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Book Review The Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher In The Rye. Classic Literature It Ain’tTed Obvious over on Stirring Trouble Internationally is exploring New York again and one book that seems to pop up over on Amazon is listed below, the reason for this is unknown but the reaction to the book is explained perfectly well.

New biography of the controversial late author J.D.Salinger who wrote a series of novellas, controversial commonly for the Penguin classic book “The Catcher In The Rye” which was his first book published in 1951.

This book is constantly revived by other authors for example thirteen years ago a glossary is provided for sales and academic purposes by a handful or wanna be authors. They provide a syllabus for educational purposes, publish and sell as an ebook then go on to make their own book in the hope that the book will sell. This is called piggybacking of other authors and has been going on since oh I do not know about 1995. Stanley P. Baldwin is one such author of the The Catcher in the Rye (Cliffs Notes), who chose the syllabus American English and labelled the book as Education. The violence of Educational: English literature is mainstream and prominent thanks to the introduction of these Literary studies: fiction. Cherry picking novelists and prose writers during this time has created a disturbing decline in the funding of Literary studies.

The outcast of runaway teenagers in literature is created by creating study guides like this and assume the fact that the pupil is in the classroom they will want to read this sort of thing. Over the years it was inevitable that this sort of thing would reflect badly on the department and when cutbacks came in these areas were the first to be singled out.

The classic, The Catcher In The Rye is about two characters Holden Caulfield and Phoebe, its broke up into sections like his previous book of novellas. Teenage boys in literature is popular however the the subject of runaway teenagers in literature in school textbooks and these sorts of study guides are studied at higher levels of Literature Humanities because they make apparently such engaging study aids and study guides. This is completely backwards, why choose controversial violent books to study. Well anyone who has studied Shakespeare in a classroom will be able to tell you why, done correctly you can get the attention of anyone in a group to read anything and make it seem exciting.

The Great Gatsby (1926 film)

The trouble is from the outside looking in you cannot help ask the question why. So why do I mention this? Well I think it is important to study the effects and talk about that rather than go into more detail about book, I am sure you have at some point been curious to read this book, this post is not about creating curiosity because there are much better books out there that have not been studied by heaps of brainwashed people. The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald is another book from an author who lived and perhaps drew inspiration from Englands English aristocratic United States city living in America particularly the New York Bay area, to the other side of America in Hollywood California which creates a polarised perspective of America’s diverse origin.

English: Robert Burns statue by G.A. Lawson in...

Robert Burns (1759-1796) the poet has some great quotes about books like these which you can read all about over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Robert Burns,The Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, Waverley Books Ltd, Poetry by individual poets,Burns, Robert, ,European – English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,Poetry,Poetry / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,Poetry Texts & Poetry Anthologies,Poetry, Drama and criticism of poetry. Drama is another popular topic that can be learned from humanities and criticism of Scotland and Scottish Poetry and Songs although interesting to fans of the Scots is not as important as other Texts.

You can read this book whilst on your PC or Mac, iphone kindle device or android app or if you are more traditional and insist on reading in a classroom you might want to decide between reading in hardback or more economically a paperback version is available.

Bob Dylan Portrait by T.HO 2004

Bob Dylan the poet and musician was a big fan of books like this because he liked rebels and could relate with feeling different and being alienated. The best way to get your book trending is have it reviewed by The Financial Times, The Scotsman, The Sunday Express and The Mail On Sunday. Mainstream Publishing, biography: arts and entertainment, individual composers and musicians, specific bands and Groups, music, rock and Pop Music. These are all really popular choices for a biography and or an autobiography especially in the Entertainment and Performing Arts section. By reading a new biography especially in such a broad category as the arts; music genres or examining styles and reading pop vocal musicology you will be able to talk about why the song in a group is so popular. Being able to navigate around the genres and styles of for example rock music by an individual composer you get a better profile of the musician. The same thing applies to the author of a book. You can read the full critique of the book over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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Sex Overrated By People Who Don’t Get Any

Still having sex dailySex is overrated by people who do not statistically get any sex at all, they go through life never actually getting any. R.F.Wilson is in Amsterdam looking at why sexual intercourse is changing the way that hand relief is being handed out to the investing in what they can’t always get what they want. This is a satirical article about the good sex that is out there that is more often than not not celebrated. Find out the difference between ordinary looking people and how they get what most people want whilst others forget completely what its all about and cannot always get what they want.

