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Date Line Alexander Nekrassov

Date Line chat show over on BBC about news on television in the United Kingdom.

Foreign correspondents based in London give an outsider’s view of events in the UK

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Alexander Nekrassov and other Foreign correspondents currently posted to London look at events in the UK. Find out more about Hamas or Israel, Syria, Ukraine and other news in the UK this week.

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Want to run the London marathon without leaving the gym? Now you can…


London Marathon starts early tomorrow get on your best sneakers. If you are going out to watch the races, leave some blurbs and let me know. Other news today is an interesting game of football with Wigan and Arsenal. That is on tea time today. Have a great day it should be nice.

Originally posted on Metro:

London marathon, digital marathon

You will soon be able to run the London marathon course without actually going outside (Picture: LondonMarathonTV/YouTube)

Fancy running the London marathon, but don’t really like the outdoors? Good news! You can now run the course on a treadmill instead.

With the race notoriously difficult to actually get into – almost two million people have been rejected since the first London marathon in 1981 – this ‘interactive 3D experience’ offers a chance for runners across the globe to enjoy the world-famous course.

Footage filmed at the beginning of last year’s marathon has been used to create a virtual race, complete with cheering spectators, barriers and aid stations.

London marathon, Tower Bridge

You can now pretend you’re running across Tower Bridge (Picture: PA)

Race director Hugh Brasher told Reuters: ‘It’s certainly the next-best thing to doing the race and turns what could be a dull treadmill run into a really exciting experience.’

A one mile ‘taster’…

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The PC Views Of Democracy And Dictatorship

Members Of The PC Brigade Fight It Out

david attenboroughAdam Lovejoy reports from London in an article called members of the PC brigade fight it out.

The scoop today is about the BBCSir David Attenborough and Charles Darwin. You will have read in recent posts about the theory of natural selection. This article by Adam Lovejoy goes into the subject a little bit more.

As you may have noticed the PC lot have been talking about natural selection for years and broadcasting on television about the theories for quite a few years now. Phil Taylor has made a recent comment on the article this week. He spoke about a Switzerland Dignitas clinic  suicide facility.

You can find out interesting reviews about the evolution myth over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. And todays article covers some interesting things about the Liberal Democrats on TV this week.


The Queen Shares Her Views On The Latest Goings On. Sort Of

queen ascot

Elizabeth Regina records the Queen’s banter at Windsor about the old tradition the Ascot Races. The race traces back over three hundred and two years and everybody from the Royal Family have worn their best hat and attended the race. All the biggest best bookies are there and many people go there to have a flutter as well as watch the jockeys and horses race. Everyone dress up every so often to go there and show their support for this traditional fun day out.

In 1804 a Russian representative attended the race his name was Nicholas I, for attending he was awarded the Royal Plate which if you know anything about the Crimean war will recognise the term this is why it was coined. Ascot Gold Cup since it was presented in 1807.

One watched his Mansion House speech Flemish style artistic style Mr Osborne who is responsible for the Treasury and I imagine a big fan of investing in 18th century art. Mansion House is where the intersection in Bank joins with Queen Elizabeth Street.

Anyone who has been here in the UK to boarding school will have heard of the Old Etonian crowd. They were very instrumental in last years olympics and every year hold a festival reunion in Slough, which is where The Office is situated. A place at Eton for school kids statistically raises their chances of getting into higher education at Oxford and Cambridge. To very competitive universities, you often see them on shows like University Challenge.

Justin Welby is the current Archbishop of Canterbury around Kent in the UK he is pretty well-known. Ever since the fall of the Anglo Saxons reign the place has proved very popular, keeping at bay any hint of paganism in the UK. Politically the Houses of Parliament Privy Council took interest in what people in this place had to say about current affairs and news in general. Nowadays they are often present when the royal family make a visit to the Houses of Parliament. They were big advocates for boys corporal punishment as they seen this as a way of disciplining people.

