George Osborne In Britain’s Sunday Times

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Ben Delicious in London summarises the article in the Sunday Times this weekend about Chancellor George Osborne. It is an interesting read about Boy George, the  Office of National Statistics and UKIPA New Year humorous and witty post made by the Deputy Editor of the Sunday Times this weekend whereby George Osborne is nominated man of the month. Read more…

Tony Blair Who Could Have Thought He Had It In Him


Marriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)

 Adam Lovejoy is in London writing about a love letter sent to Tony Blair published in this weeks tabloid news. Tony Blair former wife of publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch, Wendy Deng saying she found Mr Blair very attractive. The Dear Wendy letter has been rewrote for comical purposes and includes grammatical references to how Cherie might have felt in these embarrassing circumstances. What would you say in your letter if you received a letter from Rupert Murdoch’s ex wife in this instance? The Sun newspaper in the article I assume picked of where the  2005 general election left of an follows up with this interesting letter composed by Wendy Deng and the series of events that happened. I assume some of this will be from her new book. Tony’s New Labour friends gave feedback to Mr Blair about his decision to join in with the war in Iraq, and also had something to say about Marital advice. Find out all the juicy satirical details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Tony Blair turns out to be a marriage breaker and a stud! Who could have thought he had it in him.

Politicians Lie Because They Care For Their People

cameron and osborne

Adam Lovejoy writes from London about politics and how it works. In this article you find out about why some lies are there to help out people. Reading all about what President Barack Obama says to the American people about economics. The same things that are happening to the US and the rhetoric being used is also used here in the UK by politicians like David Cameron and as you will find out there is always good reason for all of this stuff.

When we are introduced to new information and rhetoric it becomes everyday language used commonly by everyone, for example the word ‘austerity’ is used the exemplify the problems of other countries like the EU, moments of time in the past and projections of the future ie World War Three. The future of Europe economically just like anywhere else in terms of futurism is controversial and the time zone of forward thinking is restricted. These types of predictions have reasons, the reasons are often justified or debated rather by people who read this type of information and introduce it to the community. It could be you, its the same sort of information that is used with topics like climate change. Knowing the problem, balanced with the lessons of the past means a new pattern has to be introduced.

NATO took a good look at and had an influence in what happened with the war in Afghanistan, the information about the work they did to put the clock forward to see the bigger picture perhaps influenced them on how they went about approaching the problems? In todays article Adam directs you to some interesting notes from Evgeny Lebedev in the newspapers this week that explains why in relation to what you learn why politicians lie and how they care for their people and how its simply part of the job. Read all about Saddam Hussein, Silvio Berlusconi and other politicians and how these principles can be applied to understand what is happening these days, here is the link. Stirring Trouble Internationally


The British Economy Keeps On Growing Song

george osborne RBSThe Office for National Statistics has been looking at and recording the patterns of people against the state of the economy of the United Kingdom since late 19th century thats over 100 years. The government budget balance makes its decisions on these figures. over the years leaders of the Conservative Party have taken government debt very seriously but still this has not managed to avoid to odd boom and bust that we have seen happening from time to time happening again and again.

With that said Adam Lovejoy is in London addressing the issues, he takes a look at budget deficit, national debt, the banks, real unemployment and possible songs that will take the edge of it that the Treasury must be experiencing.

This is a somewhat serious post about the announcements made yesterday by the Office of National Statistics, a fine collective of men and women who have stood firm during the recession. The real economy but doing exactly the opposite. 20 odd years  ‘economic booms’ driven by astronomical consumer debt and the vast majority living on credit.

Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne the perhaps next Tory leader that the economy is growing even though it’s not, the taxpayers will be bailing out all the usual suspects again as they have done for over 100 years. The British Economy Just A Keeps On Growing. There’s A Song In It Somewhere A post about tax and the economy of the United Kingdom as recorded by the office of national statistics time after time.

George Osbourne and the economy

George Osborne Stand Up Comedy Gig

Adam Lovejoy reports from Manchester: Well, it had to happen and it did. George Osborne, the man who moonlights as Chancellor of the Exchequer  the Tory party, Prime Minister David Cameron, a comedian with his own comedy routine. Boy George and Parliament do another rendition of Stand Up Comedy over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. George Osborne Does Another Stand Up Comedy Gig On The Economy. But Fails To Raise A Single Laugh (


Boy George Comedy Circuit Corner

boy georgeBoy George ComedyHe’s a boy George as you will find out in today’s business report of economic life in the UK.

Adam Lovejoy inside scoop from London on George Osborne referred to here in a satirical way as Boy George for his recently publicised ‘Turning A Corner’ campaign.

The British economy has been crumbling and the Chancellor of the Exchequer and people like Georgie Boy have been promising the British people all kinds of things from darning socks to sucking at lots of things.

