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News From Around The World Of Spying

g8 2010 ontarioMore news from around the world of spying. Ted Obvious is in Ottawa sending via telegraph in morse code the data. The Watchers from around the world of spying will be rubbing their heads together celebrating Thanks Giving. The US Big Brother holidays are upon us again and the allies in North America full of joy are happy that everything went according to the plan. The latest revelation concerns the US National Security Agency getting permission from the Canadian government to spy on the world leaders paid of and its only a matter of time before the next phase begins. Find out what those potential phases are over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

stephen harperThe news from around the world of spying is that they’d been during this G8 and G20 gatherings in Canada two years ago setting the scene for this years Summit and it looks like the whole thing is run from Washington they may even be considering joining the EU. As expected, the office of that fiercely independent man, Canadian red flag of the maple leaf and the stars and stripes of the United States, salute and celebrate together, Thanks Giving is the season for everyone to celebrate.

Unusually Canadian’s are usually not partisan to such organised meetings and its little wonder Prime Minister Stephen Harper has not commented on this new information.

Canada and the G8 the Big Eight have been negotiating with USA Washington team keeping tabs on what is going on for about five years or more. This is the latest news from around the world of spying. More exciting news from the world of spying. That’s US big brother spying on others

Practising Right-Wing Machismo

Are they really practising right-wing machismo? Ben Delicious is in London and has written this really funny entry about tabloid today and the reported confusion between what David Cameron said about green energy. It’s a great post about Tory, liberal loons and what has been labelled green taxes. Find out more about the latest news on overseas aid and some interesting blurbs about Chancellor George Osborne. PM Cameron has said some out of the blue things and UK politics to Afghanistan has created a lot of content for comedians to talk about. Read all about the Taliban, NATO and Tony Blair on Iraq over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Dave Revealed Practising Right-Wing Machismo. What Could It Mean?

Paul Flowers Banking Modesty Reigns

paul flowers LondonAdam Lovejoy is in London talking about the British banking system, the Co-Operative Bank, the Methodist Paul Flowers taking drugs and all the seasonal drunken office parties. The news has created a large conversation of young people about the Labour party. The working people have also been on radio this week talking about payday loan companies and what David Cameron said in reaction to the banking news. Find out everything you need to know over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Paul flowers: a rare exception in the world of banking where modesty reigns.

Question of sport 2012 Olympic Legacy

olympic closing ceremonyIts not everyday we see an Olympic legacy rollover. London is one of those sacred spots which people talk about till the end of time. This is because of a local sales force team who talk about the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games in a really positive way. So when the question comes up about the House of Lords positive report, everyone on the panel have to leave their own positive blurbs too.

Especially as such outstanding political leaders and living sport legends as Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor and Tory leader in waiting Boris Johnson and Lord Sebastian Coe  that the Games that cost ten billion quid plus were a bargain really.

To keep up a positive retention of what is going on the closing  Olympic credits are  very loud. The voice is not the only important thing you need to hear. You can listen to Dave Cameron and watch Boris Johnson dancing in this weeks release of the VIP box set Question of sport with repeat appearances from the Spice Girls, Russell Brand and other big fans of the Olympic Games who know the answers to the questions. The rehearsals begin again soon, this is one legacy you do not want to miss. Find out more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Bunch Of Old Farts Question The London 2012 Olympic Legacy.

Bankers Co-op Chairman

paul flowersBritish bankers taking dope, no way? Adam Lovejoy reports from London about ex vicar turned Banker Co-op Chairman Paul Flowers. This is a compelling reaction to the story in the news this week coming from the City of London Sunday tabloids.

In the Sunday Tabloids reports are in from the Co-operative Bank are not happy about reported cases of a rise in crack cocaine and crystal meth usage. In todays article you will find out that this is not all they are worried about. Find out what is really going on behind the scenes over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Hundreds of pounds get handed over everyday in cities around the world to illegal substances London is one of those cities too. The problem seems to quite similar to the mistakes street gangs make they operate on the street and because the streets are covered by the MoD. What goes on on the street gets recorded on the street cameras, its only a matter of time before the powers that be catch up and address what is going on.

