Telling It Like It Is: From World Cup to welfare cuts


Marilyn Monroe Drinking

Marilyn Monroe Drinking (Photo credits: Giphy)

Drug gangs in London using younger and younger children, the Mark Duggan ruling, welfare cuts and Dennis Rodman ‘doing a Marilyn Monroebirthday song for the North Korean leader are just some of the


Jim Bob‘s insight:

Protesters in gowns and wigs, the Mark Duggan ruling, welfare cuts and Dennis Rodman  doing a Marilyn Monroe  birthday song for the North Korean leader are just some of the topics up for the bite and banter brought to the week s headlines by broadcaster James Delingpole and former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrassov.


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George Osbourne and the economy

George Osborne Stand Up Comedy Gig

Adam Lovejoy reports from Manchester: Well, it had to happen and it did. George Osborne, the man who moonlights as Chancellor of the Exchequer  the Tory party, Prime Minister David Cameron, a comedian with his own comedy routine. Boy George and Parliament do another rendition of Stand Up Comedy over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. George Osborne Does Another Stand Up Comedy Gig On The Economy. But Fails To Raise A Single Laugh (


Champions of Democracy

Democracy Has To Have A Clash Of Opinions

stalinYou are about to find out why in this case democracy has to have a clash of opinions even in these staunch times of political correctness. Wether you support Conservative or Labour Its a difficult debate to understand. This article simplifies the subject and makes some great points you can use in your essays. Find out how Ted Obvious is simplifying the subject. THis satirical and informative article was wrote in London and covers many things about democracy and unearths  interesting subjects.

These days Western liberal democracy changed to left-wing inside liberalised entertainment.

“It has come to a situation where anyone going against the flow, questioning the wisdom of liberalism and daring to challenge atheism, is treated like an enemy of the people” – Stalin

In today’s interesting article about Political science in the 20th century history there are interesting critiques of books about Pol Pot and other dictators.

Democracy is changing, have you ever thought that? Find out how right-wing politics in Western nations are rewriting themselves. Read all about Tony Blair, socialism and New Labour in conjunction with RE (religious studies). If this sounds like a good mix then read the link below.


Government breaking promises

Politicians Who Breach Their Election Promises Should Get The Sack

breaking promises

R.F.Wilson reports from London

if you allow politicians to promise one thing before the elections and then do the opposite or do nothing.

This has got nothing to do with free and fair elections. It actually smacks of electoral fraud, if you want it straight.

Every political party involved in elections needs to publish it’s manifesto in all national newspapers, so that keen watchers of politics could have a cut-out stuck to their refrigerators.

The current Prime Minister David Cameron has broken his pledge contained in the party’s election manifesto

not to increase university tuition fees and added, without consulting anyone.

The referendum on the Lisbon Treaty , the Conservatives fail to win a working majority they would form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.  Chancellor George Osborne included so many broken promises into the Tory election manifesto when he was not yet Chancellor. Naturally the Conservative party would never have done or said anything of the sort. This is a labour trick.

Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Politicians Who Breal Their Election Promises Should Get The Sack…’

breaking news

Telegraph Teams Up With BBC To Bring Down A Tory MP. Something’s Not Right Here


R.F.Wilson reports from London

You won’t believe what happened in Britain’s media land. The conservative rag The Daily Telegraph has teamed up with the left-wing BBC to bring down a Tory members of parliament, Patrick Mercer in fact, for supposedly breaking parliamentary lobbying rules.

Do you sense something odd about the whole affair? It would have been one thing if the BBC got into bed with, say, the Daily Mirror or the Independent, to carry out a sting operation on a Conservative MP. But how is it that two ideological foes team up to go after a politician who was on the right of the Tory party?

Not to mention the whole Tory front bench working for autocratic regimes in the Middle East, helping them to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. How come hacks are not concerned with all that?

Now you may wonder why would the BBC help PM Cameron out?

The Telegraph newspaper is supportive of the bankers for 5 years now ever since the financial crisis and the‘expenses scandal from the MPs.

Rebels on the Tory backbenchers are careful now what they say or do. Dave’s friends in the media are watching them.


4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEStirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Telegraph Teams Up With BBC To Bring Down A Tory MP. Something’s Not Right Here…’

Boris Loyal

Boris Swears His Loyalty To Dave. But Doesn’t Mean It Really

boris johnson loyal
R.F.Wilson writes from London


Well, now we know. London’s Mayor Boris Johnson is staying loyal to PM David Cameron and is confident in his, Cameron’s that is, victory in the 2015 general election.

On the Internet people are asking for the truth in former 10 Downing Street about what the director of communications Andy Coulson thinks about Boris and Dave and his own struggle to be Tory leader and prime minister. The track record of Boris messing up his jobs and he was no great editor of The Spectator.

In today’s entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally there are reflections about Ken Livingstone who was then deeply unpopular and if any other Tory would have stood against Red Ken the result would have been the same.

dave dislikes boris

He needs the Conservative party machine to be behind him. Otherwise this whole myth of Boris The Great will fall apart in a day.

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEStirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Boris Swears His Loyalty To Dave. But Doesn’t Mean It Really…’

[View the story "Boris Swears His Loyalty To Dave. But Doesn’t Mean It Really" on Storify]

Cameron Miliband Labourparty

Could David Cameron Become Leader Of The Labour Party? Yep, Easily

dave and ed

This entry is an original post made over on Stirring Trouble Internationally by Adam Lovejoy. Adam reports from Westminster and asks the question:

Could Prime Minister David Cameron, who leads the Conservative party in his spare time, mount a leadership challenge against Ed Miliband and become Labour leader?

