Markets In Russia And West

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Ben Delicious is in Brussels reporting about economics from Russian’s point of view. The entry takes a good look West and includes helpful tips directed at the Ukraine to remind and help them understand better the world economic forum in 2014.

Firstly a question: Are Investors right in thinking war may break out in Europe?

From the outside looking in anyone might think this is true.

However its very clear that new sanctions are put in place to prevent the market from melting and also slows down other troubled news from around the world.

Ceci n'est pas deux euro

  • For example read all about the American US Federal Reserve and how they influence the rest of the controllers of the world economy.
  • Find out more about the hidden charges behind European governments who are now printing new money.
  • Read all about letting banks and subprime lenders who have been charging extortionate rates higher than the base interest rate.

Todays entry taps into the thoughts and feelings behind Big Brother. And takes an overview o Central bankers who’s job it is to explores and promote money, gambling, researching the markets. The next phase is all the military looting around the world like we see in other less unfortunate countries.

So with that said lets dive in, go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and find out more about what is going on. Yes it seems there is a stand off between Markets in Russia, West, United States and Europe, but what does this mean to you? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

People And Cosmetics

CosmeticsR.F.Wilson reports from somewhere on the Paris metro map about covering up things with the products available.

Anything from a men arena disguised by hair dye for grey hair to compacts and powders that cover up blemishes.

It’s daft when men use all sorts of tricks to hide their age. All those creams and lotions and potions.

English: Female cosmetics use.

English: Female cosmetics use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The industry  products hair products to change the grey curtains dunelm.

Alcohol the generation sexually transmitted diseases symptoms which effect the fertility test and childbirth without fear from these things.

English: A poster promoting the U.S. military'...

English: A poster promoting the U.S. military’s WWI policy of abstinence to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The swinging Sixties generation and films like ‘Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas‘.

If you must be a dumb bunny stay one jump ahea...

If you must be a dumb bunny stay one jump ahead of trouble! Rabbit, in sailor’s suit, running in direction of sign pointing to prophylactic station (“pro”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The men and women differences from the ‘make-up bag‘ to all the ‘make-up games‘ people play.

Metro de París

In excellence the values of young women activity change which influence ideas into everybody are prepared to lose their virginity in some casual encounter.  Hell Do People Use Cosmetics So Much?



Pop Music Industry Baby


Ben Delicious reports from London: Here’s something for the British pop music industry comes together for the Brit Awards. This is a satirical entry about the use of the word baby like we I use in the title to improve modern day lyrics post 2014 songs.

At the Brit awards expect to hear music from Rappers, Motown and lots of new pop music. The question for many fans of music is this and Ben touches on this too will they be as good as Marvin Gaye and can the music industry deliver the goods this year to get everyone excited again about the pop industry?

Life Is A Constant Battle

Adam Lovejoy is in London talking abouthamlet the constant battles in life. Today’s article is about mobile phones and driving. Find out the solutions to those peoples screaming and swearing. Improve your knowledge of Communications in the real business world and find out the one thing that makes Consumer Electronics stand out in the Shopping arena. Continue reading

Fashion For Men Over 40

fashion for men over 40The latest fashion for men over 40 in Milan they wear an Athletic shoe and a  casual colour suit this type of Clothing generally requires nice ties and the people in the village would be lost or look an idiot with a shirt cuffed buttons. Adam Lovejoy is in Milan sharing tips on how to avoid looking like a vagrant or a village idiot.

In todays article there is news about the latest running shoes and casual wear.  Boy oh boy striped ties and special men who are over 40 suits to look out for. This years colours depending on what you wear are complimented by the new buttons available and find the next big thing.

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It’s The Obligatory Oscar Predictions Article!

In today’s consumer watch Dan Majestic reports from Los Angeles examines the media of people living in America entertainment about this 85th Academy Award.

Find out some background information about some decent Foreign Films that may make it into the top five. Christian Stewart did quite well and he won and award for his most recent film which is really interesting.
English: These are my pet Oscars, I call them ...
The Golden Globes, and to a lesser extent The BAFTAs  ceremonies will repeat some more of the nominations Best Picture – Lincoln Best Director – Ben Affleck – Argo Best Actor  Daniel Day-Lewis star of The Boxer film years ago set in Northern Ireland during the troubles. The Main Ceremony a film industry love-in on the scale of a Roman orgy and a controversial host Seth MacFarlane.

