BBC Gets A New Captain

Adam Lovejoy writes from London: The BBC Trust, that hideous creation of New Labour headed by Lord Patten, is obviously under the impression that having hastily appointed a new director general, the current boss of the Royal Opera House Tony Hall.

Lord Tony Hall

Labour party leading talents and all sorts of luvvies have responded to Lord Hall’s appointment with great joy. Members of parliament like Chris Bryant and Ben Bradshaw and former BBC top dog and Labour supporter Greg Dyke joined in the praise for the new DG. The BBC continues its Soviet-style propaganda campaign, summoning all of its friends and allies on the left to bang on how important it is for the British people and how millions tune in to watch its wonderful shows and unbiased news programmes.

Lord Patten

The same spin doctors are spreading the word that the scandal with false accusations of paedophilia levelled against Tory heavy-hitter Lord McAlpine on Newsnight was a result of a ‘breakdown in the editorial procedure’. Lord Hall is supposed to steer this creaking leaking ship all the way to 2016 BBC charter review. Originally posted November 27, 2012 at 12:02AM ( The Creaking Leaking Ship That Is The BBC Gets A New Captain. Who’s No Better Than Any Of The Previous Ones

Jimmy Savile Funeral Hearse & Cortege Scarborough

Jimmy Savile Funeral Hearse & Cortege Scarborough (Photo credit: Voltage Studios)

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