UK.  Other authors from the northern region of Europe have looked to authors like British born author  who compared Marxism with the school of Frankfurt.

These authors are by no means indifferent to what we are awaiting apparently with the economic crash and other fears. The mutton chops and big beards are tributes to methods that once worked, you can hope they work but without any real ideas there is not much chance of these teachings being practically of any use in today’s modern technological society. That said the mutton chops thanks to people like Elvis have perhaps kept the nostalgia going. Stirring Trouble Internationally explores more about the political ramifications and predicts more facial hair in the future.

the most entertaining thing found in Marxism and history is the working structure, the work he did to transform work houses was very good. The French have added to this as the workload relaxes and the west allows the East to do much of the hard work. Because of this again perhaps is how China and the remnants of Marxism is contributing to the economy, technology, fuel consumption and the moulding of metals.

Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky (Photo credit: Dunechaser)

Carl Marx like many predecessors was well dressed with a nice tie and his beard was well presented for the time, today since the three to four blade revolution beards are phasing out. India celebrates the beard with special competitions, some people even twist the sides of their moustache like . Similarly Elvis karaoke sessions consider the size of mutton chops and replica sun glasses. Stirring Trouble Internationally takes a look at this and a whole lot more in relation to the elections coming up soon and the insurance facial hair brings in its liquidity.

Some things to look out for if you are brushing up on Marxism and history are what Hegel said in relation to Marx’s Manuscripts which also included a copy of his birth certificate, if you like philosophy. Or you could take a look at what symbolist and Protestant Max Weber had to say his opening sentences and paragraphs far outweighed the points both Marxism and the BBC did back in 1999, they awarded him ethe best thinker this country had to offer, which is of course not 100% true if true at all.

In 2000 Angela Rippon was reportedly attacked by two mugger’s one of which had a slim moustache at the same time people with moustaches and beards supported their reasoning for having it because they like the satin effect Guinness had on their top lips. That sort of thing still goes on today and frankly its just not acceptable and these people will I’m sure you agree be punished. And in the example of Trotsky and Stalin what is the point of bringing something up and not offering any real solutions. This could be seen as simply stirring trouble that is why you need some people like us to take the rhetorical stance of Stirring Trouble Internationally, it’s an important angle and we do it well. See for yourself by going over now to:

News With Satire – Winning Elections The Communist Way: Facial Hair And More Of It.

The video above is simply sociology and how things apply in society, Derrida is another good source of Marxist information and philosophy he is French the speaker in the clip is Slavoj Žižek.

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  1. Interesting post about Carl Marx and facial hair, nice blog by the way, just noticed this post via Face book, thought I’d leave a nice message, well done your blog is nice. Keep up the good work.

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