Eddie claims he's a studMost of them base their so-called advice not on their own experience but on what they read in books that are written by ugly people, who’s chances of getting laid are next to zero.

Find out three things that agony aunts know and what they know about in news worthy examples they make up with other peoples examples and spend all day looking at people in relationships who wondering what all the fuss is about and get what they need.

You can read books about the topics and struggle to understand what practical experience is all about. This post is about sex manuals, educated step by step sex videos showing how to last longer, lead up to a longer session and fulfill each others needs. The rest is all Kama Sutra and you will have to ordeal each page from start to finish in one innings. Sex can be just sex to some men. But at some point, and with the right partner, sex can be an extremely intimate and meaningful moment where two people become more than just two people having sex together. Men want this just as much as women do. It’s what takes good sex and makes it great. These people are seeing themselves in the highest good with infinite power, sharing suggestive passions about what goes where. As you are about to find out more and more people who get sex in modern times of an elderly age are still actively sexual thanks to new pills and potions that keep up the faculties in place, actively able and able to invest in their own sexual future. The same tribe of people have no problems communicating what it is they want year after year. Sex is greatly overrated. By people who don’t get any.


President Obama Meets The Dalai Lama

Obama meet up LamaThree years ago President Obama met up with the popular separatist Dalai Lama and now there are talks on the vine about them having another MeetUp .

China has taken great measures to keep the peace.

What we see in the Ukraine was happening in China in 1959 and they have managed in those years to successfully resolve a lot of conflicts.

With that in mind Dan Majestic is in Washington giving the inside information about the proposed meeting with the internationally respected religious and cultural leader Dalai Lama from Tibet.

Dan has provided some exciting palatable quotes you can use about autonomy and independence from the Dalai Lama on social media and Facebook quote images.

The advice from anti-Chinese no commonly known as sinophobia protectors seems to be against these sorts of meetings especially in the White house.

The angle of this argument focuses on how the Dalai Lama had to flee to India which is a an old reference found inside his journals which I am sure you can read about on his main website.

To find what China think you just have to search Google and the contrasting definition is ‘sinophilia’. Which basically requires a very good understanding and love of Chinese culture backed up with a logical answer.

Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama have both recently been awarded a  Nobel Peace Prize for their words so this meeting of minds when it happens will be very interesting especially on the topic of human rights in China with the understanding that drones in the world are chose to resolve issues.

China and the concerns about meetings between Barack Obama and Dalai Lama coming soon in the United States. The two Nobel Peace Prize laureates talking about how this is compared to Ukraine, situation. Find out more about Obama in the White House over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Chinese leaders had concerns three years ago about the meetings with President Obama and Dan goes into a bit more about perhaps why America should listen more to what China would like on their end.

Some other interesting points are made which are relevant to the topic religious education is the comparison with North Korean beliefs and how the contrast between the two may help you to build up some sort of contrasting debate to build a useable thesis. If you have watched and are currently studying the US media then you will also enjoy todays article.

Pop Music Industry Baby


Ben Delicious reports from London: Here’s something for the British pop music industry comes together for the Brit Awards. This is a satirical entry about the use of the word baby like we I use in the title to improve modern day lyrics post 2014 songs.

At the Brit awards expect to hear music from Rappers, Motown and lots of new pop music. The question for many fans of music is this and Ben touches on this too will they be as good as Marvin Gaye and can the music industry deliver the goods this year to get everyone excited again about the pop industry?

It’s The Obligatory Oscar Predictions Article!

