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‘I was secretly on the CIA payroll': Former German newspaper editor

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Udo Ulfkotte, the former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest newspapers, has revealed that he was secretly on the payroll of the CIA and German secret service, spinning


CIA LEAKS from Germany media representatives spill the beans. Whistleblowers explain how and why it works. VIA agents from America cookies in the form of gifts are given to all sorts of people for all-sorts of things.

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Islamic State moves in on key Syria-Turkey border town

Islamic State fighters advanced into the south west of the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani overnight, a monitoring group said on Tuesday, taking several buildings to gain attacking positions from two si


Things are changing around the world for everyone particularly in Syria. Find out what is happening on the border.

See on Scoop.itNews From Stirring Trouble Internationally

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Practising Right-Wing Machismo

Are they really practising right-wing machismo? Ben Delicious is in London and has written this really funny entry about tabloid today and the reported confusion between what David Cameron said about green energy. It’s a great post about Tory, liberal loons and what has been labelled green taxes. Find out more about the latest news on overseas aid and some interesting blurbs about Chancellor George Osborne. PM Cameron has said some out of the blue things and UK politics to Afghanistan has created a lot of content for comedians to talk about. Read all about the Taliban, NATO and Tony Blair on Iraq over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Dave Revealed Practising Right-Wing Machismo. What Could It Mean?

How Come Social Media Got Hijacked By Politicians, Celebs And Mainstream Hacks?
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World Economy War On The Cards

Adam Lovejoy writes from Paris about the influx of news. Read all about celebs like Madonna. News about dissonance in Europe and laws on big wars from the past. And takes a predictive look at wars of the future.

Find out more about President Bashar al-Assad. Find out what is happening in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Taliban. And find out why the world economy could well mean a great big war could be on the cards.

This years topics have revolved around the Middle East, Bashar al-Assad and the Taliban.

The singer Madonna about celebrity singers and live concerts.

On the topic of fashion news reports come in from Paris.

From the Eurozone and life in the UK news you will find out latest news about the world economy and how it changes.

You can also read behind the scenes news reported from Afghanistan, Pakistan and places like that.

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Tony Blair, Obama Cronies Between The US And UK

Special relations have existed between US and UK politicians for the past few years. People like Tony Blair and his team have received all types of finances by combining each others interests. Each country has its own interests. The US has a big interest in Gulf oil, British expertise on the matter has been instrumental in helping the US get what it wants. Over the years, British troops have accumulated a lot of intelligence whilst occupying Afghanistan.

The USA has a good way of training soldiers, great at gathering intelligence from around the world. Less known they are good at coordinating relationships during hard times. Libya and Syria is a good example of how this alliance has helped these two countries thanks to Tony Blair. Top company in the US ExxonMobile swapped shared information here in the UK. President Barack Obama spoke over the phone with Britain about telecommunications in Kenya. The problem seems that BP have spilled a lot of oil in the ocean, such as Gulf of Mexico.

Had the British government worked closer with British companies like BP. Things may have been a lot different to the mess we see today. Instead they chose to focus on building relationships in areas of conflict. Find out what  Prime Minister David Cameron  is up to. Why is he asked to focus on conflicts outside of the UK. Why are UK politicians just doing what they are told to do?

Because Americans do what they told to do without examining the effects. The US does it well by working with the profitable telecommunications companies. The UK has seemed to lost its intelligence on oil in the gulf like it did a few years ago.