Celebrity Tilda Swinton artistic adventure

This weeks article is well overdue, its about the art world art can take anything up to five years to finish. Some people are so good at art in five minutes they have it all done. Having the right tools and brushes can really help. If you have a camera that takes nice pictures this can help too, you can always edit it again later on in Photoshop or image editors that you may have already built into your computer.

Most of the artists who have time to make money doing what they these days are celebrities, by day they act or broadcast on the airwaves and by night they do art, some of them just sleep like the rest of us, some of them make art whilst they sleep, today’s post is a good example of this. Tilda sleeping in a glass box has been done by numerous people, often they are trying to get a point across to the world of community. Many of them are copying a formula which has worked before. By taking the glass box outside we can see another side of the celebrity we neither thought nor cared about before this all happened. In the early days escape artists pioneered this way of thinking and inside the box they dis extra ordinary things, this is why there is so much nostalgia for the old glass box trick.

Even television caught up on the trade and like all tested systems it worked surprisingly well. Its no secret people love art and its obvious people like seeing other people in pictures, faces and frames. The glass box is a 3 D panoramic view, in big brother this is called the panopticon. Seeing is half the game understanding the game from the inside and knowing how to get on the other side of the artists glass box is what people really want.

In this post I will try and explain how to apply to be on Big Brother rather than just whittle on about a women’s art copying someone else’s idea. I know you have plenty of places to find this information out and no I am not selling anything I am just adding value to the text. I will also explain how to an art critic and point you in the right direction so you can understand art form. Art is very popular here in London, it does not matter whether you studied in St Martins Art College or self-taught yourself how to draw fancy chalk drawings on the pavement. Most people like art and the idea of quickly making a profit out of art or better still having a blue print for your art can really help.

Here is your Big Brother Blueprint. You watch Big Brother on television, the house is designed comfortably well for all different types of house mates, they live, eat, drink, work rest and play together. This all basic stuff watching makes you an art enthusiast, someone who passively watches and enjoys. This makes people want to be on the show, just like they would want to go out and buy a lottery ticket for the lottery. After Big Brother appearances many people have gone on the do better things, they have in some way proved themselves to the world they have what it takes to be in the TV world. So what do you do to be on Big Brother?

It’s never been so easy to do something, you go over to the website and read the instructions there. At a wild guess you will need a couple of nice images, a half-baked story about who you are and why you are psychologically strong enough to be selected for Big Brother. After a while on the show many contestants forget they are being filmed and do silly things so when you get accepted by mindful of this. Hope that helps.

Secondly if you want to try another route you can be an art critic, so what is an art critic I hear you ask.

Have you ever been to an art exhibition, perhaps you and your partner are on a news letter inviting you to look at the lovely art and photography. Perhaps you are a teacher and all your students keep asking you to come to their first exhibition? Who knows who you are and what you connect with art is, if you gravitate towards art then you are an artist. Depending on where you live as an artist you will be treated differently. Either way if you are still wanting to do what you love which is looking at art and saying something interesting about it which adds value to the industry then an art critique is a good choice.

So how do you get noticed in a world of art critics?

Going on Big Brother might help you can talk and talk all about it there to a large audience.

You can network with other artists who invite you to their exhibitions, eventually you will be the go to person, the person every artist likes to see at there show. Do you like champagne, this might help because lots of champagne gets given away at exhibitions. Much nicer than a piece of cheese and a little silver onion on a stick.

You could create an e-commerce website promising to sell art or open up an art gallery, there are lots of things you could do. You could go back to school and study art, you could leave the home and go and live in warehouse squats with other up and coming upstarts, or you could just blog like we do here. There are lots of bloggers on WordPress, ask around it won’t be long before you wish is your command, but you have to want it. You see many art critics are good, but lets face it they are not that good, reading and listening to these people can take ages and really take up time.

Here is the thing and I now this seems obvious, convoluted and bland but anything you do in life will have a rippling effect later on down the line, so regardless of what you do, or what you read or what you have read and who you share it with, to get that job or have success requires, action.

big brother

Tilda Swinton artistic adventure she spent six hours sleeping in a glass box #Entertainment #BigBrother

Don’t you just love celebrities? Here is actress Tilda Swinton sleeping in a glass box as part of a ‘performance art installation’ in New York’s Museum of Modern. The postmodern art  mugs who  see it. How to apply for Celebrity Big Brother. How to be an art critic and being able to distinguish between a normal sandwich and an artistic butty in learning Art Form.

STi Celebrity As An Art Form

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Source Stirring Trouble Internationally   ‘…Celebrity As An Art Form? Nah, It’s Just Tilda Taking The P..s Again…’ March 29, 2013 at 12:05AM

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7 thoughts on “Celebrity Tilda Swinton artistic adventure

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your post….let’s not forget though, if you’re not laundering oodles of money in cloaked cross border transactions then you’re not really doing ‘art’. Are you? ;-)

    • Art sounds and interesting line of work, thank for sharing, keep up the good work. I just looked at your blog and noticed an interesting way to use categories. How is it working out for you are you getting enough traffic to your site using multi listed categories. I have never seen this before and curious how this works for your website. I would appreciate a response please, if you think I am being nosey I understand.

      • Your archive list is very long and you use comers to categorise your keywords. keeping them under the recommended characters will help your navigation, to find posts, hope this helps. Fixing this will help your blog, deleting unused categories and tags also helps. If you know of a reason this is not true please let me know for example anything on social media that does not look right I always willing to learn. Thanks for taking time out your day to comment here on Stirring Trouble.

      • We are unpopular with most and like it that way. But thanks very much for the excellent pointers. Nobody here really knows how anything works and as you can see for yourself, we’re also quite lazy.

      • Hello again I recognise your blog and its a great read so you are definitely visible. I understand if you do not want to share anything technical. Thanks for commenting it is really nice. Happy Easter.

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