In today’s consumer watch Dan Majestic reports from Los Angeles examines the media of people living in America entertainment about this 85th Academy Award.

Find out some background information about some decent Foreign Films that may make it into the top five. Christian Stewart did quite well and he won and award for his most recent film which is really interesting.
English: These are my pet Oscars, I call them ...
The Golden Globes, and to a lesser extent The BAFTAs  ceremonies will repeat some more of the nominations Best Picture – Lincoln Best Director – Ben Affleck – Argo Best Actor  Daniel Day-Lewis star of The Boxer film years ago set in Northern Ireland during the troubles. The Main Ceremony a film industry love-in on the scale of a Roman orgy and a controversial host Seth MacFarlane.

Paris - Musée d'Orsay: Thomas Couture's Romain...

Last year: I really enjoyed watching Ted, and Family Guy and that he is hosting Oscar Nomination Ceremonies is really exciting. One French film to look out for according to Rick is Amour co produced in Austria and Germany and may even win a  Best Director award. Either way the entertainment class should yield an award during the ceremony. The Winners and the Aftermath  the winners are guaranteed more exposure favourite actor the winning team watching  in the cinema or on DVD.
oops oscar
So far to Oscars have been really good lots of people gathering outside and a lot of the celebrities are all dressed up in Tuxedo’s ready to have a good time. The women look exceptionally extravagant and multicoloured dresses with lovely sequins The Oscars Drinking Game  the Oscars if you are not living in America.

Source  Stirring Trouble Internationally – ‘ …It’s The Obligatory Oscar Predictions Article!… ‘

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Telling It Like It Is: From World Cup to welfare cuts


Marilyn Monroe Drinking

Marilyn Monroe Drinking (Photo credits: Giphy)

Drug gangs in London using younger and younger children, the Mark Duggan ruling, welfare cuts and Dennis Rodman ‘doing a Marilyn Monroebirthday song for the North Korean leader are just some of the


Jim Bob‘s insight:

Protesters in gowns and wigs, the Mark Duggan ruling, welfare cuts and Dennis Rodman  doing a Marilyn Monroe  birthday song for the North Korean leader are just some of the topics up for the bite and banter brought to the week s headlines by broadcaster James Delingpole and former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov.


See on voiceofrussia.com





Everly Brothers 4

The Everly Brother And Other Music Legends

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dan Majestic is in New York reporting about the death of Phil Everly who was one of the Everly Brothers, he died this week and everyone is talking about it. 

Don hid brother is in shock after hearing the news, find out how Ritalin  can help in situations like these.

Find out more about the music industry and how it all works. Find out more about the Everly Brothers and other popular British bands like The Beatles who also influenced a lot of people and perhaps why the world is the way it is these days.

If you like the Beach Boys then you should definitely check out the Everly Brothers they influenced a lot of musicians back in the days, its a shame that one of the brothers has passed away.

Again if you like Simon and Garfunkel with songs like a Bridge Over Troubled Water then I am sure you will really like this too.

The thing about pop music is quite possibly things would not be the way they are now had it not been for the Everly Brothers tunes.


Mobile Vibrating Mode

mobile phonesBen Delicious reports from London and China. Mobile phones in public places. A ring tone that sounds like a blow job in a confined space and what not. More news when you view eBay on your mobile. Rebecca has been shopping in Westfield Shopping mall and noticed that prices were much cheaper using PayPal account to buy electronics like Sony when shopping with Kate. eBay innovation mobile shopping holiday season, consumers digital storefronts select merchandise like consumer electronics and fashion Labs at the mall Shoppers.
Mall-goers at the Westfield test enter their mobile numbers by pressing the interactive glass. The digits are visually hidden to protect shopper security. They then get a text message on their phones to complete the transaction. Shoppers can ask for free home delivery or pick up their items at mall stores that allow it.The connected glass used in the screens has some nifty features. The glass vibrates — allowing it to serve as a speaker so customers can hear sounds when they touch the glass. The moving images of products can also be synchronized to the movements of shoppers standing in front of the display.

