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Roundabout Theatre Blog British Music Hall

The British Hall of arts and music is a great place to go and find content for your blog. You can if you ask nicely take a few photographs inside or outside the theatre.

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If you like going to the theatre then have a read of this. Theatre in the city has always been popular. People like to get out and watch live plays and have done for years. Have a read and see what you think.


Telling It Like It Is radio show with James Delingpole, Alexander Nekrassov and Brendan Cole

UKIP leader Nigel Farage turning down running in the Newark by-election, Prince Harry splitting up with Cressida Bonas, George Clooney’s engagement and Jeremy Paxman quitting Newsnight are among the the topics discussed over on The Voice of Russia. Telling It Like It Is a radio show for people interested in the British and global news.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

UKIP leader Nigel Farage turning down running in the Newark by-election, Prince Harry splitting up with Cressida Bonas, George Clooney’s engagement and Jeremy Paxman quitting Newsnight are among the topics for this week’s Telling it Like It Is.

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Ukraine anticipating election that may not happen

Among the broad-ranging topics broached this week by James Delingpole of Breitbart.com and Alexander Nekrassov @stirringtrouble are the ongoing situation in Ukraine and Maria Miller’.

Stirring Trouble’s insight: Among the broad-ranging topics broached this week by James Delingpole of Breitbart.com and Alexander Nekrassov are the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Maria Miller’s resignation, the Pistorius trial, and little Prince George’s headline-grabbing visit Down Under. VoR’s Dmitry Linnik. moderates. See on voiceofrussia.com

Revolution In Ukraine Borders

Anton Goryunov: “Let’s be cynical about a Kiev coup. You cannot miss what is happening in Ukraine? The Berkut anti riot police have disbanded?”

The Ukraine borders the Russian federation, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia and Romania. They all have concern for the unitary state. The European Union protesting alliance has made the US interested in helping out too.

President Viktor Yanukovich and French President Francois Hollande may have been comparing notes.

Find out more about the banking world and the conflicts at home and abroad. Viktor is in trouble and a lot of people in the Ukraine are trying to explain why.

Three EU foreign ministers are going to visit the Ukraine to see what they can do.

The White House National Security Adviser tells the Ukraine what he thinks they should do.

William Hague the British Foreign Secretary will talk about the war in Iraq. He may even mention Syria and other helpful advice for the Ukrainian parliament.


Proud Of President Hollande

45th Munich Security Conference 2009: Dr. Ange...

45th Munich Security Conference 2009: Dr. Angela Merkel (le), Federal Chancellor, Germany, in Conversation with Nicolas Sarkozy (ri), President, French Republic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


G8 Summit in Deauville, France, 26-27 May 2011

G8 Summit in Deauville, France, 26-27 May 2011 (Photo credit: President of the European Council)


Politics in France

Politics in France has gone a bit mad.

Anton Goryunov reports from Paris about President François Hollande and the French economy , French people and finally some helpful tips from the political archives about French presidents.

It did not help his predecessor, President Nicolas Sarkozy, who wooed a former rock chick, Carla Bruni, when he got elected, married her and even got her pregnant.

Then the hope would be that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is recovering from a broken pelvis . Meanwhile the European Union is doing its best to hold the fort.

Stirring Trouble Internationally – Humorous Comments and Analysis Of News And Current Affairs.

English: Michelle Obama with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

English: Michelle Obama with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



History Hijacked By Leftie Loons

proper history

Bed Delicious has written an interesting entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally from Rome.  take on lots of things, including the Crusades, the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment era taken over by leftie weasels. Slavery,  black AfricansAmerican Civil War and the South vs the good guys in the North. President George Bush Sr. accounts frozen some considerable time.

President George Bush Jr. had a scary surprise around this time of year at Christmas. According to Russian intelligence it was suggested a payment must have been made and that some sort of financial Settlement will have happened. President Clinton eating  food and on nothing else. Bush family  at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin now a museum.

Separate Jewish sources the Israeli intelligence community and the subterranean intelligence war. Stalin’s USSR and Henry Paulson cease and desist from blocking payments. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Novo-Ogarevo media sources about Armenians , MI5 trips to the Vatican and more bank research.

The Russian state during the Christmas Holidays noticed Dr Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security near the old executive office building. Europe would have been seen as totally different, with bankers and politicians starting them. The Great Depression of the 1930s changing everyones concepts of money. Then there is the 20 century Arab Spring where we see the commoditisation of national assets.

black slavery

Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of America  accounts. SUBPRIME George Bush Sr. Iranian carpet, President Bush II  hitherto, under instruction, grabbed at the idea with enthusiasm.

