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The World with David Glencorse on Sunday. Episode One Syria – YouTube

The World featuring David Glencorse over on Arise TV a Sunday show with special guest former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov. News from Washington. Follo…



Today a new show The World broadcast news about Syria and the recent beheadings. ISIS have executed people and shared it on social media. The two men were journalists.

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Former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov responds to this weeks news and shares interesting updates about Russia. You can read and listen to more news at Telling It Like It Is over on the Voice of Russia. Or you can watch todays interviews on another mainstream news station CCTV America. Here are some more helpful links.

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Obama Admin Priorities All Wrong In The Middle East

Ted Obvious asks questions from the heart of Damascus about the new news from the Middle East. Find out more about how Israel is coping with what John Kerry said about Iraq and how perhaps he went home empty handed. And get the latest direction of how the United States forces helped out in the race for peace. Tony Blair and America’s relationships with Ariel Sharon during the troubles in Syria. This is a helpful entry that offers advice to the Obama Administration in choosing the right solutions for effective peace in the Middle East.

Read all about President Obama newly polished pledge to ignite the flame of the new up and coming election campaign and how if this were not the case what he would probably be focusing on to understand how difficult negotiations actually are in the Middle East for the United States.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, had left for Israel to launch the peace process but came home with nothing. Find out more about the prior Ariel Sharon peace deals in Israel to understand how peace works and gain contrast and fresh understandings of the difficult situations when trying to find peace in areas of conflict.

Read more about the questions and problems over in Iraq and how these decisions have previously  created difficulties when it comes to addressing the Israeli Palestinian peace process. You will also be able to read more about Tony Blair and what we can learn from his story to understand how peace would perhaps be best made in other regions.

A lot of todays questions focus on the direction of the United Nations  and their plans for peace in the Middle East the problem seems to be the regions that matter where real trouble is bubbling are being overlooked. Find out the full details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Practising Right-Wing Machismo

Are they really practising right-wing machismo? Ben Delicious is in London and has written this really funny entry about tabloid today and the reported confusion between what David Cameron said about green energy. It’s a great post about Tory, liberal loons and what has been labelled green taxes. Find out more about the latest news on overseas aid and some interesting blurbs about Chancellor George Osborne. PM Cameron has said some out of the blue things and UK politics to Afghanistan has created a lot of content for comedians to talk about. Read all about the Taliban, NATO and Tony Blair on Iraq over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Dave Revealed Practising Right-Wing Machismo. What Could It Mean?

The Carnage In Iraq

bush and blair iraqThe carnage in Iraq is flooding in, car bombs, explosives, deaths and injuries. In today’s article we look at the particular reasons how this all started and why now Iraq people are killing Iraq people. Find out how all this starts and how it happens elsewhere and once unstable its a really difficult process to fix.
Anton Goryunov wass in an area of Baghdad and we find him talking about the carnage in Iraq and the invasions that have happened in both the US and the UK in 2003. Read all about President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, Washington and London intelligence dossiers revealed about Saddam Hussein. The reported scoop of then wass about satellite pictures coming in a birds eye view of what happened and it also started with having WMDs in the area at the time of the troubles starting. If you are curious about what exactly happened in the Middle East of the war in Iraq and needing to know what is happening now, this post is a great way of understanding how it works. This is a satirical post about journalism around the world and how the reports coming in differs from on the ground in the area where it is happening and how the Soviet Union see’s it. Read the article in Full —->>> Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt

weapons cacheThe Free Syrian Army often talk about Syrian opposition and its no secret that Paris is feeling the strain from what is happening and has brought up some old fears of the past. The United States and the Western world equally has a perception of what has been effecting the Middle East, this is a satirical light hearted look at Surface-to-air missile attacks and the recruitment process in place to overcome all the difficulties we are currently reading, watching and listening about when asked about how to fix the problems in Syria and is sponsorship really a good option, its been done before in other scenarios, so why not this one too.

Anton Goryunov is in Paris taking a look at America the Western powers that want to ‘help out’ and arm rebels round the world. Anton explores the thoughts and feelings outside of Syria and explores the variation of views out there on the topic of war and how in the past these things have troubled the world. They key thing to understand is there are no set rules and people have feelings as well you know.

map of syriaHow about launching an international charity called Adopt A Syrian Rebel? It would involve people sponsoring a member of the Free Syrian Army, say for a mere grand a month, getting his photograph on the map of Syria and receiving regular updates on his progress. Perhaps a Free Syrian Army to run a lottery  speeding up President al-Assad’s departure.

