Ukraine anticipating election that may not happen

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Among the broad-ranging topics broached this week by James Delingpole of and Alexander Nekrassov of are the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Maria Miller’

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Among the broad-ranging topics broached this week by James Delingpole of and Alexander Nekrassov of are the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Maria Miller’s resignation, the Pistorius trial, and little Prince George’s headline-grabbing visit Down Under. VoR’s Dmitry Linnik moderates.

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A Tribute To Bob Crow

bob has left the buildingThis happy and positive tribute to Bob Crow was published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally today.

You can read the article in full over on the main website.  Here are some snippets: communist-socialist Londoners.

Mayor Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone Boris as an MP of The Spectator. London Underground strikes rest in peace, Bob Crow. The Bob Crow tributes in London made over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. This tribute includes info about mayors Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone. Find out more about the Trade union and the National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers plus a little bit more about the London Underground.Stirring Trouble Internationally – Humorous Comments and Analysis Of News And Current Affairs ( ) March 12, 2014 at 11:09AM

Windsors Visit Flooding Areas In Britain

uk floodingBen Delicious reports from outside Buckingham Palace Africa is in the news Prince William Duke of Cambridge and the Monarchy of the United Kingdom in Buckingham Palace are hoping to help.  Prince William, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and news about Big-game hunting ways of helping economically and some other news about Charles Prince of Wales. Prince William rhinos in Africa poachers and rich big game hunters. king of Britain been flooded . Prince Philip  Whitehall The Windsors.

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Dave Does A Pavlov Dog

david cameron dispatch box

Adam Lovejoy is in London submitting an entry into the news journal about  David Cameron and global warming in the Antarctic. The Tory Party  the Liberal Democrats parliamentary term. Dave and the Tory gang appeasing the urban liberal elites. Yes to the conservative disposition.The New Tories in the  House of Commons during the PMQs.


Dave And Nigella Support

nigella lawson

Adam Lovejoy is in London writing about TV and Nigella Lawson over on the website Stirring Trouble Internationally where you can find out more about Charles Saatchi  and David Cameron.

Find out the latest updates from the city of London about Mr Saatchi some Grillos court room reports about a special credit card used recently.

titanicGet the word on the street about the British people and find out more about the Titanic you see above over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Lady Antebellum Dec music review

Ad Campaign Against Smoking

anti smoking advert
Ted Obvious reports from London about a  Public Health warning in England this week. It is an advertising campaign targeted at smokers in a bid to hopefully move them into playing computer games by capturing the attention of their viewers with graphic violence. Usually an anti-smoking advertisement shows what a cigarette can do in the lungs propped up by Public Health statistics to show that they mean business. This advert will keep Big Brother happy for a short what while but what about the others, you know the people who are struggling with other things, find out over on Stirring Trouble internationally. Read more…

STI George Osbourne Interviews

Dave Promised The Liberals

Adam Lovejoy is in Copenhagen: What is it exactly that PM David Cameron and the ConLibDem coalitions economic Britain.The Centre for Economic and Business Research from the Copenhagen Business School says Britain if it joins the EU can become the biggest economy in Europe. North Korea has enjoyed better GDP growth than Britain. George Osborne responded by mentioning some interesting figures, smiled and turned on the academic approach to reacting to these announcements. Find out more about the British monarchy Dave Cameron elections and the challengers UK IP in a bid to win power in a very liberalised Europe that includes Britain one way or another. Read more…

Welfare Reform In Britain

Iain Duncan Smith in the Commons

Bed Delicious talk about welfare reform ID Smith and  Nelson Mandela. In this talk Ben makes a comparison with a US President Barack Obama speech and South African President Jacob Zuma speach who on the same day said similar things but the way they were said had different effects on the crowds.

The talk then goes in reform pitches in the UK by Iain Duncan Smith   and takes an inside look into how 10 Downing Street go about making decisions on topics like these.

If you like political speeches and like to be entertained about what is going on around the world then I am sure you will like todays post because it also includes the latent effects of speakers like Tony Blair .

When you get chance take a look at Ben’s conclusions about this topic and find out more about up and coming speeches by PM Cameron and many more as well as the next big topics that everyone will be talking about for example fake IDS is one topic that Ben singles out in today’s STi Talk.