Egypt Judges Get The Joke The Muslim Brotherhood May Laugh

only joking

Stirring Trouble Internationally Egypt s Judges Get The Joke

Jm Bob Google Profile+ This is an article about a comedian and the governor of Egypt. Egypt is a great place to go on vacation right now and you can find out just how good the entertainment is if you book an all inclusive holiday package there. This article is about what you can expect to see on the television there. This article is by Carly Maclehose  and she writes from Cairo about a true story of the government arresting a well known comedian Bassem Youseff.

President Morsi

But the Muslim Brotherhood may still have the last laugh.

Now the Muslim Brotherhood has a big problem with his comical TV show al-Bernameg and millions of viewers agree his jokes and opinions are getting a lot of exposure.

The Arab Spring like what Bassem Youseff is talking about, he mentioned something funny about Tahrir Square in 2011.

Many of his jokes are about President, Mohamed Morsi this case against the TV funny man.went to court and the comedian won in court.

Egyptians have a sense of humour and the Sphinx is a great example of how far back their comical genius go.

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