Ed Miliband will visit Washington and speak to US President Barack Obama – UK Politics

The British leader of the opposition – Ed Miliband – is expected to visit Washington early next week – where he’ll have a ‘brush-by meeting’ with US President Barack Obama. Dr James Boyes is a US poli


This is a big oppurtunity for the UK and Ed Miliband to have a good chat about politics to the US Prime Minister Barack Obama. Join in the conversation over on Reddit Uk Politics. Preferably give it thumbs up, thumbs down might mean it disappears so be sure to leave your comments. If you get chance listen live to radio VR news. Here is the link >>


Economic Recovery

george osborne recovery
Ben Delicious is in London: sharing about economic recovery in Britain. Find out more about another constructed economic boom here in the UK over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Gross Domestic Product from the Office of National Statistics and the regulators at the Bank of England. Finally, trust the London Mayor to stage a spectacular New Year firework display costing many millions.


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The Small Business Guide To Google+

Follow this step-by-step guide to Google+ to make Google’s social network an effective part of your digital marketing strategy.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Interactive infographic for Google+ a checklist to see if you have everything in place. A guide basically on the options and lists of things they would like you to do on the platform more. With the introduction of named URL’s the incentives are infinite. Overcome overload by checking this chart regularly. See on

Big Western Banks And Businesses In China

great wall of china

Anton Goryunov reports from Beijing about the news a couple of days ago about terrorists in Tiananmen Square, car bombings and a list of people now dead because of it. The top Chinese leadership was gathered ready to say something important and then news floods in reported by Western of the terrorist attacks in the area, its effecting big western banks and business in China, this sort of news is bound to cause trouble find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

I like many was shocked to read about what happened in China so to read what Anton Goryunov had to say about big western banks and business in China this week and the structure of communist dictatorship very education historically speaking.  Anton raises some interesting questions and explains a little bit more about the structure of the free market economy and how this has helped people in the area experience political freedom many of us have become oh so used to here in Europe.

There are also some interesting references about Chinese communist that I did not know, its a light hearted look at a country during a difficult week. The people who are causing trouble are the same people that big western banks and businesses in China or anywhere else for that matter would much rather stay away from. I feel safer in the knowledge that I know this stuff and look forward to getting on with my weekend safe in the knowledge that everything is going to be ok. As I am sure you will too, its definitely worth taking another look, perhaps there is a friend you know who might be better at engaging in the conversations. IF so, be sure to share with them.

Big western banks and business in Zimbabwe has a contrastingly different way of doing business in China, by taking a look at the too you will have a better understanding of how countries raise currencies. Those of you in the know about the Chinese economy will already know that the conversions into yen for example have decreased. This type of news can really change the patterns on the charts, reading out this really helps understand what the economy means in the grand scheme of things. If you or your country is not doing all the well financially at the moment or you yourself are a bit strapped for cash and have a few minutes available take a look, see what you think and air your views.

This is not just a load of hot air, this has been going on for years, thats what I like about the way Anton bundles up his message. He focuses on Fidel Castro and what he did. I remember reading a few years ago a similar argument, you will have to read the article in full to understand what I mean in relation to big western banks and businesses in China. Hope this helps.

Hands On With The New iPad Mini With Retina Display

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The first-generation iPad mini was near-perfect in terms of a small tablet, with the one big shortcoming being that it lacked Apple’s impressive Retina high-resolution display. It was hard to go back to a standard-res screen after the iPad 3 and iPhone 4, which is why it’s great that the new version offers a Retina screen.

The eye-boggling 2048 x 1536 screen looks excellent in person, and for anyone coming from a generation one device it’s going to be a dramatic change. The iPad mini itself is very slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor to accommodate the Retina Display with the same battery life, adding 0.01 inches and 0.05 pounds to the specs of the original, but that makes minimal difference to the actual feel of the product in the hand.

Also new to the iPad mini is a new space gray color scheme, which…

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JP Morgan Fined Billions

jp morgan
JP Morgan got fined Billions. Dan Majestic is on the ground in Washington taking a good look at the US JP Morgan case which is rocking the market, these newly constructed financial products are causing a lot of bother.

