Atos at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi looking at Bolshoy Arena with Olympic rings

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, day 12: medals


Day 12 results top three compiled by The Global Advisor.

Originally posted on The Global Advisor:

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Day 12 (Tuesday, 18 February)


Snowboarding – Men’s snowboard cross

  1. P. Vaultier (FRA)
  2. N. Olyunin (RUS)
  3. A. Deibold (USA)

Alpine skiing – Women’s giant slalom

  1. T. Maze (SLV) 2:36:87
  2. A. Fenninger (AUT) 2:36:94
  3. V. Rebensburg (DEU) 2:37:14

Short track speed skating – Women’s 3000 mt relay

  1. South Korea 4:09:49
  2. Canada 4:10:64
  3. Italy 4:14:01

Biathlon – Men’s 15 km mass start

  1. E. H. Svendsen (NOR) 42:29:10
  2. M. Fourcade (FRA) 42:29:10
  3. O. Moravec (CZE) 42:42:90

Nordic combined – Individual large hill/10 km

  1. J. Graabak (NOR) 23:27:50
  2. M. H. Moan (NOR) 23:28:10
  3. F. Riessle (DEU) 23:29:10

Speed skating – Men’s 10000 mt

  1. J. Bergsma (NDL) 12:44:45
  2. S. Kramer (NDL) 12:49:03
  3. D. De Jong (NDL) 13:07:19

Freestyle - Men’s half-pipe

  1. D. Wise (USA) 92.000
  2. M. Riddle (CAN) 90.600
  3. K. Rolland (FRA) 88.600
  • Germany: 8/3/4
  • Norway: 7/4/7
  • Netherlands: 6/6/8
  • USA: 6/4/10
  • Russia: 5/8/6
  • Switzerland: 5/2/

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Heard Any Good Jokes About The London Olympics? I Bet You Haven’t

Final Price Tag On The London Olympic Games

English: BT Tower (London) seen during a firew...

English: BT Tower (London) seen during a firework display that took place 500 days before the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Adam Lovejoy reports from London talking about the London Olympics telling it like it is meaning. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park statistics show a decreasing amount of young people are playing sport and so close to the London 2012 Games all this does not make sense. The last time we here in the UK held the Olympic Games was in 1948 three years after World War II, times were hard then but the amount of people playing sports increased.


China they don’t do things like that anymore, refusing to treat their people as total idiots telling it like it is quotes. A senior researcher has spoke about Chinese shipping containers from the USA and how a fellow set sail, with the China Institute china facts is a sovereign state located in East Asia. World news about the Great wall of China.


New Labour government and then gradually rising up to £9 billion was discussed on the telling it like it is blog. Not a penny more not a penny less, as one modern classic would have put it. Problems mount for army quietly deploying anti-aircraft guns.


Olympic facility, smack in the middle of a semi-final of some obscure sport. David Cameron, Mayor Boris Johnson telling how value for money the Games turned out to be. Western liberal democracies and emerging ones as well are no different really.





Olympics. It's Now Brazil's Turn To Suffer

Tokyo Will Host The 2020 Olympics

tokyo olympics2020 Olympics news from Argentina. Ted Obvious reports from Buenos Aires about this confirmed 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo. The International Olympic Committee has decided Japan is a perfect location to hold the next Olympic festival. As I am sure you can imagine there was a lot of competition for example  Istanbul was a close candidate. Tokyo Will Host The 2020 OlympicsAlso  Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy made an interesting attempt to have the 2020 in Espanyol. Shinzo Abe made a great impression with the international olympic committee, find out the details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Sports Or News

Sports Or News

What do you want sport or news?

Ben Delicious is in London asking questions: sports or news relatednewspaper transfer news on a quest to sieve through political correctness. He examines the IQs of players to measure sport intelligence of players like Wayne Rooney. This post addresses some burning questions fans have about recent racial abuse and takes another look at the John Terry and Anton Ferdinand incident which rocked the Football Association world. Find out more news about the London 2012 Olympics and Team GB over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. If you like football and still not sure what happened between John Terry and Anton Ferdinand then read on. The news from London about Wayne Rooney, the Football Association ever since the latest racism reports made a big splash in England and also find out a little bit more about the local team Queens Park Rangers F.C.

