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Ed Miliband will visit Washington and speak to US President Barack Obama – UK Politics

The British leader of the opposition – Ed Miliband – is expected to visit Washington early next week – where he’ll have a ‘brush-by meeting’ with US President Barack Obama. Dr James Boyes is a US poli


This is a big oppurtunity for the UK and Ed Miliband to have a good chat about politics to the US Prime Minister Barack Obama. Join in the conversation over on Reddit Uk Politics. Preferably give it thumbs up, thumbs down might mean it disappears so be sure to leave your comments. If you get chance listen live to radio VR news. Here is the link >>

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News Overshadowed By Ukraine

celebsNews surrounding the Ukraine story is coming in from the Kremlin: this is a satirical entry about politicians around the world who represent the G8. The story draws upon news coming in on the topic of current affairs around the world mainly United States, China, Russia, France and Germany. Dan Majestic in Washington news from Ukraine and talks about reported telephone calls between Stirring Trouble International Germany and Russia.

The news has now moved to the Crimea which is part of Ukraine’s territory economic sanctions and the G8 summit. Get news from behind the scenes in Russian Moscow and find out more about the US role in world affairs and international law that is keeping people up all night.

Find out how Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are now having meaningful political dialogue with the newly elected Ukrainian government with ITS Forces and representatives of the White House from the United States.

This post includes interesting news about President Vladimir Putin, US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy.

With the build up to the G7 countries  the scheduled G-8 Summit in Sochi in June the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the President of the European Commission, and the President of the European Council spoke about the UN Charter from 1997 that applies to the situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine the UN or the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe is different to the usual Group of Eight format. News overshadowed by Ukraine US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama  trip to China, Beijing.

The US Federal Reserve and Vice President Joe Biden. President Francois Hollande scooters and muscular men wearing helmets. Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin a chemical scientists and one-on-one summits obsession with the Russian President. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, and his wife, Ri Sol ji young Kim’s uncle Jang Song Thaek. Ri one of most powerful women in North Korea and a possible contender for a place in the leadership.

Awarding The Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize

Anton Goryunov reports from Oslo about the unelected people who turned up to the Nobel Peace Prize to broadcast more of that EU information. People like, Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission who as you will find out was chiming on about the single currency, still.

Find out more about the main things you should do when attending the Nobel Prize  to impress the Committee

If you perhaps just want to know more about this years events from attendees like  Thorbjoern Jagland, the Norwegian Nobel Committee top dog, or perhaps you are a President Barack Obama supporter then again this post is great for connecting dots.

Find out the three things the  Secretary General to the Council of Europe  award himself for all the good work they think they have done with the Chinese Communist Party and find out exactly how politics converges with banking in Europe.

Standing proud and unelected

Standing proud and unelected

Here you can find out more about Herman Van Rompuy he is one of the guys Anton mentions from United Europe . As you will find out without a special CV your leaving a lot of opportunities on the table, so go now and find out a humorous report about the Nobel Peace Prize in Europe.

“The Nobel Peace Prize To The EU Is Like Giving The Chinese Communists A Medal For Compassionate Politics” By Anton Goryunov.


Obama Admin Priorities All Wrong In The Middle East

Ted Obvious asks questions from the heart of Damascus about the new news from the Middle East. Find out more about how Israel is coping with what John Kerry said about Iraq and how perhaps he went home empty handed. And get the latest direction of how the United States forces helped out in the race for peace. Tony Blair and America’s relationships with Ariel Sharon during the troubles in Syria. This is a helpful entry that offers advice to the Obama Administration in choosing the right solutions for effective peace in the Middle East.

Read all about President Obama newly polished pledge to ignite the flame of the new up and coming election campaign and how if this were not the case what he would probably be focusing on to understand how difficult negotiations actually are in the Middle East for the United States.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, had left for Israel to launch the peace process but came home with nothing. Find out more about the prior Ariel Sharon peace deals in Israel to understand how peace works and gain contrast and fresh understandings of the difficult situations when trying to find peace in areas of conflict.

Read more about the questions and problems over in Iraq and how these decisions have previously  created difficulties when it comes to addressing the Israeli Palestinian peace process. You will also be able to read more about Tony Blair and what we can learn from his story to understand how peace would perhaps be best made in other regions.

A lot of todays questions focus on the direction of the United Nations  and their plans for peace in the Middle East the problem seems to be the regions that matter where real trouble is bubbling are being overlooked. Find out the full details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Cynical Observations Obama In 2007

Gone are the days of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Things are a lot different in 2013. The overview of this years US politics from places like New York about the Democratic Party.

Seven years looking back America has achieved so much. There are still plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Whats shared in New York about the critical conclusions in 2013 American politics and Barack Obama? This summary of 2013 is from the eyes of the people, from polls on how they see it in the US Senator.

This weeks early observations compare Bush Junior to Democrats of the past. Ronald Reagan and what he achieved with the achievements of Barack Obama.The analogy takes a look at historical matters that happened during the Falklands war. Margaret Thatcher during the Argies conflict.

How Exocet missiles from a country in Europe raised a few difficulties needed to be overcome. The points raise interesting insights about the Middle East Israel, big war and  foreign debts.

Write-offs and other things that Obama in 2007 to 2013 have helped overcome. Read the full article it’s called A Few cynical observations.

Politicians Lie Because They Care For Their People

Adam Lovejoy writes from London about politics and how it works. In this article you find out about why some lies are there to help out people. Reading all about what President Barack Obama says to the American people about economics. The same things that are happening to the US and the rhetoric being used is also used here in the UK by politicians like David Cameron and as you will find out there is always good reason for all of this stuff.

When we are introduced to new information and rhetoric it becomes everyday language used commonly by everyone, for example the word ‘austerity’ is used the exemplify the problems of other countries like the EU, moments of time in the past and projections of the future ie World War Three. The future of Europe economically just like anywhere else in terms of futurism is controversial and the time zone of forward thinking is restricted. These types of predictions have reasons, the reasons are often justified or debated rather by people who read this type of information and introduce it to the community. It could be you, its the same sort of information that is used with topics like climate change. Knowing the problem, balanced with the lessons of the past means a new pattern has to be introduced.

NATO took a good look at and had an influence in what happened with the war in Afghanistan, the information about the work they did to put the clock forward to see the bigger picture perhaps influenced them on how they went about approaching the problems? In todays article Adam directs you to some interesting notes from Evgeny Lebedev in the newspapers this week that explains why in relation to what you learn why politicians lie and how they care for their people and how its simply part of the job. Read all about Saddam Hussein, Silvio Berlusconi and other politicians and how these principles can be applied to understand what is happening these days, here is the link. Stirring Trouble Internationally

  • All Presidents Lie, But… (
  • Politicians And Lie Detectors (
  • If The World Is A Theatre Then Politics Is A Never Ending Farce (


Wall Street Doom And Gloom To Brighten Up Your Day

wall streetDo you ever feel like you are just jumping through hoops and never actually getting anywhere?You create something really nice for wall street then present it to the world and the world just screws it up into a ball and then throws it straight into the paper basket. If this sounds like something you can relate with, a writers nightmare, right, well Dan Majestic is in New York explaining how the world economy works, soon will be back to normal again and everything will be going on as it usually does. The US President Barack Obama , Capitol Hill, Libya and Somalia and  human rights departments are all taking notes of all this doom and gloom. To its definitely needed and here it is something to brighten up your day, it is about the the US National Security Agency, classics from the archives to  brighten everything up a bit, check it out it is on Stirring Trouble Internationally posted earlier. Leave some comments and join in the conversation, something good is bound to happen.


Syrian Insurgents

Sanity In The Syrian Crisis Resolution

syria chemical weaponsReactions and theories are coming in from all around the world,  the Syrian crisis continues to grow and Barack Obama continues to put pressure on Bashar al-Assad in Syria and the UN inspectors searching for chemical weapons. Halla Diyab explains what is happening as it happens to Syrian people and explains again the newest UN Security Council resolutions.  President Barack Obama and the US government are currently on shutdown mode for two days at least along with the museums.

The Syrian civil war has troubled everyone including  the US because of the sarin gas attack on Aleppo.

The Syrian rebels have been working together to topple the Syrian government which is experiencing even more difficulties than the USA.

syrian chemical weapon victims

Syria‘s neighbours have been feeling the pinch too and Saudi Arabia are doing their best you know to help situations because there is a chance that rebels could sign up with al Qaeda. Christians have been publicly executed and residents in the area are living in fear for there lives from both sides. President Obama, September 8 and the Syrian Christians leaving Maaloula to get away from al Qaeda the jihadist group reportedly offering false hope to people who pledge allegiance like puppets on a string.

A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally comments and analysis of news and current affairs.


NATO Has A New Mission: To Contain Rising Chinese Military Power

Shooting At The Naval Yard

Aaron AlexisThe shotgun canteen gun crime shooting at the Naval Yard military base in Washington DC world news came unexpected and the circumstances of the case a very nasty surprise.  Hired by the military base after being discharged from the US misusing guns and not following orders correctly.

The shooting with the shotgun was done by Aaron Alexis, he was trained to find Muslim terrorists and protect the United States from al Qaeda ever since the War on Terror begun this has been the case thanks to George Bush Junior.

This is not the first time President Barack Obama has had to address victims of this sort of thing and the world.

So a US Prez is used to it as the people who arguably have become desensitised by violence playing video games and watching a lot of TV series showing in detail what happen. Stirring Trouble Internationally has nominated Grand Theft Auto 5 as one of the number one games which contribute to people playing a role play part in the Naval Yard shoot out violence only that is not real and the incident was. Its time more research was done on this sort of thing. The after shock of gun crime to the three thousand employees in Washington DC and the police force after offices received leg injuries from the weapon.

President Obama Public Script

obama 9/11 speechPresident Obama ScriptPresident Obama has made a few speeches recently from what is called an auto cue. In today’s article you will read about President Obama reading from a script. Dan Majestic in Washington talks a little bit about the US President Barack Obama. Today’s article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally references the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Martin Dempsey, Bush Junior and Jimmy Carter who have all made similar mistakes of reading from a script. Find out when you have a message and a good understanding of a topic is a good idea to talk without an auto cue or script.