Optimizing Press Releases: SEO is Now About Natural Writing, Social Sharing

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Optimizing Press Releases: SEO is Now About Natural Writing, Social Sharing & Interesting Content.Search engines continually update the algorithms they use to index, categorize and rank online content, and the SEO landscape is far different today…

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Just found this press release its nice, up to date and to the point. Interesting things to note are current tips about press releases and what to avoid in the hype of a first paragragh and also the use of over optimization. You should be speaking in your chosen groups language so they understand. When I say language I do not mean translational multilingual language. Yes you can find out what this is in search and yes you have listened to what people are saying in response to what you have previously posted. Does this mean you should continue saying the same things? No I do not think so, any repitition is simply going to clash with what you have already said. Is there a danger of taking on board or resharing what other people have said well about the subject? Possibly, however giving respect to people who have done a better job of you at that time when talking about a subject is helping understand the Internet and overtime you will retain more readers respect by simply responding in a published short way, if your article ads contrast to what is being said then this will create a reaction in a place where engaged readers are already active and this can go one way or another.

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Forbes People Power List Radio Debate VoR UK

Forbes Magazine in the US produces an annual ‘power list’ which the editors claim is a ‘snapshot of heads of state, NGO bosses, billionaires, philanthropists and entrepreneurs.

The Forbes most influential list sequentially lists a number of people. On the radio show today three highly regarded voices explain the list, how the leaders in politics make the list. They also explore and perhaps speculate how these measurements occur. You will also hear more about Russia, demonstrations, counter cultures and all the forms of leadership available in 2013.

VoR’s Tim Ecott is the host of a broadcast original broadcast earlier today is a discussion with Catherine Mayer, Hugo Rifkind and Alexander Nekrassov.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

The sphere of influence of powerful people around the world are debated by three voices men and women. Learn about Journalism, influence, the west, politics and banks. This entry is a great example of political science. If you want to understand what is going on, have a listen to this very special audio hosted on VoR UK.

FORBES POWER LIST TE TX – TVOR – Alexander Nekrassov, Hugo Rifkind and Catherine Mayer.

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

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Hands On With The New iPad Mini With Retina Display

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The first-generation iPad mini was near-perfect in terms of a small tablet, with the one big shortcoming being that it lacked Apple’s impressive Retina high-resolution display. It was hard to go back to a standard-res screen after the iPad 3 and iPhone 4, which is why it’s great that the new version offers a Retina screen.

The eye-boggling 2048 x 1536 screen looks excellent in person, and for anyone coming from a generation one device it’s going to be a dramatic change. The iPad mini itself is very slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor to accommodate the Retina Display with the same battery life, adding 0.01 inches and 0.05 pounds to the specs of the original, but that makes minimal difference to the actual feel of the product in the hand.

Also new to the iPad mini is a new space gray color scheme, which…

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Two Years Ago BlackBerry Was Worth $82 Billion

Companies are always in a race to improve share prices and BlackBerry are no different to say Goldman Sachs. Today’s entry takes a look at some interesting statistics raised in Canada about the subject. And takes a nostalgic look at Steve Jobs company Apple and how they raised the bar, plus some helpful tips about Facebook that will help you understand these three interesting things: Capitalism, your Mobile phone and that ingenious touchscreen on your telephone.blackberry Today Ben Delicious from Waterloo, Ontario, in Canada searches through the archives of BlackBerry Ltd and explains the $82 billion price of overall shares to the price it holds today.

If you have ever found yourself not understanding capitalist economy and the free economy well now is your chance. Find out what not to do in a new company. We hear all the time about fly by night companies and even I have found it difficult to cipher what this all means. If you recognise the term here today and gone tomorrow and want to find out more about Blackberry and the decisions they made and what happened then this post is for you, Ben clears a lot of stuff up in today’s entry about the decline of a telecommunications company.

