Good Guy Movies And Chick Flicks

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We dough not see enough good guy movies and the chick flicks have been reduced to gossipy and tacky productions, the comedy is terrible and the actors are often the younger generation who resemble the previous generation of popular actors. So with all this considered Stirring Trouble Internationally asks the question today: How come most movies are so stupid?

Dan Majestic reports on the industry as a whole from inside Hollywood. The thing is Hollywoodland as it used to be known requires certain quota’s each year to justify the craft. It is supply and demand. People like watching movies. People like the idea of people watching movies because it makes them think they have one over people. The chance of success is much closer when you live in a world of sad films that you never watch. Its been like this for years. And for years and years these traditions will continue. In every story there is a guy who everyone expect to do the right thing and take the heiress down the Isle. And every year what we actually get is a woman’s role, glamorised and if you look closely you will find she is not all that. Your lucky if the girl is a plain Jane. You can find out what I mean by this by reading todays article about the movie industry. Another satirical post from the writers who brought you STi: The Best Of, Uncensored which you can find on Amazon.

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There are movies then there are action packed films you just have to look around. If you are looking for films with bad guys in them watch the black and white films from years ago. All the films now are just playing homage to films that have already been made. The stories that people use are a homage to authors they read when they had time.

So then is it not clearly obvious none of the directors these days have time to read other than read scripts that are placed on their office desk via Fed Ex from the same people. If you have a book that is about to come out and have visions of it being made in the film then you will have to get inside this inner circle.

As you may have read over the previous months Pretty Woman is one of those films converted into stories that you best avoid. The success of the film was at the time focusing on the controversial notion that everywomen has her price. Which as I am sure you agree is simply a sign of the times in the world of Hollywood objectifying women.

Each good story has to focus on two sad realities and this can be from both men and women. What are they well here is a spoiler of what you are going to learn about over on Stirring Trouble Internationally (see  the link below) every film needs good old fight scenes and not only exclusive to Hollywood is that the industry requires those male orientated  sex scenes>> How Come Good Guys In Movies Suck And Hot Chicks Aren’t Hot? (

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