Al-Qaeda Tops The Bloodletting Charts UK Wants To Arm Rebels. Why?

in chargeJm Bob Google Profile+  Syria is continually going through struggles the charts do not look good. Hi and this is a post from Oli Makepeace in Beirut and his topic of choice is Al-Qaeda  rebels in Syria. He answers some interesting questions and his area of expertise seems to be about the British Foreign Secretary William Hague , President Bashar al-Assad and explains some interesting facts about the CIA in the USA. You can read the full article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

The questions loaded from the  UK to Oli Makepeace in Beirut are tricky and if anyone can answer them it will be Oli so here goes.

no you're not1. What are The Islamist rebel group al-Qaeda doing there and what are their names?

Answer: His name is  Ayman al-Zawahiri .

2. What happened to the other members of Al-Qaeda and what other names do you have?

Answer: Al-Nusra  he made a  pledge to the al-Qaeda

3. And what about Osama Bin Laden?

He is nothing to do with the Syrian Al-Qaeda group I think you are getting your questions mixed up. Can we move on please?

There are many more questions I hope you are interested in the  British Foreign Ministry  if so this article should really get your attention. be sure to follow the link below. It is no Mastermind contest this is real current news the real link is down below.

Stirring Trouble Internationally  ‘…Al-Qaeda Tops The Bloodletting Charts In Syria But Still UK Wants To Arm Rebels. Why?…’

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