He also covers the challenges a company has to overcome  in order to survive. Highlighting the sharks in the industry who know what they are doing on the stock market, have an influence on the figures and will do anything to rise above the challenges companies face these days.

Two companies highlighted are obviously Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Another company more targeted at social media fans used is Facebook. Find out how Facebook have tried to leverage the mobile market and how joint ventures with people like Steve Jobs in the world of mobile communications was never going to happen. Why is this relative today, two years later? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally where Ben Delicious does his best to explain in this revealing excursion to Canada.

13 things for the mobile phone

Using Your Mobile Phone

mobile phoneMobile phone tips for readers who know communications help but want to make sure nothing goes wrong. Get tips from London about settings and find out the latest news compiled and decoded from China mobile users and there experiences with mobile in public places.  Finding the nicest ringtone in 2013 ring tone galore over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Find out how giving your phone a blow job can help fix your phone. Read all about  how to avoid getting into a confined space and get the latest and greatest on what to do and what not to do.


Moron Slaves Of Your Mobile Phones

Ben Delicious reports from London state of media mobile technology and how a couple of mobile phones  brought complete idiocy into the life in the UK of citizens with iPhones like Apple supporters of Darwinian theory. Theory fueled by push button expensive phones from exclusive companies like Vertu who provide concierge services for clients. You can also read about interesting app reviews that bring satire into the consumer watch thread.

English: A printed circuit board inside a mobi...

English: A printed circuit board inside a mobile phone Česky: Takto vypadá mobilní telefon zevnitř. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vertu has again made unique model that attracts attention of lovers of expensive smartphones. whether you love it or hate it, is a hot commodity.The first mobile phone was displayed by Motorola in 1973. New anxieties are appearing in social networking sites as people make updates from their hand held devices and hopelessly scratch for third and fourth places. The main benefits of the cheap mobile phones are that you can talk a lot with your family members and friends.

This post is about iPhones and the mobile phone, mobile technology in the Mobile phone fuelled world propped up by fans of the IPhone. A revealing look at the British company Vertu and a comparative review comparing the company with Apple.

computer games

You’ve Got To Be Thick To Get Addicted To Computer Games

call of duty ghosts

And there you have it Board games are back on the menu, the Browser Based games are a rising industry in the Business world as more and more people become addicted to computer games. The gaming industry and Video games have reached a new Virtual world all time high and people are finding it difficult to wean themselves of this stuff.

Adam Lovejoy writes from London

The phenomenon of computer games like virtual football?

kids getting hooked on computer games brainwashing by the gaming industry.

People hooked on computer games have withdrawal symptoms similar to the ones that drug addicts and alcoholics.

Some gamers get so hooked on the virtual world of computer games that they start living in that sick and twisted fantasy, where killing someone is no big deal.

halo 4

Yeah, sure and the arms industry also makes huge profits and is supposedly good for the economy. They go over the top with scenes of graphic violence virtual.

The Board game is the middle ground for the Browser Based computer games fan. The Game and gaming is part of the chase in and around London and the Video game is storming the Virtual world which is taking its toll in the real world as consumerism continues.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…You’ve Got To Be Thick To Get Addicted To Computer Games. Really, Really Thick…’

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The 1 Billionth Music Download

billion downloads

On average record companies are loosing out on sales 500% or more. In today’s article Freddie Matthews reveals some interesting figures from UK.

In today’s article you will read all about The Official Charts Company and how since 2004 the struggles they have faced to make sense of the figures and help save the music industry from total ruin.

today the industry is all about the Apple iPhone this is how they are getting consensus about who is listening to what and just what songs are hot right now. The kind of music that is putting people to sleep at night through headphones.

There are conflicting views about the closure of  HMV and like Jessops the Dragons are not to happy about the way the industry is going. These sort of shops have become national treasures, will this be the thing that unites people and companies together to tackle the illegal downloading industry?

Companies and start ups over the years have made pitches and gave suggestions to the major labels everyone had something useful to say and lots of problems were solved at a price, quite an expensive court case challenged the big companies offering services.

