Anthony Weiner In Trouble Again #YouGotItFlauntIt

You might remember when the President of the United States was caught out smoking cigars and they called it the Lewinsky scandal well a similar thing is happening to the Mayor of New York City he has not been caught with his pants down however Michael Bloomberg and Huma Abedin all have something to say on the Anthony Weiner matter, this is the news from New York and if you have got it then flaunt it.

Anthony WeinerAnthony sent photos to women he met on social media and it has gone viral, no not in that sense of the word, although it has been picked up by people closely watching these sort of political things. Weiner is married to Huma Abedin and she like Mrs Clinton has something to say about it. Find out what this is and why more and more women in the world of business are generating more and more traction than men. And read three obvious reasons why women are less likely to play away on the field in the world of politics.

If the Lewinsky scandal analogy is not clear enough for you search on the Internet for Mayor of New York City and also find out what George W Bush and Michael Bloomberg have to say about what Huma Abedin might be going through and find out why men always side with other men in the world of politics. If you think Anthony Weiner is causing trouble with his actions have a look at the recent figures from downtown New York and see what they are saying. Also have a read around about Michael Bloomberg, see what things have been triggered by the US President and get the views from feminist George W Bush who also used to be President of the United States.

If You Have It Why Not Flaunt It. Or How Anthony Weiner Got Into Trouble Again (

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One thought on “Anthony Weiner In Trouble Again #YouGotItFlauntIt

  1. Different than Bill and Monica I think. Or maybe it’s just in my head because I’m willing to forgive Bill almost all trespasses as long as he keeps talking in that soulful drawl. What was i saying?

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