The US Owes China, Beijing Worried

us congressAnton Goryunov reports from Beijing about the IOU notes issued to the US. This money was transferred in national debt. Authors like Milton Friedman have wrote about communications between the federal reserve and the White House.

So if we assume that governments behave in a similar manner to the mob, especially governments with a lot of military muscle, the Chinese should be very worried, considering how much the US owes $7 to $10 trillion to foreign national debt.

Beijing buy US Treasury’s IOUs notes China keeps the American economy afloat. The US Federal Reserve, a private entity by the way, is conducting, but it seems to work at the moment. In order to cling to power, Chinese communist prepared to do anything.

Milton Friedman lives in China and a published voice for China on these matters. Of of his books that the world know him by is The World Is Flat which is about the economy.

The current US-China situation solution for Washington to tell Beijing  they have as much chance of getting their money back as England winning the World Cup in Brail.

chinese leadershipThe White House where President Obama advisers are  Republicans in talks with China.

The Chinese currency is rising in price and other currencies are changing. Their has been a new flight chartered that will take of regularly between Hawaii (the 50 state) and Beijing-China (Reuters). Also five men dead and five Islamist militant men arrested on suspicion of executing the explosive car in Tiananmen Square. Considering how much the US owes China, Beijing should be very worried.

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