Editor’s Note contain hundreds of pages of facsimiles of relevant documents. Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003 Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance Black’s Law Dictionary’, West Publishing Company,

The trade due to Globalization has grown exponentially. The music business as discussed by Journalists of dance magazines , DJ, and plays Trance music  Popular Music  with the neo-Marxist approach.
(Livingstone 2002).

David Hesmodhalgh Popular Music Studies’  Mass Media and Society  cites Angela McRobbie that culture and industry for women was not really explored enough,  music lists the punk era  Jazz music. Frith says was his influence by ‘Marxism and social interactionism’ (Herbert Bloomer, 1986, p5).

Dave Laing and Charlie Gillet did some of the more optimistic research of the British popular music in Milton KeynesCurrency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act Mrs Sterling died suddenly after being summoned for her second meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under Clinton the Editor for the US intelligence community’s. You can read questionnaires and do interviews on allsorts of genres of music,  the ‘dependence on music institutions’ and how it spread to outside Milton Keynes  academic research in popular music Youth Media Trance music for young people in regards to geography.

United States liberty

Lefties Turning Nigella Lawson

nigella lawson
Stirring Trouble Internationally entry today is by Adam Lovejoy who is in London talking about the Nigella Lawson role model story in the news this week. This story is positioned for girls and young women find out more over on the main website. This is a compelling story about her belief in God waning after the death of her sister. The story began in the USA where Nigella Lawson spoke on American TV to the Grillo sisters. She talks to the team about her cooking shows and gives tips on how to sell cooking books online. Find out what this means for America TV and get the latest incites from behind the scenes about TV shows in the US over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


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Hand-To-Hand Combat A Chance To Do That

uk troops in afghanistanWomen, hand-to-hand combat a chance to do that? Well thats what they are saying, this is an interesting pocket of news about the war and how rules are changing out in the field, equality has made a lot of changes around here, find out what they are over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. R.F.Wilson covers all London bases. And opens the lid on the other side of the brotherhood opening up new opportunities, everyone knows this stuff and more and more people are getting in on the action, find out how women’s acting roles have changed the way the British armed forces do business and find out how the men are coping with these transitions. Find out all this and more over the main website. The article focuses on an article published recently about an English Women living in the UK and how years ago as an acting Air Vice Marshall climbed the ranks. This is the first example of female hand-to-hand combat submitted to put emphasis on the point that has leading up to the infrastructure we see today.

On the other side of the story todays article turns this around and imagines the young woman fighting for there country and beliefs on the other cheek. Imagine this the same thing happens in the Taliban, in Saudi Arabia and other countries least likely because of culture to embrace these world changes. Who’s to say these things would not work out for them too. That and a lot more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally a news based website commenting on current affairs and entertaining subjects that make you pause for a moment and think. Ever since Emily Pankhurst this topic has fascinated magazines around the UK. The topic of Afghanistan or Iran have taught us a lot of whats possible. The possibilities opened up now because of the trails went through why not vote for a  President of Afghanistan anything is possible and the imaginative variables of this subject are endless lets engage and explore more, to get you started have a read over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Hand-to-hand combat on the front line. What chick would turn down a chance to do that?

North Korean Struggle At The Top

When you at the top of an organisation and have to make an impression on the world to survive its really hard, as hard as a bucket of buffalo wings. Anton Goryunov is teleported to Pyongyang talking about the North Korea struggle at the top, this is a factual story of woe in the last bastion of communist states. The nation’s leader, Kim Jong-Un uncle Jang Song Thaek chairman of the National Defence Commission somehow stepped on his toes. Young Kim, also known as the Brilliant Leader replaced his father two years ago as leader of the North Korean king of thrones. North Korea struggle at the top family member Jang and his accomplices were  executed  30 days and 30 nights ago. Jang a North Korean was executed find out how over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Was the team shot, drowned strangled or cut up into little bits with limb bones crossed in a coffin?  Uncle Jang was married to Young Kim’s powerful aunt, Kim Kyong Hui as you can already see North Korea leaders struggle at the top, it’s not all a bed of white roses. Young Kim announced things against the US, Japan and the great architects of chunky chicken. Reviving another worrisome  form of faith in Europe and the new understanding of global communism inside the confines of watching skulls in a box or on the box? Each passing of an elder brings a generation of new men in the North Korean fatly shrinking brotherhood. Keen North Korea watchers have something to cheer about – a struggle at the top.