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Yanks And Syria

Anton Goryunov is looking at places like Afghanistanhollywood propaganda, Libya and Syria read all about President Barack Obama, McDonalds , iPhones and iPads. Read more about Hollywood films from the US of A and get the latest info about whats on on America TV Middle East and North Africa. Todays entry is about Barack Obama, Syria, the United States, Libya and McDonalds. Read all about the latest IPhone and the US government and what they learnt from Iraq. You will also find out more about Big Brother, an IPad and Afghanistan over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Dave Calm Down On Syria Wars

Ben Delicious reports from London in parliament talking about the proposed military strike that did not win the vote, find out more about Bashar al Assad, PM Cameron and the measures in place to help Syria. Find out more about Tony Blair, President Barack Obama and the war in Iraq as reported in the US, all this and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Melissa and Michaella Having Fun. No Harm Intended

Fiona Sweetheart is in Londonsti writing about Melissa Raid and Michaella Connolly who were approached by drug dealers and caught at customs. The young women in Hollywood films portray criminal activity and social sites like Facebook help to get people to really want to watch these films, find out how over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read all about KFC and find out the number on Sunday newspaper, the most people are going to get their weekend entertainment.

Propaganda Wars Distort The Big Picture

Adam Lovejoy is in the British capital talking about the Propaganda wars in place and how they distort the bigger picture.stalin and hitler
Read all about David Cameron Bashar al Assad, and the UN in Syria over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. The UN Security Council lies that Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey are not arming the rebels or that the CIA. Similar things have happened with Tony Blair  that are happening to William Hague from Iraq to Syria.

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Beautiful People Reading Beautiful News

R.F. Wilson today wrote this comical article for people ingood news London and Los Angeles, Hollywood. Read some interesting stuff about presenters on TV news, who do weather forecasts and how beautiful people make it much more entertaining. Have a read over on Stirring Trouble Internationally its really interesting.

Attack in Damascus was a “set-up” – Nekrassov

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In this week’s Telling It Like It Is, the former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov and broadcaster James Whale discuss the week’s news with VoR’s Brendan Cole.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Top of the agenda is the attack in Syria that saw so many people die in what is alleged to have been a chemical attack.  Brendan Cole. The attack in Damascus is being discussed in a news podcast over on The Voice of Russia. Mentioned is the extent of damage broadcasted on women, men and children by these awful chemical weapons. Listen in as Alexander Nekrassov, James Whale and Brendan Cole discuss the weeks news.

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Syria, Chemical Weapons And UN Inspectors

Ben Delicious reports from Damascussyria chemical weapons about Syria, Syrians and how other people might feel if they had UN inspectors knocking one their door looking for chemical weapons. The thoughts that must have gone through Syrian President Bashar al Assad head. Picture the scene a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate US President Barack Obama and British Foreign Secretary William Hague come to visit it must be quite exciting. The Syrian rebels have been accused of all sorts of stuff that has happened in Syria and Egypt recently. What kind of things are the UN inspectors looking at, what sort of chemical weapons did they discover and what is really happening to raise the hearts and minds of people in Syria. Find out this and much much more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Debate: Growing tensions between the US and Russia

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After a week in which US President Obama cancelled his one-toone meeting with President Putin over growing tensions over anti-missile defence and whistleblower Edward Snowden, Peter Lavelle hosts a discussion on the new Cold War., Peter Lavelle…

Jim Bob‘s insight:

The debate about Syria, Russia and United States views on Edward Snowden and Presidents Obama and Putin. The panel discussions go into detail about peace keeping. Alexander Nekrassov former advisor of the Kremlin and author James Thackara explore the notion of cold war and who are the rebels in Syria.  

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Film About Diana In The Arms Of Two Men

Fiona Sweetheart is back from Brussels talking about the film again proposed about the life of Princess Diana. Londondiana Fiona is talking about big ideas, the film Diana explores the life of Princess Diana. Fiona is very enthusiastic about the film and  shares her hopes and dreams about it being an Oscar winner. Fiona also explores how actors get the job, even when they do look a bit like her they still have to do other things to clinch the deal. Naomi Watts has been singled out for the role of Princess Diana, find out how she is explaining how it was all meant to be.

The reason for this is more media forced than anything else. The choice of acting roles for the film, runs like an episode of Oprah Winfrey. Find out more about the actor Naomi Watts, channelling and why she is now aligning herself with Princess Diana. Find out more about the pressures of acting and the controversial nature of being in the limelight and the mistakes that have been made that make a film such interesting viewing over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Gibraltar Keeps On Giving

Jasmine Jenkins is on the ground in Gibraltar talking about what she is experiencing on her trip there and her observations about the influx of ships in port. The Spanish government and Mariano Rajoy is experience ing difficulties in Spain with a decline in tourism. This could well be due to the border taxes that are being implemented. Also a rise in taxes on booze and cigarettes Being part of the EU is a big and running a Spanish navy is one thing that makes Spain shine above the other members of the EU.

USS Mitscher and USS Gettysburg join a Spanish...

USS Mitscher and USS Gettysburg join a Spanish navy ship in a tactical maneuvering exercise. (Photo credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery)

The tensions of border checks creating long queues in traffic going into the British colony is unknown why it is happening though is is breaking the freedom the move around rule. The Royal Navy were passing buy and paid a visit to ask why it is happening.

The pressure on Gibraltar according to Fabian Picardo has developed into more deeper and worrying threats as the pressure pot begins to boil . The Maritime industry has been under a lot of pressure since the funding has drastically cut, universities have been shut down and studies of the sea capped.

The 50 euro’s charge coming and going in this economic climate is to much for people to afford. This is a progressive economic that has gone on for over 300 years. The story is very similar and relationships with Spain and Britain have always been strong. Britain feels very guilty that it did not know Spain was is so much trouble and will help as best it can and sympathises with the pressure being put on the country from the European Union. Jasmine shares her experience over on Stirring Trouble Internationally ( see link and supportive quotes below).

Crest of HMS Marlborough

Crest of HMS Marlborough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The navy is always in close communications with David Cameron and the HMS Westminster is in Gibraltar right now. The British government commanded by William Hague are doing there best to suggest effective measures to be there for the Gibraltarian government. People are turning to Paulo Coehlo (author of The Alchemist) to find the answers when stuck in traffic and flying on planes to Spain.