Head Girls Cause Trouble


D.I.P.S.O.R.A by Jay Ramella

Jay Ramella author of D.I.P.S.O.R.A is in  London talking about life as a Head Girl and then takes a look at the women in power today in politics and the education system.

Maggie Thatcher was never Head Girl. She was always Head Mistress. Real Head Girls don’t aspire to be Head Teachers.

Anna Soubry from day time TV is now in the National Union of Students Executive Committee.

Miriam Clegg approves this message and many other women are getting in front of this campaign.

Head girl Esther McVey is friends with Kate McCann and the other lady mentioned is Caroline Flint.

Read more of Jay’s stuff at D.I.P.S.O.R.A

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  1. Often misspelled, the book is called DIPSORA – acronym for social-network through which much of the tale is told. Particularly interesting now in the after-math of a Cold War that some would say continues via different avenues….


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