Drugs In The Fast Olympic Lane - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

Athletes Going To Winter Olympics In Sochi To Win Medals

The Soviet Union prides itself in its competitiveness. Russia is seen around the world especially in games like gymnastics and weight lifting as really good at producing great competitor’s who often win year after year. The Sport event in Sochi has reached the news this week, controversial news is better than no news at all. The angle seems to be promoting the Winter Olympic Games where it will be next year in the Eastern block. The International Olympic Committee are supportive of all the countries getting ready to go, the Olympic Games last year here in the UK showed UK, United States and China to be the biggest medal winners. David Beckham is very supportive of the Olympic event happening where it has and financial reasons have meant the event will continue and that everything is ok for supporters to visit there too. As long as people behave themselves they have nothing to worry about. The competitors all want to win, its a known fact that athletes and competitors on home snow tend to do better.

Free publicity for the Winter Olympics in Sochi this week by Olympic supporter  Stephen Fry he has come out that he loves the Olympic Games, regularly attends sporting events as is currently campaigning about human rights his goal is to raise as much awareness to his hand picked campaigns as he can.  Meanwhile in the sports world David Beckham and the International Olympic Committee for the World Cup are in early talks about selling out tickets for the 2022 World Cup.


Drugs In The Fast Olympic Lane - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.

Brazil Can Still Dump The Olympics

dilma rioBen Delicious in Rio de Janeiro is with the Brazilian people talking about the Olympic Games. Brazil  2016 Games Adolf Hitler used the 1936 Olympics in Berlin Soviet Union political correctness, with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who was a Marxist rebel. It’s not too late. Brazil can still dump the Olympics.


Imagine That Small Countries Winning Everything

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank celebrating  the winning man  from popular TV show there called Arab Idol a singing competition which has been repackaged and effectively sold all around the world even as we will find out in Beirut. The singer who was held in a Gaza refugee camp takes the lead in  Arab Idol.

First in Beirut: Family of missing journalist going to Beirut, a Demo in Beirut to mark killing of anti-Hezbollah protester and Ahmed Helmy travels to Beirut to support Ahmad Jamal in Idol finale. Lebanon: Tensions grow as rocket hits near Beirut, protests continue, Army set for crackdown on Beirut activists,Rocket strikes valley on Beirut outskirts The Times of Israel, Grad rocket hits Beirut suburbs and drugs have been seized at Beirut airport one Syrian has been arrested.

Eurovision song contests would be won by small countries that would then go nuts and have celebrations for weeks and months and no longer feel patronised by big nations. And feel great about themselves and have that sense of national pride strengthened.  the Palestinian Arab Idol victor Mohammed Assaf’s final winning moment was when he sang the songs he sang well.

Olympics Games would be arranged in such a way that athletes from Mali or Nepal or the Seychelles. Jamaica are getting excited about 600 athletes for the Special Olympics in the next Summer Games. In the Mediterranean they are already talking about the Games happening in seven years time in 2020 Olympics. The Turkish Prime Minister Mersin is talking about the Mediterranean Games in 2020 Olympics to cheer everybody up. The Special Olympics World Games is in only two years time and Tickets-for-Charity are all already being sold to raise money for the Forces and other helpful funds.

North Korea and Cuba would be allowed to win because the people there don’t really have all that much to celebrate. Ex-POW Focuses on Others Still in North Korea, Japan, US, South Korea confirm multi-strand approach to North Korea IHS Jane First look: Inside North Korea’s latest ‘Samjiyon’ tablet device.

Winter Olympic would be more difficult, naturally, as most countries with cold climates are prosperous.Russia confirms plans to send Olympic torch into space ahead of 2014.Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games could use a can of Coca Cola to refresh the first for winning.

