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Protesters In Ukraine

Alexander Nekrassov QTAnton Goryunov is in Kiev and the protesters have been there for two months. Protestors in Kiev Ukraine are receiving money for doing so and free cups of tea and coffee.

Listen to Radio 4 interview on radio 4 about the Ukraine in January 2014.

The European Union and Vladimir Lenin is this the EU Soviet Union all over again? The US bankers in Davos have speaking with President Viktor Yanukovich and the ongoing response to Europe seems to be none to happy’.

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8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

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Let’s face it, Google+ is not going to go away like Google Buzz or MySpace. More and more users are becoming familiar with Google+ and using it every day to connect and communicate.

Mike Allton‘s insight:

8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

If you feel like you’re not yet getting much traction with Google+, or with your Google+ Page specifically, these tips might help, in a variety of ways. While designed to help you gain more targeted, interested followers, many other benefits will ensue when you:

1. Optimize Your Profile
2. Get Social
3. Get Verified
4. Blog About It
5. Use the Button / Widget
6. Follow Others
7. Be Different
8. Encourage Sharing

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What other tips would you add?

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French Open

Sport On The High-Definition Television Tennis, FA Cup And Junk Food

french openDid you watch the FA Cup or French Open this year on High-definition television. Found yourself surrounded by Junk food? The eyes were on Paris as the topic of Sport is business as usual it is great watching television especially Tennis.

Adam Lovejoy reports from Paris: Yeah, yeah, the French Open is on again and millions, we are told, watch every bloody match on the box. And some, I hear, watch the repeats late in the evenings to savoir the best moments. You know, all the groaning and the fist clenching and and an occasional good volley.

Now tell me this: how is it exactly that watching a tennis match on television enriches anyone’s life? Or, come to think of it, how does watching any sport on the box, be it football or rugby or cricket or even snooker, makes sense? I can at least understand when people actually make an effort to go to see the sport they love so much in person,

But sitting glued to the box for hours, sucking beer or munching junk food, getting all excited about a bunch of unremarkable s pushing the ball or carrying it or hitting it with a bat or with a cue, listening to two or sometimes more commentators talking nonsense.

the TV companies that use the high viewing ratings to charge extortionate rates for adverts.

Like it happened recently with the women’s English FA Cup when there was not a spectator in sight.

his is so stupid really that it beggars belief. Anything is probably better than wasting time on sports radio commentary.

It’s The Obligatory Oscar Predictions Article!

In today’s consumer watch Dan Majestic reports from Los Angeles examines the media of people living in America entertainment about this 85th Academy Award.

Find out some background information about some decent Foreign Films that may make it into the top five. Christian Stewart did quite well and he won and award for his most recent film which is really interesting.
English: These are my pet Oscars, I call them ...
The Golden Globes, and to a lesser extent The BAFTAs  ceremonies will repeat some more of the nominations Best Picture – Lincoln Best Director – Ben Affleck – Argo Best Actor  Daniel Day-Lewis star of The Boxer film years ago set in Northern Ireland during the troubles. The Main Ceremony a film industry love-in on the scale of a Roman orgy and a controversial host Seth MacFarlane.

Paris - Musée d'Orsay: Thomas Couture's Romain...

Last year: I really enjoyed watching Ted, and Family Guy and that he is hosting Oscar Nomination Ceremonies is really exciting. One French film to look out for according to Rick is Amour co produced in Austria and Germany and may even win a  Best Director award. Either way the entertainment class should yield an award during the ceremony. The Winners and the Aftermath  the winners are guaranteed more exposure favourite actor the winning team watching  in the cinema or on DVD.
oops oscar
So far to Oscars have been really good lots of people gathering outside and a lot of the celebrities are all dressed up in Tuxedo’s ready to have a good time. The women look exceptionally extravagant and multicoloured dresses with lovely sequins The Oscars Drinking Game  the Oscars if you are not living in America.

Source  Stirring Trouble Internationally – ‘ …It’s The Obligatory Oscar Predictions Article!… ‘

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Awarding The Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize

Anton Goryunov reports from Oslo about the unelected people who turned up to the Nobel Peace Prize to broadcast more of that EU information. People like, Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission who as you will find out was chiming on about the single currency, still.

Find out more about the main things you should do when attending the Nobel Prize  to impress the Committee

If you perhaps just want to know more about this years events from attendees like  Thorbjoern Jagland, the Norwegian Nobel Committee top dog, or perhaps you are a President Barack Obama supporter then again this post is great for connecting dots.

Find out the three things the  Secretary General to the Council of Europe  award himself for all the good work they think they have done with the Chinese Communist Party and find out exactly how politics converges with banking in Europe.

Standing proud and unelected

Standing proud and unelected

Here you can find out more about Herman Van Rompuy he is one of the guys Anton mentions from United Europe . As you will find out without a special CV your leaving a lot of opportunities on the table, so go now and find out a humorous report about the Nobel Peace Prize in Europe.

“The Nobel Peace Prize To The EU Is Like Giving The Chinese Communists A Medal For Compassionate Politics” By Anton Goryunov.

Most News In The New Year Had Pretty Much Nothing To Do With News

Statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Fird... More news from CAR  in conjunction with Iraq, Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. The Central African Republic has done a lot of research this year and the United States have been helping out too. Find out more about the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Qaeda and the recent obituaries about Sharon. Ben Delicious is in Paris explaining more about Central African Republic and the Organisation of African Unity. Read more about Ariel Sharon, Israel who is technically dead. Read all about Iraq  civil war, al Qaeda and the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 where Saddam Hussein was removed from the throne and his sculpture toppled on TV. Find out the latest news about US Federal Reserve and how much money they are printing over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Prefectures of the Central African Republic