Paris - Musée d'Orsay: Thomas Couture's Romain...

Last year: I really enjoyed watching Ted, and Family Guy and that he is hosting Oscar Nomination Ceremonies is really exciting. One French film to look out for according to Rick is Amour co produced in Austria and Germany and may even win a  Best Director award. Either way the entertainment class should yield an award during the ceremony. The Winners and the Aftermath  the winners are guaranteed more exposure favourite actor the winning team watching  in the cinema or on DVD.
oops oscar
So far to Oscars have been really good lots of people gathering outside and a lot of the celebrities are all dressed up in Tuxedo’s ready to have a good time. The women look exceptionally extravagant and multicoloured dresses with lovely sequins The Oscars Drinking Game  the Oscars if you are not living in America.

Source  Stirring Trouble Internationally – ‘ …It’s The Obligatory Oscar Predictions Article!… ‘

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Mainstream Sins

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R.F.Wilson reports from London collusion with governments scribbling and reporting till they kick the bucket. New Labour Tony Blair Britain bankrupt to a crisp, the war in Iraq did not help and a lot of things started out in the 2005 general election. This is around the time 24-hour drinking options came about for publicans and people who like to drink at all hours of the night.Now, where were hacks of the supposedly free and impartial mainstream British media and incompetent wave of British politics coming out with all-sorts of strange decisions.


Everly Brothers 4

The Everly Brother And Other Music Legends

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Dan Majestic is in New York reporting about the death of Phil Everly who was one of the Everly Brothers, he died this week and everyone is talking about it. 

Don hid brother is in shock after hearing the news, find out how Ritalin  can help in situations like these.

Find out more about the music industry and how it all works. Find out more about the Everly Brothers and other popular British bands like The Beatles who also influenced a lot of people and perhaps why the world is the way it is these days.

If you like the Beach Boys then you should definitely check out the Everly Brothers they influenced a lot of musicians back in the days, its a shame that one of the brothers has passed away.

Again if you like Simon and Garfunkel with songs like a Bridge Over Troubled Water then I am sure you will really like this too.

The thing about pop music is quite possibly things would not be the way they are now had it not been for the Everly Brothers tunes.


Lady Antebellum Dec music review

Ad Campaign Against Smoking

anti smoking advert
Ted Obvious reports from London about a  Public Health warning in England this week. It is an advertising campaign targeted at smokers in a bid to hopefully move them into playing computer games by capturing the attention of their viewers with graphic violence. Usually an anti-smoking advertisement shows what a cigarette can do in the lungs propped up by Public Health statistics to show that they mean business. This advert will keep Big Brother happy for a short what while but what about the others, you know the people who are struggling with other things, find out over on Stirring Trouble internationally. Read more…

Mobile Vibrating Mode

mobile phonesBen Delicious reports from London and China. Mobile phones in public places. A ring tone that sounds like a blow job in a confined space and what not. More news when you view eBay on your mobile. Rebecca has been shopping in Westfield Shopping mall and noticed that prices were much cheaper using PayPal account to buy electronics like Sony when shopping with Kate. eBay innovation mobile shopping holiday season, consumers digital storefronts select merchandise like consumer electronics and fashion Labs at the mall Shoppers.
Mall-goers at the Westfield test enter their mobile numbers by pressing the interactive glass. The digits are visually hidden to protect shopper security. They then get a text message on their phones to complete the transaction. Shoppers can ask for free home delivery or pick up their items at mall stores that allow it.The connected glass used in the screens has some nifty features. The glass vibrates — allowing it to serve as a speaker so customers can hear sounds when they touch the glass. The moving images of products can also be synchronized to the movements of shoppers standing in front of the display.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

The glass works eBay touchscreen sound systems technology compared to brick-and-mortar and square-footage of Vice Squadron leader Steve Yankovich was just a publicity stunt and it worked because now they have it all patented and it looks good on the phone, switching devices.Mobile Phones manufacturers makemobile phones mobile technology mobile mobile phones, tablets ultra-mobile PCs are now shifting from Windows phones to other devices like Sony. Here’s a wish list of things those of us at CMSWire reports about a snafu ring tones of moose calls that simulate in vibrating mode and with the volume. Skype in Skype out HD voice in Hotmail and Twitter intergration with the new Nomophobia of people paranoid when logging into email finding people phoning on Skype via the new Voip BYOD.