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The World with David Glencorse on Sunday. Episode One Syria – YouTube

The World featuring David Glencorse over on Arise TV a Sunday show with special guest former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov. News from Washington. Follo…



Today a new show The World broadcast news about Syria and the recent beheadings. ISIS have executed people and shared it on social media. The two men were journalists.

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Former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov responds to this weeks news and shares interesting updates about Russia. You can read and listen to more news at Telling It Like It Is over on the Voice of Russia. Or you can watch todays interviews on another mainstream news station CCTV America. Here are some more helpful links.

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Ed Miliband will visit Washington and speak to US President Barack Obama – UK Politics

The British leader of the opposition – Ed Miliband – is expected to visit Washington early next week – where he’ll have a ‘brush-by meeting’ with US President Barack Obama. Dr James Boyes is a US poli

Source: voiceofrussia.com

This is a big oppurtunity for the UK and Ed Miliband to have a good chat about politics to the US Prime Minister Barack Obama. Join in the conversation over on Reddit Uk Politics. Preferably give it thumbs up, thumbs down might mean it disappears so be sure to leave your comments. If you get chance listen live to radio VR news. Here is the link >> http://go.shr.lc/1n1aGut

whats the time in Kiev London

Tian Wei CCTV Ukraine crisis CNTV News

Host Tian Wei on CCTV from Ukraine as the crisis continues.

CCTV News in Kiev resumes military operations against activists in the East as tensions continue to rise.

Discussed on todays show are some helpful resolutions about the ongoing eruptions in the Ukraine.

A Russian, American and Ukrainian former advisor, talk about Ukrainian policies.

Russian former advisor; Alexander Nekrassov talks about behind the scenes news in Ukraine.

Washington DC former advisor William Taylor shares what the back bench politicians are saying.

Oleksiy Poltorakov talks about Ukrainian policies they are suggesting on CCTV.

The implementation by politicians in Kiev’s new regime could create more problems if people do not calm down.

What’s eating Vladimir Putin?

No one in the corridors of power in Moscow was anticipating that events in Kiev would take such a dramatic twist.

Jm Bob‘s insight:

The talks in Geneva between Russia, Ukraine, the EU and the US on finding a solution to the crisis might as well have not taken place at all, considering that there was no one there representing the east of the country. Vladimir Putin and the US, Moscow, Kiev, Geneva, Washington, European Union, Freedom Party, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Constitutional Court. Find out more about the European parliament, US embassy, Russian intelligence, a Supreme Court, the Ukrainian parliament to determine which is the right sector to focus on this Tuesday.

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Cynical Observations Obama In 2007

Gone are the days of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Things are a lot different in 2013. The overview of this years US politics from places like New York about the Democratic Party.

Seven years looking back America has achieved so much. There are still plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Whats shared in New York about the critical conclusions in 2013 American politics and Barack Obama? This summary of 2013 is from the eyes of the people, from polls on how they see it in the US Senator.

This weeks early observations compare Bush Junior to Democrats of the past. Ronald Reagan and what he achieved with the achievements of Barack Obama.The analogy takes a look at historical matters that happened during the Falklands war. Margaret Thatcher during the Argies conflict.

How Exocet missiles from a country in Europe raised a few difficulties needed to be overcome. The points raise interesting insights about the Middle East Israel, big war and  foreign debts.

Write-offs and other things that Obama in 2007 to 2013 have helped overcome. Read the full article it’s called A Few cynical observations.


Quentin Tarantino And violent computer games

The reality American Movie unfolds as crime continues to make the headlines this week. Meanwhile behind the scenes Grand Theft Auto, grand theft auto 5,  Grand Theft Auto V however you describe it continues to make the top 5 selling games. You see America is famous for action movie directors like Martin Scorsese who choose heart wrenching stories about people from poor backgrounds who manage to do really well in the hood and climb out of a life of crime. Then there is Quentin Tarantino who thinks in terms of making violent films that can also make a good Video game. Violent computer gameshoods could well be a catalyst for these spring of murders and shootings we have read about recently. Dan Majestic is in Hollywood to find out everything you need to know and more.

He looks at cop killers, violent movies converted for Xbox, and talks to hot chicks on the Boulevard about what they think is attractive in men.

In todays article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally read all about the American movie stars who are ready to do any part and play the baddy instead of the goodie, all in the Call Of Duty, all they have to do, and I know this sounds like an episode of Mission Impossible is turn up on the day, dressed to kill.

You have seen one American soap about criminals, you have seen them all, god knows why people go back and buy newer versions of video games they have played a million times before.

