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Want to run the London marathon without leaving the gym? Now you can…


London Marathon starts early tomorrow get on your best sneakers. If you are going out to watch the races, leave some blurbs and let me know. Other news today is an interesting game of football with Wigan and Arsenal. That is on tea time today. Have a great day it should be nice.

Originally posted on Metro:

London marathon, digital marathon

You will soon be able to run the London marathon course without actually going outside (Picture: LondonMarathonTV/YouTube)

Fancy running the London marathon, but don’t really like the outdoors? Good news! You can now run the course on a treadmill instead.

With the race notoriously difficult to actually get into – almost two million people have been rejected since the first London marathon in 1981 – this ‘interactive 3D experience’ offers a chance for runners across the globe to enjoy the world-famous course.

Footage filmed at the beginning of last year’s marathon has been used to create a virtual race, complete with cheering spectators, barriers and aid stations.

London marathon, Tower Bridge

You can now pretend you’re running across Tower Bridge (Picture: PA)

Race director Hugh Brasher told Reuters: ‘It’s certainly the next-best thing to doing the race and turns what could be a dull treadmill run into a really exciting experience.’

A one mile ‘taster’…

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Telling It Like It Is: “It’ll take a lot to kill the English class system”

The Budget, the situation in Ukraine with the announcement of western sanctions on Russia, press intrusion into the death of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott and whether wealth is replacing the B

Jim Bob‘s insight:

The Voice of Russia Telling It Like It Is radio show hosted by Brendan Cole who is interviewing Alexander Nekrassov former Kremlin and government adviser about this weeks news. James Delingpole who also answers questions talks about Bingo, the British budget and Conservative politics. Find out the latest about news from Russia, Ukraine and the UK over on Telling It Like It Is as discussed by writers on Breitbart and Stirring Trouble Internationally.

See on voiceofrussia.com

Book Review The Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher In The Rye. Classic Literature It Ain’tTed Obvious over on Stirring Trouble Internationally is exploring New York again and one book that seems to pop up over on Amazon is listed below, the reason for this is unknown but the reaction to the book is explained perfectly well.

New biography of the controversial late author J.D.Salinger who wrote a series of novellas, controversial commonly for the Penguin classic book “The Catcher In The Rye” which was his first book published in 1951.

This book is constantly revived by other authors for example thirteen years ago a glossary is provided for sales and academic purposes by a handful or wanna be authors. They provide a syllabus for educational purposes, publish and sell as an ebook then go on to make their own book in the hope that the book will sell. This is called piggybacking of other authors and has been going on since oh I do not know about 1995. Stanley P. Baldwin is one such author of the The Catcher in the Rye (Cliffs Notes), who chose the syllabus American English and labelled the book as Education. The violence of Educational: English literature is mainstream and prominent thanks to the introduction of these Literary studies: fiction. Cherry picking novelists and prose writers during this time has created a disturbing decline in the funding of Literary studies.

The outcast of runaway teenagers in literature is created by creating study guides like this and assume the fact that the pupil is in the classroom they will want to read this sort of thing. Over the years it was inevitable that this sort of thing would reflect badly on the department and when cutbacks came in these areas were the first to be singled out.

The classic, The Catcher In The Rye is about two characters Holden Caulfield and Phoebe, its broke up into sections like his previous book of novellas. Teenage boys in literature is popular however the the subject of runaway teenagers in literature in school textbooks and these sorts of study guides are studied at higher levels of Literature Humanities because they make apparently such engaging study aids and study guides. This is completely backwards, why choose controversial violent books to study. Well anyone who has studied Shakespeare in a classroom will be able to tell you why, done correctly you can get the attention of anyone in a group to read anything and make it seem exciting.

The Great Gatsby (1926 film)

The trouble is from the outside looking in you cannot help ask the question why. So why do I mention this? Well I think it is important to study the effects and talk about that rather than go into more detail about book, I am sure you have at some point been curious to read this book, this post is not about creating curiosity because there are much better books out there that have not been studied by heaps of brainwashed people. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald is another book from an author who lived and perhaps drew inspiration from Englands English aristocratic United States city living in America particularly the New York Bay area, to the other side of America in Hollywood California which creates a polarised perspective of America’s diverse origin.

English: Robert Burns statue by G.A. Lawson in...

Robert Burns (1759-1796) the poet has some great quotes about books like these which you can read all about over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Robert Burns,The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, Waverley Books Ltd, Poetry by individual poets,Burns, Robert, ,European – English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,Poetry,Poetry / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,Poetry Texts & Poetry Anthologies,Poetry, Drama and criticism of poetry. Drama is another popular topic that can be learned from humanities and criticism of Scotland and Scottish Poetry and Songs although interesting to fans of the Scots is not as important as other Texts.

You can read this book whilst on your PC or Mac, iphone kindle device or android app or if you are more traditional and insist on reading in a classroom you might want to decide between reading in hardback or more economically a paperback version is available.

