Nigella Lawson, Ian Watkins And The Lost Prophets Scandal

lost prophetsThis is a post about Nigela Lawson as well as point out some of the days nasty news about someone connected to Lost Profits. R.F. Wilson is in London sharing TV news about chef Nigella Lawson and Lostprophets serious pedophile case. Firstly lets start of with the nasty news about Ian Watkins, who raped a baby its only natural to assume a white powder is involved and where there is dope there are always liberal values trying to justify the nastiness of the world. When a crime like this is committed there is not much more you can say other than lock them up for life. You have to be careful what you say on topics like this and getting involved in the conversation has caused a few ripples for Bob’s daughter Peaches. Peaches retracted her tweet 4 hours after sharing the names of two mothers of the abused babies breaching the confidentiality act. Meanwhile Charles Saatchi has accused his former wife Nigella Lawson of a few things. You should voice your support by watching more TV and thinking before you listen to music. Spare a thought for people who are itching to voice their support for Nigella Lawson and Ian Watkins.

Nigella Lawson, Ian Watkins And The Lost Prophets Scandal

  • Nigella Lawson ex to testify at trial (
  • Saatchi: No evidence Nigella Lawson took drugs (
  • Nigella Lawson was ‘off her head on drugs’, claims Charles Saatchi (
  • LostProphets tour manager makes statement about recent Ian Watkin (
  • Ian Watkins: Court service apologises after naming female defendants (
  • Peaches Geldof faces police probe over Ian Watkins tweets (
  • Ian Watkins at hospital to meet young patients (


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One thought on “Nigella Lawson, Ian Watkins And The Lost Prophets Scandal

  1. I consider myself within the open minded bunch and noticed some manipulation in the news. I mean, while a case has no possible justification (Ian Watkins) the other (Nigella Lawson) may be questionable. Nigella’s attorney has called the accusations “lies” and “ridiculous,” and recalled that Grillo sisters (who presented the accusation) were arrested for fraud in August 2012, convicted in March 2013, and until two weeks ago had not said anything regarding the use of drugs or pills. Meanwhile Ian Watkins pleaded guilty of attempting to rape a baby a year and a further 10 counts of sexual abuse. So, what is the real agenda that drives this story?

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