Imagine, Paupa New Guinea winning Olympic Gold in ice hockey or Madagascar winning doubles and singles in ice skating. Why not let small and struggling Nations win every bloody contest imaginable.  The last 7 days Papua New Guinea, the linguistic superpower big think,  Sojitz signs MOU to study gas chemical plant in Papua New Guinea Chemical Week. CGC Malaysia To Help Set Up Credit Guarantee Institutions In Papua New Guinea, Mongolia Bernama Papua New Guinea and Indonesia sign new Air Services ABC Online, Harmony is being set by asking to write-down Papua New Guinea mine IOL, SOEs Look to Papua New Guinea for Prospects Jakarta Globe, also in Papua New Guinea an 18-year-old girl beheaded her father for raping her for a long time.

bookies sponsoring footballOf Bookies Sponsoring Sports Events. And Of Other Weird Things In Sport

Adam Lovejoy reports from London about how bookmakers are sponsoring sports events, sports governing bodies sponsoring tournaments, loan sharks charging extortionate interest rates and the stuff that happened at last years Olympic games and what that now means for Londoners. You will also read about Chinese Communists who came not long after the Beijing Games and how Britain embraced China.

london olympic legacyAnother thing hot on this weeks agenda is the match fixing Bookies must be having second thoughts about the Sport all bets are off. Read More…..



So When Will The Cost Of The London Olympics Be Revealed?
Find out the links with London Olympic Games and Adolf Hitler. Find out all you need to know about Boris Johnson Olympic Sport and connect the dots back to the Communist Party of China. Adam Lovejoy writes from London about the Olympics festival the days when the government would have to reveal how much it blew on the great sporting event at a time of austerity and cost cutting.

Adolf Hitler, head-and-shoulders portrait, fac...

Adolf Hitler, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was it £12 billion or £14 billion? Some say it could be as high as £18 billion, if you take into consideration all the hidden costs.

This is a humorous and funny entry about the Games and London’s Mayor Boris Johnson  vision on the day of delivering the Olympics on time.

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses ...

English: Mayor of London, Boris Johnson poses for a photo prior to ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ on September 14, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not to mention the developers, of course, who are probably still sending bills to Big Brother for ‘unforeseen costs’.

And the private medical facilities that offer treatment from all those sexually transmitted diseases that have been boosted by that festival of sport for the venue.


China (Photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt)

Somehow most people are unaware that Olympic Games was banned for many years.

Tthe Olympics have had its share of dictators one is Adolf Hitler and Chinese communists for by big business.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…So When Will The Cost Of The London Olympics Be Revealed?…’

In today’s entry you have a chance to read the news from London about the previous Olympic Games. You also read some satirical news about Adolf Hitler, Boris Johnson, the Olympic history and Sport in the Communist Party of China.


Rio Velodrome Olympics in Havelange

If you like classical music then you will like the classical version of the song Welcome to the Jungle above by 2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser). Rio de Janeiro a place where you can be, do and have anything you want. Just keep it really low key there though. They have cleaned up the village a lot but trouble still happens there, to find out the worst crimes happening in Brazil at the moment go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally, the access gateway link is below.

Last year was a iblast here. The Olympic stadium send space was really nice you can still visit the complex. The next Olympics will be in 2016. The Joao Havelange stadium in the Brazilian capital is currently experiencing a few difficulties, these will be adjusted before the 2016 deadline.  This will require some investment this will be a blast to see the level of  construction competency’s employed to fix this problem. As you know money is a bit tight in bus fast lane at the TransOeste the only other alternative is to riding the love train (see Holly Johnson below).

Welcome to the Velodrome the place where the Olympics will happen. 2007 Pan American Games has a challenging task of making the Olympics as challenging Olympic standards set by London 2012.

Brazi Olympic Committee  2016 to Latin America a member of BRICS a political and trade group the letters stand for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally