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Cynical Observations Obama In 2007

Gone are the days of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Things are a lot different in 2013. The overview of this years US politics from places like New York about the Democratic Party.

Seven years looking back America has achieved so much. There are still plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Whats shared in New York about the critical conclusions in 2013 American politics and Barack Obama? This summary of 2013 is from the eyes of the people, from polls on how they see it in the US Senator.

This weeks early observations compare Bush Junior to Democrats of the past. Ronald Reagan and what he achieved with the achievements of Barack Obama.The analogy takes a look at historical matters that happened during the Falklands war. Margaret Thatcher during the Argies conflict.

How Exocet missiles from a country in Europe raised a few difficulties needed to be overcome. The points raise interesting insights about the Middle East Israel, big war and  foreign debts.

Write-offs and other things that Obama in 2007 to 2013 have helped overcome. Read the full article it’s called A Few cynical observations.

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Infographic: How Obama, Romney (and Friends) Are Using Social Media

According to the polls, President Barack Obama is in a tight race with challenger Mitt Romney. But he can take a little solace in the fact that he’s trouncing his Republican opponent in social media. (Then again, we assume the President of the United States isn’t the sort who’d actually mistake social-media success for real-world success.)
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President Obama Announces His Election Campaign. And It’s For Real Now

Barack Obama Running For President

Barack Obama

Dan Majestic writes from Columbus: So now we know: President Barack Obama will definitely be running for a second term. He confirmed. The entertainment media Saturday Night Live and President Obama press release comedy sketch of Obama taking all the credit for the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden.

$25 Million Dollars have been pumped into the advertisement you see in the video above. Middle classes in America a not to happy about the cost of this campaign but understand it is very expensive these days to advertise. Making video’s are a standard rate. According to the same article by political correspondent Shira Schoenberg, according to her figures in the Washington polls Obama and Mitt Romney are neck and neck (USA Today May 7th 2012).

President Obama’s campaign to spend $25 million in advertising this month according to Shira Schoenberg on May 7th 2012.