With the flop a handful of people have managed to come to a settlement. Jamie Dimon and Eric Holder are two find out who the rest of the people involved are over on Stirring trouble Internationally.

Alot of people are talking about the US Federal Reserve and the creation of money to keep the economy going. Find out why this caused bother with Goldman Sachs. Find out more about the White House, Wall Street and why Dan is in Washington. A funny thing happened to JP Morgan. It got fined Billions (

World Economy And The Messy War Cards

nuclear explosionThe way we look at the world is so different and distracting that in order to explain what is going on you really need to get the worlds attention. Depending on how good you are at getting peoples attention will determine if they even find what ever it is you are trying to say.

Adam Lovejoy reports from Paris sharing interesting ways of approaching political analysis. The way things are shaping up in Europe and across the pond at the moment. He takes a look at how America is explaining things. He also reports about Syrian rebels and the broad spectrum of things being formed between United Nations and Bashar al-Assad. The  Middle East is a very popular subject and the Taliban is again another popular subject people like to write about.

The thing is there has already been a lot of things said about the great big war, so what could possibly be on the cards, that you have not already read. Well like any game practise makes perfect. The easiest way to end with war cards is loose of win. The quicker this happens the less it drags out.  Another thing about war as you can see in the image (courtesy of Stirring Trouble Internationally) is that war is a great way of clearing debts. Countries have been levelling the playing field for years. Adam manages to separate from fiction and draw you into that world of knowing just what exactly is going on. Check out the main website or simply add us on Facebook or Google+ to keep up to date with news.



Expense Of Sports And Government Propaganda

premiership footballThe Olympic games of the Ancient Greece, to the astronomical sums of of serious money to pay for players and how Nazi Germany during the war created a News program to start up the Olympic challenge and create a proper job in Sport.  R.F.Wilson is in London chatting about the Premiership Teddy Pendergrass and other players.Even ancient Greeks,  sport, The German Nazis and Soviet communists of religion, pretty much like it is done now in the liberal West, to give the masses something to get busy with.

We are now talking astronomical sums on financing the Olympics or football World Cups or athletics tournaments. TV news channels are now broadcasting sports news about injuries on and off the pitch, split ups with girlfriends and up and coming transfers to other clubs.

This is brainwashing, pure and simple. A cover-up for the sins of politicians and the bankers especially as serious money is made along the way. Wake up, everybody, as Teddy Pendergrass once sang! A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Two Years Ago BlackBerry Was Worth $82 Billion

Companies are always in a race to improve share prices and BlackBerry are no different to say Goldman Sachs. Today’s entry takes a look at some interesting statistics raised in Canada about the subject. And takes a nostalgic look at Steve Jobs company Apple and how they raised the bar, plus some helpful tips about Facebook that will help you understand these three interesting things: Capitalism, your Mobile phone and that ingenious touchscreen on your telephone.blackberry Today Ben Delicious from Waterloo, Ontario, in Canada searches through the archives of BlackBerry Ltd and explains the $82 billion price of overall shares to the price it holds today.

If you have ever found yourself not understanding capitalist economy and the free economy well now is your chance. Find out what not to do in a new company. We hear all the time about fly by night companies and even I have found it difficult to cipher what this all means. If you recognise the term here today and gone tomorrow and want to find out more about Blackberry and the decisions they made and what happened then this post is for you, Ben clears a lot of stuff up in today’s entry about the decline of a telecommunications company.

He also covers the challenges a company has to overcome  in order to survive. Highlighting the sharks in the industry who know what they are doing on the stock market, have an influence on the figures and will do anything to rise above the challenges companies face these days.

Two companies highlighted are obviously Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Another company more targeted at social media fans used is Facebook. Find out how Facebook have tried to leverage the mobile market and how joint ventures with people like Steve Jobs in the world of mobile communications was never going to happen. Why is this relative today, two years later? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally where Ben Delicious does his best to explain in this revealing excursion to Canada.