Independent Labour Party banner

Independent Labour Party banner (Photo credit: IBMTnews)

I know, I know, it sounds bizarre but considering that the Tories will be wiped out at the next general election it makes sense for PM Cameron to finally reveal his true political colours and extend his stay in politics beyond 2015.

The consensus seems to be Cameron would be victorious over Miliband in a contest, gathered by information from Labour MPs, a lot of them think he reminds them of Tony Blair.

Unlike Blair, though, PM Cameron is occupying 10 Downing Street without a proper mandate and the deal with the Liberal Democrats they are following simple steps Gordon Brown used and failed the financial institutions.

tony blair

Cameron is fighting the budget deficit and introducing austerity blaming the world recession for all the troubles.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Could David Cameron Become Leader Of The Labour Party? Yep, Easily…’

Twelve Reasons Why David Cameron Should Step Down From His Job

david cameron to go

I am not going to list the reason here you will have to go over to read to article by R.F.Wilson he is in London and this is a comical article which is asking interesting questions and pointing out some things to put the pressure on David Cameron compiled from comments made by readers of Stirring Trouble Internationally it may even be one of your comments so check that out.

It’s really interesting watching how people react to different situations, there are some interesting television shows which explain some interesting things Lost is one of those shows find out more about Lost here - Dave’s lost.

English: The new LED fountains of Trafalgar Sq...

English: The new LED fountains of Trafalgar Square in London, England, showing the some different colours that it can project. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Near Trafalgar Square is 10 Downing Street its near Big Ben in Westminster. It’s an unusual spot near the Winston Churchill underground museum. There you find the Prime Minister and all his visitors. You will find out some interesting things about ten Downing Street, if anything it will make you laugh the way Mr Wilson has compiled all these comments and put them into a post.

LONDON. With British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

LONDON. With British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three years ago now Gordon Brown lost the vote in the general election 2010 he was interested in the British economy before being prime minister. David Cameron had a big following and a lot of people who voted for him voted for him because he promised to do things this is perhaps why so many people voted during this time. Around the same time they were talking about lowering the age of people who could vote. The Houses of Parliament have gone through some dramatic changes these past three years and there has been a massive shake up in the ranks. Also the Liberal Party joining David and his team says how difficult the situation was at that time.

Has there been some recovery?

Well not really Tony Blair is still on the scene and David Cameron his often talking to Tony. Wilson looks at the work Tony did and compares it with David Cameron is trying to do to improve things and recover from the economic damage done a few years ago. He also suggests some interesting bad decisions that were made that may have contributed, he also suggests what could be done to help the economy.

The World Political War Against Bashar al-Assa...

The World Political War Against Bashar al-Assad / World Leaders Call for Assad to Step Down (Photo credit: ssoosay)

It’s difficult to focus on what the best thing to do with the economy when there are so many distractions such as the war in Syria, these past few months the situation has changed. Lots of video games are made about World War 3 and many people think this might happen because they hear it on the news and watch it on the television. The reality equally as supportive although you should not overlook the influence of these types of games. Well even politicians have a Wii or a XBox so perhaps they are thinking about the same things. Boys toys.

Videogames [Junho 2009]

Videogames [Junho 2009] (Photo credit: boooooooorbs)

There seems to be some pressure on the Conservative party right now to suggest some helpful solutions to help David in the House of Commons. David is not really interested in the conservatives becuase they are the opposition in the House. There are many heated debates that happen in the Houses of Parliament.

boris johnson

Finally the mayor of London is currently Boris Johnson, Boris is an avid cyclist and is known for all sorts of wacky reasons, his haircut is very similar to Donald Trumps. Boris and David are often seen convulsing around the city. Last year was a big deal for the city. The London Olympics kept everyone focused. One of the comments mention Boris and as you will find out its quite a funny reason why David Cameron may have to stand down.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Twelve Reasons Why David Cameron Should Step Down From His Job…’

Let Us Use The Vatican Voting System

vote for meIt’s funny the voting system we see in Italy is actually quite good, as hard as we tried we could not guess the new Pope and the decision was discussed in secret in a sealed room and when the decision was made smoke signals were made to spread the word that the decision had been made. Sounds like a cowboys and Indians film right? Well imagine this happening here in the UK. Know body knows who the next politician is to be made and where he is from. We have faith in other politicians to make the decision and solves the problem of having to vote sounds interesting right. Perhaps comical, imagine this no longer having to listen to months of campaigns and approved messages for people trying to get the attention of the public. It seems hardly wroth voting when there is no real definition of the original parties and the values they stood for. The recent ventures that joined two parties reinforces a thought that this might just work. Billy Kenny writes from London: At the weekend Conservative Party conference Prime Minister David Cameron rallied his troops.

There are other reasons, today’s  entry takes a look at the general elections ahead and compares the  Tories and democracy to the surprisingly effective Vatican voting system that happened this week. The smoke screen was a great idea and the facilities here in Britain are better. Imagine the same thing happening in the Houses of Parliament.

You will also find out about LibDems and the recent ID problems and the sympathy lamented on television this week. Sunday is a great day to reflect on all this news.

The leader Nick Clegg has explained a lot about things and queried some of the changes that are happening and people seem to understand him more now, but the popularity of the LibDems is being effected by all this publicity.

follow me

A party in Westminster Hall to help decide what to do next, the traditional methods work so why not bring it on. We have seen the success in Italy its only  a matter of time until something similar happens here in the UK.

Source Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘…General Election Ahead. Let’s Use The Vatican Voting System. Democracy…’