Arab League Despots Think Thank God It’s Assad

arab leagueNATO is that mastermind meeting that many countries were clawing to attend. The Arab League managed to get a seat at the last minute. The camels of Europe were surprised recently at the empty seats which made the meetup less efficient. The Arabs were very grateful and lucky to get a place on the European ride, be reminded this is no camel race. R.F. Wilson reports from Cairo about the recent civil war in Syria and Western powers debating and exploring the news about Syrian chemical weapons being destroyed. The Arab League although unable to attend the meetings, must still be well pleased with President al Assad’s situation. Saudi Arabia apologises for not being able to attend the meetings and I am sure hopes the best for Europe in its decisions about Syria..

A few years ago in a country not far away from Syria another dictator was singled out and eventually killed by his own people, that man was Colonel Gaddafi and he ruled over Libya.

saudi royal family

The Libyan people by Gaddafi, who was no worse than most of them, of course, but failed to understand that denying oil contracts to Western companies was the wrong thing too do.

President Bashar al-Assad has been accused of denying Syria basic freedoms and is now in talks with helping NATO fix the chemical weapons thing.

It is easy to imagine how strongly the rulers in Saudi Arabia feel about the troubles in Syria like the Arab Spring has the Arab League, Syria has Al Assad and now the rest of the world to help out. And this has been an unusual but effective example that should stamp out the use of chemicals for good. Most Arab League despots are probably thinking: thank God it’s Assad and not us

Syrian Insurgents

Sanity In The Syrian Crisis Resolution

syria chemical weaponsReactions and theories are coming in from all around the world,  the Syrian crisis continues to grow and Barack Obama continues to put pressure on Bashar al-Assad in Syria and the UN inspectors searching for chemical weapons. Halla Diyab explains what is happening as it happens to Syrian people and explains again the newest UN Security Council resolutions.  President Barack Obama and the US government are currently on shutdown mode for two days at least along with the museums.

The Syrian civil war has troubled everyone including  the US because of the sarin gas attack on Aleppo.

The Syrian rebels have been working together to topple the Syrian government which is experiencing even more difficulties than the USA.

syrian chemical weapon victims

Syria‘s neighbours have been feeling the pinch too and Saudi Arabia are doing their best you know to help situations because there is a chance that rebels could sign up with al Qaeda. Christians have been publicly executed and residents in the area are living in fear for there lives from both sides. President Obama, September 8 and the Syrian Christians leaving Maaloula to get away from al Qaeda the jihadist group reportedly offering false hope to people who pledge allegiance like puppets on a string.

A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally comments and analysis of news and current affairs.


Shoot-Out In Washington

un headquartersTodays entry is about Britain and the war in Iraq, the Labour party and the US the CIA and President Barack Obama. Read also about the recent shoot out that shocked Washington but was no surprise when the rest of America was shown the evidence. Read all about the report by the UN weapons inspectors who were there and went back into the heart of Damascus to find out what exactly happened with that chemical weapons attack in Syria. Supportively UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon made a statement about the findings. Read also about  Muslims and Christians living in harmony together all around the world and find out if  Billy Connelly is getting any better after recent reports of his illness in the mainstream news.


Alexander Aljazeera Syria Chemical Weapons

Alexander Aljazeera Syria Chemical Weapons – September 14 2013 – YouTube

Featured on Al Jazeera yesterday a group of minds meetup and discuss solving Syria’s chemical weapons. The show guests and clips from various people and sources from around the world that included Matthew Hoh, Carla de Ponte, John McCain, Alexander Nekrassov and Vladamir Putin.

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Syrian Al Assad Live Dangerously

On Monday in the news you will read all about Al Assad from UN inspectors about happened in Damascus recently.syria chemical weapons Dan Majestic reports from New York about the news about Syrian President Bashar al Assad and find out more about UN weapons inspectors who have all five of them studied the situation and combed the area in Syria, Damascus investigating the recently televised chemical attack. You will see General Ban Ki-Moon on Monday announce the news, then get the French Foreign Minister opinion. connstrucutively you will also find out more angles of why this sort of thing happens from the intel given by Laurent Fabius, then you will see the US President Barack Obama  give his way of approaching the al Assad regime, then you will see how living life dangerously can cause many ripples for leaders and dictators.

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Obama Desperate Syria Senator McCain

david cameron syriaDan Majestic reports from Washington talking about President Barack Hussein Obama, Bashar al Assad, See the cartoon image of Prime Minister David Cameron, US Congress, Senator John McCain, George Bush Junior and the US Secretary of State.

Obama Syria

QR Code Obama Syria Desperate

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Diplomats To Blame For Chaos

Diplomats To Blame For Chaos World Wars IncludedTed Obvious writes from London foreign ministries the United Nations in Syria the  President Bashar al-Assad. Middle East and North Africa a duty free shop Remember the Wikileaks the Middle East. Today’s article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally is about Bashar al-Assad and other diplomats talking about Syria. Find out the latest news from the United Nations, Middle East, United States, Turkey and London.

Dave Calm Down On Syria Wars

Ben Delicious reports from London in parliament talking about the proposed military strike that did not win the vote, find out more about Bashar al Assad, PM Cameron and the measures in place to help Syria. Find out more about Tony Blair, President Barack Obama and the war in Iraq as reported in the US, all this and more over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Yanks, Chemical Weapons And Vietnam

Anton Goryunov  writes about Bashar al Assad  andvietnam agent orange the US news from outside Syria. Read all about the Vietnam war, find out more about Agent Orange, Viet Cong, the chemical war, Captain Scarlett in the war in Iraq and why the enemy often looks like Saddam Hussein when Chemical Weapons are used.