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‘The North Korean missile can reach America. Another two years and it may be able to launch a nuclear warhead’.

Kim Watanabe has assessed an important report for you from Tokyo. Who is this report for, well it was originally for the Defence and Foreign Ministry officials made in Seoul originally commissioned for North Korea. This report analysis as you will see has global value, previous analysis has been compiled by South Korean analysts and has some interesting news about nuclear weapons but also has some interesting points about the trending topic this week about weapons in the USA.
Japanese polls
The problems have already been set up, each country has different values and weapons are distributed all over the country. If you have an interest in weapons then you might want to read this article for a larger angle about this trending topic in both the United States and North Korea and the future challenges for engineers about (ICBM) Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles. The article you are about to read is based on an little known helpful report from North Korean Unha-3 rocket.

Find out what a North Koreans re-entry vehicle is and find out more about the nuclear warhead recently plugged in the news and reactions to this news over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

They also point out that a third interested party in this development is China.  The rest of the world has supposed China regards North Korea as a client state.  This is not so.  North Korea will go its own way, according to Japanese analysts.

Japan has also taken an interest in this report. So a good summary is if you are looking to find out more about what has already been mentioned or you want a bigger angle of assessing the value of this subject then this post will help you in many ways.

Nuclear weapons display in Nagasaki

Jim Bob‘s insight:

The North Korean missiles and current trending discussions in America about weapons are two topics that are connected here in todays lessons and examples. You can also find out more about the intercontinental ballistic missile, Japan, Kim Jong-il, North Korea, Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Unha, and as already mentioned the United States.

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2 thoughts on “Kim Watanabe | Washington Assess North Korean Missile Japan Too | Stirring Trouble Internationally – Around The World

  1. If there are or are not missiles capable of offensive uses will be continued to be argued about because during the Obama reign there has not been any definite statements by anybody with eyewitness knowledge,such as Bill Clinton, that have been given publicly and freely. When I went there to meet Kim Il-Sung,at President Johnson’s request, President Johnson did not restrict me any way from saying anything.but Obama controls everything and says whatever only what and when HE wants, often half-truths and outright lies. Like President John F Kennedy when he died, Barack Obama is hated by many of the world leaders. Hellary Clinton is not helping by continually finding “reasons” not to obey Congress’ summons to testify.

  2. Nuclear and missile tech, like most others, continue to spread and to cheapen. Puffing political popinjays act as though their pieces of paper with treaties and laws thereon will somehow change those facts. Sure….

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