Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Condo Rice and Marco Rubio

Mitt Romney And Friends Did Well On The Night. President Obama Must Be Worried

Mitt Romney Paul Ryan Condo Rice and Marco Rubio
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James Anderson writes from Tampa: It was Mitt Romney’s night. He delivered his best scripted speech ever. His persona came into public view. He got through to two groups: the right, by sketching out what he would do during his first hundred days in the White House, and to the centre by talking about himself, his religious and political beliefs and his hopes and aspirations for the future. Romney even came up with some humour. He described what it was like to have five boys re-enacting a world war every evening. There were tears in his eyes and those of the audience when he related that his father had planted a red rose on his mother’s bedside table every morning. When it was not there, she went looking for him. He was dead.  Continue reading


Did Calvin Harris Create Disco? In Your Dreams

Calvin Harris - I Created Disco
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Freddie Matthews writes from London: Come on be serious now, Scottish born Adam Richard Wiles, or Calvin Harris, as he’s known in the music industry, absolutely did not create Disco. Anyone who suggests this should be shot down by the tight, white suited Disco gods in zebra skin platform shoes and hunted down like a dog by the king of 70s Disco cool, John Shaft.


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Mali Is The New Afghanistan. Why Ansar Dine Threatens To Carry Its Jihadi War Into Europe

Ansar Dine Rebels
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Ossie Makepeace writes from Mauritania: Is Mali the new Afghanistan? That’s the big question for US intelligence analysts as the CIA redraws the map of the West African state.

And the picture that emerges shows that more than half the country is now controlled by  the Islamist army, Ansar Dine, that translates as Defenders of the Faith.

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Barack Obama Mitt Romney Info Graphic

Infographic: How Obama, Romney (and Friends) Are Using Social Media

According to the polls, President Barack Obama is in a tight race with challenger Mitt Romney. But he can take a little solace in the fact that he’s trouncing his Republican opponent in social media. (Then again, we assume the President of the United States isn’t the sort who’d actually mistake social-media success for real-world success.)
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