Find out all about the Lib Dem mergers and the future of Britain’s economy over on the business report at Stirring Trouble Internationally.

In La-La Land Of Opinion Polls The Tories Surge Ahead In Popularity While UKIP Falls

Todays la-la land entry is about David Cameron and goes into a little bit more detail about the UK Independence Party plus updates from the Tory party and little bits of info about George Osborne, Ed Miliband, The Guardian and their Liberal Democrats who help Labour to report the news.

opinion pollsR.F.Wilson reports from London about the Tory party and the way they feel about the United Kingdom Independence Party, or UKIP for short. David Cameron Ed Miliband’s Liberal Democrats were basking popularity.

Two things in this so-called survey of public opinion. The Office of National Statistics  George Osborne.

dave and nigel

In La-La Land of opinion polls the Tories surge ahead in popularity while UKIP falls.

So now you know a little bit more about David Cameron and the UK Independence Party, you now take a look if you wish at the Tory party proposals mentioned over on Stirring Trouble Internationally with more information about George Osborne, Ed Miliband and get the latest news from the Guardian, the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

Stirring Trouble Internationally Austerity

New Top Dog At The Bank Of England

Hot news about the Bank of England

Google Trends, double dip recession, mark carney, mervyn king, office of national statistics, canada weather, academic circles, british economy, economic storm, george Osborne, governor of the bank of england, new boss, bank of canada, city of london, bank of england, banking sector, public money, mineral resources, new money, ious and boe. from the City of London: Lots of excitement in the Square Mile was registered yesterday as the new Governor of the Bank of England . .New Top Dog At The Bank Of England [read more]

Hot news about the City of London

According to Google Trends there appears to be a continual progression of the double dip recession and Mark Carney has been brought in to take over where Mervyn King left of. There is also news from the office of national statistics and a lot of people are studying the Canada weather from academic circles to find out if the british economy is part of some economic storm. In addition George Osborne has shared his findings with the governor of the bank of England’s new boss from the bank of canada now based in the city of london. The bank of england needed to improve the banking sector and do a full audit on public money. The hope is that new mineral resources will bring in outside new money. The new Governor of the Bank of England (BoE) the Bank of Canada will be assisting the banks in anyway they can.

Hot news about: Office of National Statistics

The Office of National Statistics according to Google Trends has breaking news about a double dip recession and  Mark Carney has come all the way from Canada to assist Mervyn King and his team at the office of national statistics. Certain academic circles are well versed in the british economy and have been all around the world studying the economic storm. The audits first began when George Osborne got wind of things. He has spoke to the governor of the bank of england recently. The new boss from the bank of canada now based in the city of london is used to this type of crisis and is putting steps in place to help the bank of england. The banking sector in Ireland as a whole took a bit of a knock after reports of public money being played about with. The new money with the people in the Office of National Statistics counting a double dip recession on the Cleveland News. [read more]

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UKIP A One Issue Party One Man Party As Well

UK 2010 election: What if the Spanish electora...

UK 2010 election: What if the Spanish electoral system had been used? (Photo credit: oledoe)

Adam Lovejoy reports from London: Bumped into Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independent Party, or UKIP for short. European Union  Chancellor George Osborne  David Cameron European parliament the House of Commons. A One Issue Party That Seems To Be A One Man Party As Well. Read more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Nigel Farage ‘not opposed to the devolution of policing and new fiscal. Pensioners are being driven into the arms of Nigel Farage. Nigel Farage makes a comical smear campaign against himself. Europe unites against Germany, IMF Agrees to Disburse More Funds to Romania Balkan Insight. Breakthrough announced on a reduction on connecting European Facilities. The hope is they can put the European project back on track. MP is congratulated by George Osborne about his flagship rights for shares scheme risks falling flat and the demonisation of the jobless is based on complete ignorance. Labour pays price of George Osborne’s failure to cut deficit Chancellor of the Exchequer backs UK rocket research and squeezes until the pips squeak with his political victory another cause for celebrations they want you to know about. European Parliament member call for traffic light labelling, Tonio Borg plays down talk of European Parliament candidature, implementing directive on better medicines for children. The European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund and a multi annual financial framework was discussed in Europe too.

Boris has Ken looking over his shoulder

On The Buses Licensed Loan Sharks Competition Commission And Boris Johnson

boris wongaNews from London about advertising changes on the buses as loans become more and more popular. London Mayor Boris Johnson has took a stand against loan sharks by banning advertisements on public transport. The Office of Fair Trading that odd organisation that is supposed to defend the rights of consumers, has referred payday loan companies to the Competition Commission. The Bank of England  and George Osborne are doing there best to try and figure all this stuff out to help everyone. UKIP and other political UK representatives are evoking by talking about loan sharks, all trying to get there attention in hope of funding for further political campaigns. Read more about the licensed Loan Sharks over on Stirring Trouble Internationally dot com.