The Eurozone Is In A Crippling Recession. Politicians Are Hoping Stories Will Offer A Distraction

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Ted Obvious is in Brussels, he picks up where he left of on the focus on the Eurozone recession and the costly European Union summits. You can catch up on the prior article if you click here!

And if you think I’m making this up then cast your eyes on some figures that were released last week by Eurostat confirming that the Eurozone is going down. Here are some of the highlights: Germany’s GDP dipped by 0.6 per cent in the fourth  quarter of last year, France had 0.3 per cent drop, Italy sank by 0.9 per cent, with Spain registering 0.7 per cent hit. Overall, the Eurozone’s GDP went down by 0.6 per cent.

The dangers of eating horse meat is something contrived by the powers that be to take the heat of the decline of Europe. In this post notice how Ted highlights the Eurozone and politicians since world war II have been making a big drama out of a crisis

This post reveals the dodgy stats from Germany about the Eurozone, also revealed is the similar things have happened in both Japan and  America .

The European Central Bank (ECB) who have long record for advising banks across Europe to keep a strict cap on loans for housing et al are now announcing optimistic predictions for Europe this year. Ted takes a critical look at this too.

You might heard of the phrase ‘the weasels in the corridors of power’ well its the same movement that is attributing the horse meat scandal do be sure to dip your nose into that. But what you might not recognise is the phrase being associated with South Africa‘s olympic athlete calling him ‘bladerunner’ which is I am sure you agree far more sinister. The Olympics has spawned a athlete with no legs into a monster. Bladerunner is of course a popular film that explains science fiction and media movies.

Read the full article here – Stirring Trouble Internationally  ‘… It’s Official: The Eurozone Is In A Crippling Recession. Politicians Though Are Hoping Other Stories Will Offer A Distraction…’


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One thought on “The Eurozone Is In A Crippling Recession. Politicians Are Hoping Stories Will Offer A Distraction

  1. Now an own made miserable time for the European West who humiliated the Asian East during its former’s rising days.

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