Flowers has opened up and shared how he felt alone and often turned yellow back in the days when he thought he was having fun. In response to his announced response the Methodist church have had to deal with a considerable amount of questions about him counting the cash. Mr Nice Paul Flowers may have to like the Canadian Diplomat have to stand down as chairman. The news about people with money using dope is on the rise, so todays article is a staunch warning to anyone thinking they do not know what you are doing and the chances are they have you on video footage. They do and its only a matter of time before these things catch up with you. If you have concerns about a member of your family stuck in a similar situation, unable to get out and are messing things up as a consequence cheque out todays article to find out what goes where in-amongst you know who. Here is the link. British bankers taking dope


David Cameron Will Win In 2015

Dave will be back at Number 10 in 2015What do you think the odds are that David Cameron will win in 2015? Adam Lovejoy explores the question and has made some very bold claims about future politics in Britian. In todays article you will find out more about David Cameron and have a reasonable understanding of the New Tories and what area of politics will be in two more years. The United Kingdom Independence Party are a formidable force that is currently trying to challenge the European Parliament and with that said Adam reveals some interesting things that you will want to know about. Read all about political correctness and Tony Blair over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Its another chance for you to brush up on what happened with the war in Iraq and read the latest and greatest updates about Nigel Farage appearances in the House of Commons. Rupert Murdoch over the dinner table provided everything anyone would need to know on a napkin which is something the relevant politicians decided to take action on and the direction of Britain is now firmly set in stone. Here’s one prediction for you: David Cameron and his lot will win in 2015.


Immigration policies: “a sick and twisted approach to demonise foreigners”

This week in Telling it like it is, the broadcaster James Max and the former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov discuss the response to the disaster in the Philippines, whether Britain, as former pri…

Jm Bob‘s insight:

Internet radio broadcast from the Voice of Russia with Alexander Nekrassov, former advisor of the Kremlin. Todays entertaining show is about Britain, Immigration, Philippines, Social mobility and unusually timed Tattoos. Telling It Like It Is episode 10 includes World news and Latin news that includes a nostalgic memory of John Major.
If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

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The International Community Saving Innocent Civilians In Britain From Freezing

EDF tower, La Défense, near Paris.

EDF tower, La Défense, near Paris. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problems seems to be that fuel prices are going up, whilst weather conditions are becoming more diverse, lots of families are struggling to make ends meet and the consequences of the changes means more and more aid is in need. Ted Obvious from Paris reports. This is an informative post explaining the variables that need to be addressed in 2013 and a suggestive structure to solve and troubleshoot the problems existing these days. Ted suggests something like a body called ‘the international community’ which can help Britain guardian human aides who can help communicate with companies in UK and explain the prices within the country and also regulate the aid that goes outside of the UK.

This is a satirical suggestion to the United Nations and provides a solution for the rest of the world to help out the UK during times of need. Help the Aged such as as pensioners feeling the cold, struggling to stay warm get out and socialize over nice warm cups of tea. A body that can juggle the changes as they happen, for example the Philippines , like areas in Africa requiring humanitarian aid, delegating who is able and ready to do what. Making sure that the problems at home continue as well as adapting to the other things that need to be addressed. Understanding the requirements and obligations

required of EU Union as well as meeting the needs of constituents who represent local areas. Regulating and maintaining prices at a rural and urban level of companies like EDF who provide energy from outside of the UK. Price checkups and mediations between what Chancellor George Osborne is announcing of new ways of saving cash. The complications seem to be mixing all these things to justify and understand exactly what to do and how best to do it. On a global scale with all the news coming in about climate change the International Community will have to understand all these variables and be in touch with the people who matter and also make them understand the sacrifices and future demands as complications arise. The last thing people want is people freezing to death, so with that said its one solution and I invite you to share your solutions with Adam over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

The Small Business Guide To Google+

Follow this step-by-step guide to Google+ to make Google’s social network an effective part of your digital marketing strategy.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Interactive infographic for Google+ a checklist to see if you have everything in place. A guide basically on the options and lists of things they would like you to do on the platform more. With the introduction of named URL’s the incentives are infinite. Overcome overload by checking this chart regularly. See on

Optimizing Press Releases: SEO is Now About Natural Writing, Social Sharing

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Optimizing Press Releases: SEO is Now About Natural Writing, Social Sharing & Interesting Content.Search engines continually update the algorithms they use to index, categorize and rank online content, and the SEO landscape is far different today…

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Just found this press release its nice, up to date and to the point. Interesting things to note are current tips about press releases and what to avoid in the hype of a first paragragh and also the use of over optimization. You should be speaking in your chosen groups language so they understand. When I say language I do not mean translational multilingual language. Yes you can find out what this is in search and yes you have listened to what people are saying in response to what you have previously posted. Does this mean you should continue saying the same things? No I do not think so, any repitition is simply going to clash with what you have already said. Is there a danger of taking on board or resharing what other people have said well about the subject? Possibly, however giving respect to people who have done a better job of you at that time when talking about a subject is helping understand the Internet and overtime you will retain more readers respect by simply responding in a published short way, if your article ads contrast to what is being said then this will create a reaction in a place where engaged readers are already active and this can go one way or another.

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