Image representing eBay as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

The glass works eBay touchscreen sound systems technology compared to brick-and-mortar and square-footage of Vice Squadron leader Steve Yankovich was just a publicity stunt and it worked because now they have it all patented and it looks good on the phone, switching devices.Mobile Phones manufacturers makemobile phones mobile technology mobile mobile phones, tablets ultra-mobile PCs are now shifting from Windows phones to other devices like Sony. Here’s a wish list of things those of us at CMSWire reports about a snafu ring tones of moose calls that simulate in vibrating mode and with the volume. Skype in Skype out HD voice in Hotmail and Twitter intergration with the new Nomophobia of people paranoid when logging into email finding people phoning on Skype via the new Voip BYOD.


Monty Python’s Flying Circus A Big Deal?

Monty Python's Flying CircusIt was never a big deal, we a forced to believe its a big deal because of the success of a Fish Called Wanda very popular in the USA. The thing is Ponty Python’s Flying Circus was never a big deal, just like anything else they want you to think about is a big deal its not however there are ways of making things big deals. Today’s article takes a look at a lot of these things and opens the lid on the British Broadcasting Companies entertainment strategies over the past 50 years. Adam Lovejoy reports is in London in wake of the announcement that the show is to be re-released in the west end as a play. Adam’s asking the question was Monty Python‘s Flying Circus a big deal?

In today’s article find out more about Monty Pythons’s Flying Circus Graham Chapman and; how does a television series from the seventies get to be a stage act some thirty years later?

Monty Python‘s Flying Circus as some of you remember was a TV show broadcast on the BBC starting in the late 1970′s. The humor was very unusual and it made a lot of comedians well-known.

Monty Python’s Flying Circus teamed up with some interesting people Eric Idle for example, the two Terry’s; Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones.  The sketches in the show often made in the art work shop were very left wing and it took a while for people to understand what they were laughing at. Since that time the left have taken more control of what goes on and things are already getting out of hand.
The BBC in the late sixties needed to expand ratings because viewers were not very happy, now reports about selling shows like Doctor Who on iTunes to British TV license owners whilst in America people got to download the Doctor Who TV series free.

The BBC said they would refund the difference after the complaints came in online from the Doctor Who fans. Does this mean the same thing is going to happen with Monty Python’s Flying Circus, well no one can really say. Anyway who cares anyone who is a fan of a Dead Parrot sketch, or still wanting to see reruns of that Spanish Inquisition sketch must be missing a lot of the essence of British comedy today.

We have come a long way since Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The one thing that makes people smile is when they hear a song called Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, during the nineties this song along with other popular songs like Jive Bunnies and Star Trekking were designed by Psychologists to uplift the nation. The lyrics when drunk make sense but anyone else will see right through these number one hits.

The success of any show has to follow a limited amount of options, one of them naturally is to make a film The Life Of Brian is a prime example of how Monty Python’s Flying Circus was repackaged and sold on video, then later DVD. By putting the show in the cinema it meant that parents were more pressured to go out and buy the box set for kids at Christmas.

This creates a conversation, where kids ask parents what that is all about and because the parents do not have an answer it actually makes them look as stupid as the comedians who piggy backed of the franchise. Now we are seeing a similar thing happen with the revival in the west end. Monty Python’s Flying Circus in the West End is following in the footsteps where other BBC prodigal musicians have failed Resurrection. From Spice Girls to Boy George. Not all the investments of the BBC have been in vain and there is no sure-fire way of predicting that TV license payers money backing these ventures will be lost. However if it fails, which chances are it might there is always next year and the year after that. If you want to help out the best thing to do is when it comes out go and see it for yourself, tickets will cost anything between 16 and 35 pounds a ticket, which is nothing when you compare to the price of a new XBox. Time to say it: Monty Python’s Flying Circus was never a big deal.