Bob Dylan Portrait by T.HO 2004

Bob Dylan the poet and musician was a big fan of books like this because he liked rebels and could relate with feeling different and being alienated. The best way to get your book trending is have it reviewed by The Financial Times, The Scotsman, The Sunday Express and The Mail On Sunday. Mainstream Publishing, biography: arts and entertainment, individual composers and musicians, specific bands and Groups, music, rock and Pop Music. These are all really popular choices for a biography and or an autobiography especially in the Entertainment and Performing Arts section. By reading a new biography especially in such a broad category as the arts; music genres or examining styles and reading pop vocal musicology you will be able to talk about why the song in a group is so popular. Being able to navigate around the genres and styles of for example rock music by an individual composer you get a better profile of the musician. The same thing applies to the author of a book. You can read the full critique of the book over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Helpful book reviews of The Catcher In The Rye

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  2. ‘Salinger’ Hits Bestseller List And ‘Catcher In The Rye’ Gets Second Wind (deadline.com)
  3. If Holden Caulfield Spoke Russian (newyorker.com)
  4. “The catcher in the rye… that’s all I really want to be…” (theobamacrat.com)

Markets In Russia And West

English: Detail from Government. Mural by Elih...

Ben Delicious is in Brussels reporting about economics from Russian’s point of view. The entry takes a good look West and includes helpful tips directed at the Ukraine to remind and help them understand better the world economic forum in 2014.

Firstly a question: Are Investors right in thinking war may break out in Europe?

From the outside looking in anyone might think this is true.

However its very clear that new sanctions are put in place to prevent the market from melting and also slows down other troubled news from around the world.

Ceci n'est pas deux euro

  • For example read all about the American US Federal Reserve and how they influence the rest of the controllers of the world economy.
  • Find out more about the hidden charges behind European governments who are now printing new money.
  • Read all about letting banks and subprime lenders who have been charging extortionate rates higher than the base interest rate.

Todays entry taps into the thoughts and feelings behind Big Brother. And takes an overview o Central bankers who’s job it is to explores and promote money, gambling, researching the markets. The next phase is all the military looting around the world like we see in other less unfortunate countries.

So with that said lets dive in, go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and find out more about what is going on. Yes it seems there is a stand off between Markets in Russia, West, United States and Europe, but what does this mean to you? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

NSA Scandal No One Got Punished

StalinThe White House response on Monday to the expanding disclosures of American spying on foreign leaders. Dan Majestic reports from Washington, by US National Security Agency and Joseph Stalin. Even Hollywood celebs see shades of Nixon in Obama spy crimes. Being present at meetings in the White House and democratic America plus a bit more info about George Orwell. The director of the National Security Agency attempted to resign shortly after Edward Snowden. President Obama and Richard Nixon plus some interesting conclusions about the recent banking crisis in America. The NSA spying scandal. Marginal Revolution, acknowledges that it is provocative.  Comparing his actions to those exposed by Nixon’s Watergate scandal. Actors John Cusack, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Will Wheaton join director Oliver Stone. Keith Alexander, has accused policy makers and diplomats for dictating the targets for surveillance. The White House is trying to limit the snooping. Obama made pledge over spying scandal Getty Images Sen. State John Kerry are trying to quell international anger over classified disclosures by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Last Tuesday it called the administration latest efforts at damage control pathetic. It is a lose-lose situation for President Obama. The president looks bad either way. Either he approved of spying on friendly countries or he did not know what his spy agency was doing. You know what’s weird about the NSA spying scandal?

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West’s sanctions on Russia: Are they just for show?

Big, big sigh of relief among Russia’s super-rich, as the West announces “smart sanctions” On Sunday, 96.7% of voters in Crimea’s referendum chose to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

Jim Bob‘s insight:

Alexander Nekrassov  former government Kremlin adviser has wrote this article as a Special to CNN.

See on edition.cnn.com

BBC Question Our Editor’s Been On

Alexander Nekrassov QTLots of words have been said about the BBC programme Question Time, broadcast the week before last, where one of the guests on the panel was Alexander Nekrassov. The TV channel explored the questions about the crisis in Ukraine. David Dimbleby the shows host asked the audience about the Ukraine and Crimea. & Guests on the show were Simon Hughes Lib Dem MP, Lord Michael Heseltine Alexander Nekrassov.

A Tribute To Bob Crow

bob has left the buildingThis happy and positive tribute to Bob Crow was published over on Stirring Trouble Internationally today.

You can read the article in full over on the main website.  Here are some snippets: communist-socialist Londoners.

Mayor Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone Boris as an MP of The Spectator. London Underground strikes rest in peace, Bob Crow. The Bob Crow tributes in London made over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. This tribute includes info about mayors Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone. Find out more about the Trade union and the National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers plus a little bit more about the London Underground.Stirring Trouble Internationally – Humorous Comments and Analysis Of News And Current Affairs ( http://ift.tt/1fpwnMX ) March 12, 2014 at 11:09AM http://ift.tt/RPMho6