Become a proud owner of an artillery piece or a heavy machine gun or a surface to air missile, with their names emblazoned on them, going to a place where they would be used to fight for democracy and freedom? #STi Spoiler (Oct 25th 2013)

You can find out more about the Free Syrian Army and try and make your own mind up about who it is called Syrian opposition and how Paris, the United States, the Western world and the Middle East will be interpreting this sort of information like Surface-to-air missiles over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Why Not Sponsor A Syrian Rebel And Watch Him Kick Butt? A cynical look at Syria, if you cannot be cynical then what is left in the world.

Syrian Insurgents

Sanity In The Syrian Crisis Resolution

syria chemical weaponsReactions and theories are coming in from all around the world,  the Syrian crisis continues to grow and Barack Obama continues to put pressure on Bashar al-Assad in Syria and the UN inspectors searching for chemical weapons. Halla Diyab explains what is happening as it happens to Syrian people and explains again the newest UN Security Council resolutions.  President Barack Obama and the US government are currently on shutdown mode for two days at least along with the museums.

The Syrian civil war has troubled everyone including  the US because of the sarin gas attack on Aleppo.

The Syrian rebels have been working together to topple the Syrian government which is experiencing even more difficulties than the USA.

syrian chemical weapon victims

Syria‘s neighbours have been feeling the pinch too and Saudi Arabia are doing their best you know to help situations because there is a chance that rebels could sign up with al Qaeda. Christians have been publicly executed and residents in the area are living in fear for there lives from both sides. President Obama, September 8 and the Syrian Christians leaving Maaloula to get away from al Qaeda the jihadist group reportedly offering false hope to people who pledge allegiance like puppets on a string.

A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally comments and analysis of news and current affairs.


Alexander Aljazeera Syria Chemical Weapons

Alexander Aljazeera Syria Chemical Weapons – September 14 2013 – YouTube

Featured on Al Jazeera yesterday a group of minds meetup and discuss solving Syria’s chemical weapons. The show guests and clips from various people and sources from around the world that included Matthew Hoh, Carla de Ponte, John McCain, Alexander Nekrassov and Vladamir Putin.

  1. Alexander Aljazeera Syria Chemical Weapons – September 14 2013 | @scoopit sco.lt/7uD3c9
  2. Amazon.com: The Best of STI: Uncensored eBook: Alexander Nekrassov, Peter King: Kindle Store buff.ly/1629aSU
  3. Amazon.com: Russian Roulette: The KGB Novellas eBook: Alexander Nekrassov: Kindle Store amazon.com/Russian-Roulet…
  4. Amazon.co.uk: Alexander Nekrassov: Books, Biogs, Audiobooks, Discussions buff.ly/18BSVrP
  5. Vladimir Putin on Syria at G8: Do You Want to Supply Arms to People who Eat their Enemies’ Organs?
  6. More proof that Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin is kind of a badass. #jre buff.ly/1ecwu2x twitter.com/FrancisFlisiuk/…
  7. Vladimir Putin speaking English in the International Exhibitions Bureau
  8. Never forget, that on September 11th, Vladamir Putin wrote an op-Ed on the @nytimes lecturing about peace and international law. #Putin
  9. WELL SAID Vladamir Putin… #Syria @NewsBreaker: Russia’s Putin writes in @nytimes : “there is reason to believe…”
  10. Alexander Aljazeera Syria Chemical Weapons – September 14 2013
  11. Por una torta, refresco y paraguas rojo, muchos acarreados llegan al grito en #Xalapa twitter.com/XaIapa/status/3…

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Comedy In America How To Shield Obama

Bertie Thrustworthy reports from New York to help you navigate around the different comedians out there. Comedians and satirists in USA. Comedy in America is shielding President Barack Obama. The shows worth noting are Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Jay Leno shows are all telling jokes about the Nobel Peace Prize winner. In addition read about satirical talks with Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham to understand the entertainment variables during talks of war. In todays article you can read about the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS support for comedians who fail, find out more about Seth MacFarlane and what exactly Bertie means. Another article that will be rotating around the comedy and entertainment circuit for most of this year.

Obama Desperate Syria Senator McCain

david cameron syriaDan Majestic reports from Washington talking about President Barack Hussein Obama, Bashar al Assad, See the cartoon image of Prime Minister David Cameron, US Congress, Senator John McCain, George Bush Junior and the US Secretary of State.

Obama Syria

QR Code Obama Syria Desperate

And enjoy the Joe Biden British Labour party news blast over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. http://dld.bz/ObamaSyriaDesperate

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