The Dutch King Song Eurovision Song Contest

roll baby

Connie Leiden writes from The Hague: Guess what’s at the top of the Dutch i-Tunes chart? It’s the crappiest new national anthem ever produced. If that were not enough, and it never is, it’s called the King’s Song and it’s so all over the place that the new Dutch monarch likes it.

The king Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands Beatrix of Orange King’s Song? Dutch royal family royalty on a bicycle. We also know the Dutch media have the most sycophantic royal correspondents and reporters in the world cover the House of Orange and the Dutch pain.

A map of Europe showing how many times each co...

A map of Europe showing how many times each country has won the Eurovision Song Contest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Royal junk jingle put together by the Anglo-Dutch music producer John Ewbank. King’s Song is due to be played on investiture morning for Prince Willem-Alexander and his Argentine-born wife Princess Maxima member of the Orange lot is popular.

princess maxima

Willem-Alexander lyrics writers music and rap. The Dutch iTunes line up. Of course it has. It’s got gangnam style syndrome. If something is so bad it makes you scream then let’s all scream together. Beyoncé out of Lady Gaga and enter it for the next Eurovision Song Contest.  A Royal Pardon Or Condemned To Eurovision.

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2 thoughts on “The Dutch King Song Eurovision Song Contest

  1. They shut down Amsterdam too soon. Every tourist is going to need a bong hit or two when they hear this tune ;-)

    • Your right those Dutch have a strange way of doing things I think they are also championing the EU Union movement, its all piling up fast.

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