The paper said he met the Pope from the Vatican in Vatican City. The first pope we know of was from Alexandria and the new Pope was found in Argentina. Those with communion with Rome have Syrian rites which are held every year originating and different in detail from East to West. Often they burn more incense and the prayers are more private. It all goes back to the Holy See ritual which is often spoke about here on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

windsor castle

The founder of the Girl Guides is also from Paddington, in an earlier post we spoke about Paddington station. 1st Baron Robert Baden-Powell separated the boys and girls creating the girls scouts or brownies in 1909 realising they could learn more and be more teachable this way. Nine years before this you could find his image shared on postcards because he did so well in the war, such as he fought in the Boa war. A year after creating the brownies he was asked to leave the forces by King Henry VII who realised he would be better suited training the youth and not fighting away from home. If you found this interesting then please visit the link below which goes into more detail about the Queen might say about the subject.

The Queen Shares Her Views On The Latest Goings On. Sort Of

Queen Opens The BBC’s New Extension. A Case Of Surreal Bordering On The Surreal

queen bbc

There seems to be a bit of a mixup at BBC radio this morning when the BBC One radio team gave an opening ceremony dor the New Extension inviting the Queen along to listen to the performance. New Broadcasting House brought in a nice new band that sings king and Queen lyrics and BBC Radio 1situated now in Portland Place seemed well pleased and apparently explained the difference between Coronation Street and Eastenders.STi

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEBroadcasting House has been going through a refit for quite some time and London remains a hotspot for radio access. (more…)

Cleaning Up British Politics. Nick Clegg Says He’s At It Already

Another milestone in British Politics as Nick Clegg rightly says in the House of Lords after doing more research on the structure in place post Tony Blair, the BBC and The Sunday Times were all effected and agreed to the new changes and were reflected by the Peerage Act 1963 a year where the Lord President of the Council and John Laird Baron Laird all teamed up and said a few things which were incorrect. (more…)

marriage made in hell

That ‘Lobbying Scandal’ Is A Storm In A Tea Cup. Considering The Really Big Stories That Are Ignored

marriage made in hellAdam Lovejoy reports from London: Fancy that, hacks from the BBC and the Daily Telegraph – a match made in hell, if you think about it – have joined forces to cause a storm in a tea cup.

Then the Sunday Times hacks tricked three Lords into supposedly agreeing to help promote the interests of some South Korean energy company, even though the circumstances are not clear as to what has really happened and who said what to whom.

Lots of noises are made now by all the usual suspects about who praise the media for ‘cleaning up’ British parliament when it comes to helping lobbyists.

Hacks in Britain don’t do big stories ever since Tony Blair and New Labour came to power and the media that is mostly run by progressives these days has stopped doing its job properly.

Hence the war in Iraq getting approved by parliament with no problems and Tony Blair getting away with cash for peerages scandal and Labour ‘buying’ the 2005 general election and Gordon Brown bankrupting Britain to a crisp to save failed banks.

The money men sure hold all those MPs and the government by the balls, if you pardon the expression, when it comes to scrutiny of the dodgy goings on in the financial sector.

But no, no one in the House of Commons seems to be bothered by all that loan sharking.

Why didn’t the BBC and the Daily Telegraph, NHS getting ripped off on a regular bases by private operators world be the mother of all news stories.

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEStirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Is A Storm In A Tea Cup. Considering The Really Big Stories That Are Ignored…’


breaking news

Telegraph Teams Up With BBC To Bring Down A Tory MP. Something’s Not Right Here


R.F.Wilson reports from London

You won’t believe what happened in Britain’s media land. The conservative rag The Daily Telegraph has teamed up with the left-wing BBC to bring down a Tory members of parliament, Patrick Mercer in fact, for supposedly breaking parliamentary lobbying rules.

Do you sense something odd about the whole affair? It would have been one thing if the BBC got into bed with, say, the Daily Mirror or the Independent, to carry out a sting operation on a Conservative MP. But how is it that two ideological foes team up to go after a politician who was on the right of the Tory party?

Not to mention the whole Tory front bench working for autocratic regimes in the Middle East, helping them to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. How come hacks are not concerned with all that?

Now you may wonder why would the BBC help PM Cameron out?

The Telegraph newspaper is supportive of the bankers for 5 years now ever since the financial crisis and the‘expenses scandal from the MPs.

Rebels on the Tory backbenchers are careful now what they say or do. Dave’s friends in the media are watching them.


4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEStirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Telegraph Teams Up With BBC To Bring Down A Tory MP. Something’s Not Right Here…’