One big name that everyone was talking about over six years ago was Napster who offered special bundles to members of their website. Many other sites did similar things and this became known as peer-to-peer sharing , Napster got hit hard and eventually they had to come clean and shut down the amount of services they were offering to the general public.

The record companies took Napster to court Internet sites like LimeWire and BitTorrent Illegal downloading still continues to this day. Musicians like Ed Sheeran’s downloaded over 7 million times are prime examples of how this type of availability can really help the artists but it also takes away from the major record companies. There has been all sorts of solutions offered from payments of tracks being played on air to music making headlines via advertising agencies. YouTube is one company that has also managed to leverage advertising with YouTube music video’s. So be sure to read this article in full, it is called ‘The 1 Billionth Music Download. Whatever Next?’ over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


iPhone5 VS Blackberry Mobile In The River Test App

iphones and blackberrys

London  iPhone then his Blackberry then his second Blackberry driving along the river Thames in her husbands Bentley Continental. In Tahir she had an iPhone5 and drove one of 4X4 Land Rovers, the two cars are an example of how two phones can serve a purpose depending on where you live and the landscape you are in. There are examples of Android and other Apple phones in this story which you will read about at another date. This is the Blackberry vs the iPhone test. We took both phones and accidentally dipped them in the river, one survived can you guess which one?

There are a few things to understand about the English law when submerging in the Thames, it’s very dangerous, that is why we have done the test, so you do not have too.

Walking around Fleet we looked around for an exit having parked in the Middle Temple spoke to the lawyer about the experiment we were ready to start. During the exercise we gathered a lot of attention. A popular spot Embankment park, we walked though and had a coffee before starting we took our phones out and rested them on the table whilst we had our coffee. The table had the most unusual table cover, they are red and white patch work. I told the lady serving the coffee how I could not live without my friends and how I did not deserve such great friends. My friend smiled and the waitress smiled at him which was nice. This experiment was already heating up. I said let’s go and submerge these mobiles and when I said it there was an element of doubt about destroying the phones there is always part of you though that hangs onto the hope that they phone will be OK.

So we walked down the path, through the bushes adjacent to Cleopatra’s needle. To the left on the green hump kissing and wearing sunglasses Anne Nicole Smith was there with her new boyfriend or agent. I pretended that I did not see her and continued on with the experiment. Her friend has a car similar. I was to busy wondering how to do this experiment by the book rather than concern myself in fellow celebrity banter. I noticed a book she was reading, it looked good I seen her phone as well she has a phone similar to the one we are experimenting with here today. All we have to do is submerge both phones in the same part of the river Thames for at least one minute and we allocated all day to get the job done.


To read the rest of the article follow the link below.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally  ‘…Would You Have The Guts To Toss Your Mobile In The River?…’


Where’s The Money On The Brits?

The Brit awards went smoothly yesterday did you watch it, I managed to catch the highlights on Sky News did you watch it?

james cordenEmeli Sande was on TV today talking about her  Best Album from 2012 you might of heard about it after-all it did very well.

Everyone at Stirring Trouble Internationally have been responding to the Mumford & Sons so it is nice that they won something. Also a lot of the predictions we said would happen at the Mercury Award happened. It was by no means predicatable though becuase  Plan B-Ill Manors di very well too.

rita oraWe told you about the The Defamation of Strickland Banks a few weeks ago and well he came up trumps too, the best thing to do is to subscribe really, yes you can do that over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Best bet is enter email and check it in the morning so you can get your daily dose.  Lana Del Rey was a favourite,  International Male, as are The Black Keys for Best International Group.

No worries if you didn’t you can read all about it here, sound cool? Where’s The Money On The Brits? A post originally shared by Alexander first published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Stirring Trouble Internationally is a current affairs website with news about music, entertainment, politics and world news. Stirring Trouble Internationally – A humorous take on news and current affairs.

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