The Rise Of The Influence Of The Mob. With Austerity As Its Best Friend

From Naples: The global downturn has ruined thousands of businesses and cost millions of jobs. But it has produced a growth industry and organised crime. In this article about a rise in crime around the world since Austerity and organised crime unfolds around Europe. Martin McCauley writer for Stirring Trouble Internationally explores the oligarchy of the Global Information Mafia and how criminals are being drawn in online to shady businesses.

Stirring Trouble Internationally Austerity

Austerity over on Stirring Trouble Internationally

The Rise Of The Influence Of The Mob. With Austerity As Its Best Friend

Explain what austerity means is a good place to start, because the world is changing. In comparison to third world countries Martin tries to justify how places like Greece have no other option to raise capital to get out of debt. Their is also a link between newspapers and media and how many stations and companies are being taken over by finances who have been and continue to be successful in the current economy.

The overall observation of this article is via social networks we see a bombarding of corrupt values in gaming, from Mafia Wars, to Poker players all taping into The Godfather and its Five Families principles.

The Rise Of The Influence Of The Mob. With Austerity As Its Best Friend

The trading that happens inside these games is part of the money laundering and as the young start of here they are trained well. The thing is reality and fiction in films and games is classed the same, but perhaps is actually something a lot more profound.

In the mainstream news crime figures are focusing on dodgy charities in Britain. The organisation NACRO are hiring for policy and public affairs department to clamp down on charities sponging money for personal gain. Meanwhile Ecrime is a new department of the police who are now taking action and arresting Hackers who are online causing trouble. Some scams to look out for are according to European sources are in the gaming industry. The game Diablo according to Softpedia is filling the pockets of cyber criminals. Other hacks to look out for are when using Dongle sticks, the frequency can be picked up and all types of data accessed. Another common hack is based on people finding your location then going round your home and breaking in the steal computer, be mindful of these things and you will be one step ahead when it comes to identifying when it might be happening.

The Rise Of The Influence Of The Mob. With Austerity As Its Best Friend


Under the influence

Under the influence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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