Forget Obama And Cameron – Ahmadinejad Was The One Telling It How It Really Is





Sanjay Bloomberg from the UN in New York: The pundits sneered at Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he gave his speech during this first, and most important, week of the United Nations General Assembly. As ever, the pundits got it wrong. These are the pundits who sneered at him when he came to power in August 2005. The people we are meant to believe said that he would not last. They said the Supreme Leader with one flick of his little finger would have him dumbed into the trash can of Iranian political show-offs. Odd isn’t it that Ahmadinejad is still here?

The pundits dismissed them as predictable. Never trust a pundit’s judgment. Mostly they are charlatans.

Ahmadinejad said the Zionists wanted to bomb Iran to rubble – true. Netanyahu said Iran had to be stopped before it became a nuclear weapons power – true. That, ladies and gentlemen of the international television studio haunting heavy paper scribbling community of pundits, just happens to be the biggest threat to most of our futures. Iran with nuclear warheads would be the biggest form of terrorism the world could imagine and fear. It would make the threats from Al Qaeda look like litter and jaywalking offences in comparison. A face-off between Iran and Israel would drag in the entire Middle East and respective allies as far away as Washington and London and so create a global matrix of military and political instability that would be laid across the world’s economic, financial and strategic institutions and influences.

Imagine the simple disruption and chocking off the oil supplies from the Gulf that would surely follow. Nations with no part in such an Israeli-Iranian confrontation would be brought to their knees. The UK for example has not much more than nine days oil stocks. The government would fall if roads went empty. Israel could not bomb Iran into submission without help from the US and the UK. The latter two don’t want it to happen.





When Obama gets up and says we all have to take on terrorism or Cameron says we have to support the Arab Spring and Africa’s fight against poverty, then because of their global standing (or in Cameron’s case, imagined standing) we will listen and say that it sort of makes sense. When the Iranian President with his basket-case rep and Netanyahu with his Dayan-style integrity, get to the podium, delegates go for skinny latte and pastries.

Pundits head for the $100 appearance money network studios and tell us one’s a head case with no real power and the other rattles too many sabres. But, just remember, the head case wants us all to think Iran is building nuclear warheads that can hit downtown Zionism and the man with the sabres knows the rules of Masada.

Netanyahu does not have 100 per cent Knesset backing for his view (and the US is hoping he won’t get it). Ahmadinejad has to go next year. So two questions in reverse: when Ahmadinejad goes, what happens to the nuclear programme? What happens when Netanyahu convinces the Israeli Cabinet that with a new Iran President, nothing has changed? These are some extracts from Stirring Trouble Internationally – (A humorous take on news and current affairs).

English: Protests outside of the United Nation...

English: Protests outside of the United Nations in New York City when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the governing body at the end of his first term as President of Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)



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