Anyone who has taken time out and studied an American Movie thriller carefully they will know it has lots of crime in the story and the writers have usually done their research. But where does this research come from other than the street. As a matter of fact as you will find out Grand Theft Auto was the same thing. Martin Scorsese knew about this years ago. The best people to talk to without a shadow of a doubt is speak like Jerry Springer does to people of poor backgrounds and get them in the studio to fight and pull hair. IT is the most therapeutic thing an American could do right? Well Quentin Tarantino seems to think so, you only have to watch a video to understand where all these violent computer games come from. It’s the same chain of events that is making people go crazy, pick up guns and go out after obtaining and loading on a mad killing spree and should cops have to put up with all this nonsense, no. Below is a helpful link.

NATO Has A New Mission: To Contain Rising Chinese Military Power

Shooting At The Naval Yard

Aaron AlexisThe shotgun canteen gun crime shooting at the Naval Yard military base in Washington DC world news came unexpected and the circumstances of the case a very nasty surprise.  Hired by the military base after being discharged from the US misusing guns and not following orders correctly.

The shooting with the shotgun was done by Aaron Alexis, he was trained to find Muslim terrorists and protect the United States from al Qaeda ever since the War on Terror begun this has been the case thanks to George Bush Junior.

This is not the first time President Barack Obama has had to address victims of this sort of thing and the world.

So a US Prez is used to it as the people who arguably have become desensitised by violence playing video games and watching a lot of TV series showing in detail what happen. Stirring Trouble Internationally has nominated Grand Theft Auto 5 as one of the number one games which contribute to people playing a role play part in the Naval Yard shoot out violence only that is not real and the incident was. Its time more research was done on this sort of thing. The after shock of gun crime to the three thousand employees in Washington DC and the police force after offices received leg injuries from the weapon.

President Obama Public Script

obama 9/11 speechPresident Obama ScriptPresident Obama has made a few speeches recently from what is called an auto cue. In today’s article you will read about President Obama reading from a script. Dan Majestic in Washington talks a little bit about the US President Barack Obama. Today’s article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally references the Pentagon, Chuck Hagel, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Martin Dempsey, Bush Junior and Jimmy Carter who have all made similar mistakes of reading from a script. Find out when you have a message and a good understanding of a topic is a good idea to talk without an auto cue or script.

Yanks Considering Invading Syria #STi Stupid Way Of Thinking

Assad it seems is bothering peoples views about Syria, representatives of the USA Barack Obama and John McCain chips in with the discussions. The United States Joint Chief of Staff have to observe Obama and never forget what happened to leaders like Richard Nixon and the situation with the Internal Revenue Service not forgetting the Osama Bin Laden blunder by Washington. Martin Dempsey reveals all in this interesting article.

martin dempseyDan Majestic reports from Washington about rumours of war in Syria.

So what if the Islamists will be in power in Syria and two million people die? President Barack Obama’s

Richard Dimpsey, who runs the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has revealed at a Senate hearing that he has provided the commander-in-chief with all the option available to launch a military strike against Al Assad.

senator mccain

The FBI investigation accompanied by the Internal Revenue Service a similar investigation happened years ago with Richard Nixon, the media had a field day. Senator McCain  is only too aware of what happened with the PoW losses in the sixties. Drones flying all over Syria so people can watch on television Assad as what happened with Osama Bin Laden in a previous mission. Are the yanks seriously considering invading Syria. Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Obama Whitehouse

Sending Letters Laced With Poison To Politicians Makes No Sense. They Don’t Open Them Anyway

obama whitehouse

Have you heard the news today, oh boy Michael Bloomberg and others are looking at the contents of Ricin, the United States Secret Service have made forensic reports that have surprised the Mayor of New York City, members of congress in Washington via Dan Majestic over on Stirring Trouble Internationally including Barack Obama, show it should surprise the whole of the United States and White House what these letters were laced with.


Dan Majestic reports from Washington.

Big, big fuss has been made here about US President Barack Obama being sent a threatening letter in the post laced with ricin or at least with something that looked like ricin.

RicinLetterWashingtonThe US Secret Service has confirmed the fact yesterday, pointing out that the correspondence was intercepted by the White House staff before reaching the intended addressee.

Earlier even a bigger fuss was made over New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg being sent not one but two angry letters on the same subject of gun control, also supposedly laced with ricin.

michael bloomberg

In recent times there were several occasions when Americans sent angry letters to their politicians, lacing them with all sorts of substances, including ricin.

Ricin is one of the more available poisons as it can be found as a natural component in castor beans.

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEStirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Sending Letters Laced With Poison To Politicians Makes No Sense. They Don’t Open Them Anyway…’