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The World Of Economics. And Politicians Who Have Problems With It

Austerity examined by Nick and Francois and The World Of Economics. And Politicians Who Have Problems With It ,Martin McCauley takes a look at what Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said this week to cheer people up.

The Spanish state’s decision to bail out Bankia reveals that Madrid has grasped the magnitude of the country’s banking crisis. And the results in South America and how they could help one another and if they do everything should be fine. The problem highlighted was a problem with housing loans in Spain that never really lived up to expectations and the pressure form the Euro commitments to banks.

The Eurozone bailout funds, of course. So the taxpayer will have to pay.

JP Morgan Chase this week has been identified as a cause for share drops in recent US banks thanks to hedge funds and inaccurate porfolio’s and have admitted they are about to implement strategies to improve the situation. They are not the only ones Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley figures are down right now too. (

Greek politicians and austerity about the economy is very limited at the moment.

François Hollande and Euphoria in France.

The French in comparison to Britain on the economic topic, tax rate rises and what Brussels is saying. All this information is stuff that the town mayor Boris Johnson is observing, to help London be up at its best for the London Olympics.

Stupidity Watch

The World Of Economics. And Politicians Who Have Problems With It.

-End- The author of this post understands that this is just opinion and the news here is gathered as opinion and should be treated as such.

Government Expenses Worldwide as a Percentage ...

Government Expenses Worldwide as a Percentage of GDP (Photo credit: columnfive)

The Alliance Of Likud And Kadima Has Transformed Israel. And You’d Better Believe It

The Alliance Of Likud And Kadima Has Transformed Israel. And You’d Better Believe It.

The Alliance of Kidud and Kadima

Likud And Kadima, Israel Agreement

The Political Alliance Of Likud and Kadima

 Has Transformed Israel. And You’d Better Believe It
Samuel Marshall writes from Tel Aviv: The most startling development in recent Israeli politics has occurred. Prime Minister Initially…

Politics in Parliament in the observations of how global politics has effected British politics and why the merger with liberal democrats has possibly diluted the house.

▪ Venizelos insists on unity government
Unity government will implement bailout
▪ Greek people, not Syriza reject unity government

In Greece
PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos and Democratic Left chief Fotis Kouvelis on Thursday said they are happy to copy Britian’s model in uniting their political parties. Alexis Tsipras siad it was a good omen ▪
Politics in America on the subject of unity government and how they are influencing the British elected.

Politics in Tehran, Palestine and Israel. The difference between Jews and orthodox Jews and the problems Israel may face in the future since the death of Netanyahu. This article revisits the frozen economy of Palestinians and predicts what the next phase of payment will be.

BENJAMIN Netanyahu on Tuesday 8th May made a deal with the new leader of the centrist opposition party Kadima, Shaul Mofaz, and has given him more room in deciding whether to pursue peacemaking with the Palestinians or if they may have to attack Iran again. (
Some interesting facts about the houses of parliament and how it works.

The prestige of being a politician in Britain compared to the prestige of being a politician in Israel and Around The World.


MK Gideon Ezra, Member of Kadima Party (Israel...

MK Gideon Ezra, Member of Kadima Party (Israel). Photo by: Itzik Edri, Kadima Party PR Team עברית: ח”כ גדעון עזרא, תנועת קדימה. צילום: איציק אדרי, דוברות קדימה (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time To Ask Lord Leveson: How About Taking A Closer Look At The BBC?

A closer look at the Leveson inquiry

Looking at the Leveson inquiry

Time To Ask Lord Leveson: How About Taking A Closer Look At The BBC?

The Leveson inquiry about media ethics Adam Lovejoy explains the topic more:

“…the British world of news gathering doesn’t raise the thorny issue of left-wing bias at the BBC? It’s all about the News Corporation and phone hacking and the evil Rupert Murdoch. But why not look into the way lefties in Britain have hijacked a vast publicly funded broadcaster, turning it into their propaganda machine?”.

The image is of Prospero statue in Oxford Street of the Radio station for the BBC and Lord Leveson who is head of his inquiry.

How the media ethics and phone hacking has effected trust from the public.

Adam also looks at the charter revealed by Lord Leveson current publications about the BBC and the future of moving into commercial broadcasting just like Rupert Murdoch and how this might effect the impact of future propaganda.

Again here is the link: Time To Ask Lord Leveson: How About Taking A Closer Look At The BBC?

A pie chart showing expediture at the BBCby se...

A pie chart showing expediture at the BBC from the BBC Annual Report 2010/11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

US Diplomatic Missions Attract Dissidents In China. Washington Would Prefer They Didn’t

Guys in China Meetup

Today’s post includes two gentlemen from China an announcement about the next meeting and the hostess for the event is Hilary Clinton. The event will be held at the US Embassy in China, and those who have been invited to this post can attend. The point of this post is to explore fashion.

Choosing the right dress for occasions like this can be quite difficult, when in Rome the best thing to do, is wear the right dress, in China the correct satire for women is a Geisha outfit.

Here are a few things you may need to know about fashion and satire in China.

Hilary Clinton In A Geisha Dress

Hillary Clinton

Mrs Hilary Clinton get doled up to meet the top brass in China this week. Wang Chung a top cop from China and Hilary Clinton US rep meet up in the Middle Kingdom.

American influence on China is political and about human rights and finding middle ground as each side shares notes about economic goals to be achieved this year.

The US Embassy in China and Hilary Clinton meetup in the Chinese Capital. Meetup and discuss about justice news from Washington. The consulates in Lhasa, Urmqi and Xinjang are all welcome to come along. Here are the details to register for the event.

If you turn up on the doorstep late make sure you either have a good excuse or you’re wearing the right satire. In the image to the right you can see Hilary Clinton dressed in this lovely black Geisha dress. The Geisha dress photography photoshop was designed to articulate what could be what’s worn at the consulate n the eighteenth of May 2012.

US Diplomatic Missions Attract Dissidents In China. Washington Would Prefer They Didn’t .

President Obama Announces His Election Campaign. And It’s For Real Now

Barack Obama Running For President

Barack Obama

Dan Majestic writes from Columbus: So now we know: President Barack Obama will definitely be running for a second term. He confirmed. The entertainment media Saturday Night Live and President Obama press release comedy sketch of Obama taking all the credit for the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden.

$25 Million Dollars have been pumped into the advertisement you see in the video above. Middle classes in America a not to happy about the cost of this campaign but understand it is very expensive these days to advertise. Making video’s are a standard rate. According to the same article by political correspondent Shira Schoenberg, according to her figures in the Washington polls Obama and Mitt Romney are neck and neck (USA Today May 7th 2012).

President Obama’s campaign to spend $25 million in advertising this month according to Shira Schoenberg on May 7th 2012.

Who Is Responsible For The Financial Crisis? Not Me, Says Sir Merv

Who Is Responsible For The Financial Crisis? Not Me, Says Sir Merv

Merv Griffin's Crosswords

Merv Griffin’s Crosswords (Photo credit: Wikipedia)