Tony Blair Who Could Have Thought He Had It In Him


Marriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)

 Adam Lovejoy is in London writing about a love letter sent to Tony Blair published in this weeks tabloid news. Tony Blair former wife of publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch, Wendy Deng saying she found Mr Blair very attractive. The Dear Wendy letter has been rewrote for comical purposes and includes grammatical references to how Cherie might have felt in these embarrassing circumstances. What would you say in your letter if you received a letter from Rupert Murdoch’s ex wife in this instance? The Sun newspaper in the article I assume picked of where the  2005 general election left of an follows up with this interesting letter composed by Wendy Deng and the series of events that happened. I assume some of this will be from her new book. Tony’s New Labour friends gave feedback to Mr Blair about his decision to join in with the war in Iraq, and also had something to say about Marital advice. Find out all the juicy satirical details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Tony Blair turns out to be a marriage breaker and a stud! Who could have thought he had it in him.

Paul Flowers Banking Modesty Reigns

paul flowers LondonAdam Lovejoy is in London talking about the British banking system, the Co-Operative Bank, the Methodist Paul Flowers taking drugs and all the seasonal drunken office parties. The news has created a large conversation of young people about the Labour party. The working people have also been on radio this week talking about payday loan companies and what David Cameron said in reaction to the banking news. Find out everything you need to know over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Paul flowers: a rare exception in the world of banking where modesty reigns.

Tony Blair Award

tony blair awardsThe Awards For Tony Blair

A satirical article that reads like an episode of this is your life. Tony Blair nominations are still coming in…

Ben Delicious writes from London about Tony Blair and the European Union. Find out all the constructive arguments for and against who should be awarded what over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read all about the  British Deputy Prime Minister, find out some interesting connections with President Robert Mugabe. Get the most recent scoop about Omar al-Bashir and Sudanese politics to understand more about what happened in Burma. These are just some of the possible nominations. Find out more about The British parliament, Aleksandr Lukashenko, President George Bush, war in Iraq and last but not lease Cherie Blair. The nominations and polls will soon come in on the topic. Read this political humoured article in full over on Stirring Trouble Internationally (a satirical website free of silly voices, unusual walks and the political humour you used too).

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Stuffing Lords Closing Down

Brian PaddickThomas Mathew shares his points of view from London and Life in the UK chambers down Westminster. Thomas shares his thoughts about what he read in the political memo about Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats speech in the House of Lords transcribed recently.

News in from the  House of Lords about the Liberal Democrat and the Labour leaders. This week some interesting things have happened as you will find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Brian Paddick and David Cameron discussed the reform recently to the echelons inside New Labour party.

Tony Blair and New Labour Westminster parliament the United Kingdom passed to Brussels and the British parliament technically became redundant.

You can go back into the archives and find out about Tony Blair who championed the catalyst for what we know and wonder about LibDem Labour party coalition JV or the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition in the United Kingdom. And Westminster parliament LibDems are out and about and shaking it all throughout.

tony blair against lordsDavid Cameron, The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition and LibDems ’. They’re Stuffing The Lords With Undesirables. To Close It Down Eventually.

The house of lords reform has been going on since day one, Big Ben near Westminster is always going through a reshuffle. The echo’s in the corridors go from supplements provided in the corridors of change.

In La-La Land Of Opinion Polls The Tories Surge Ahead In Popularity While UKIP Falls

Todays la-la land entry is about David Cameron and goes into a little bit more detail about the UK Independence Party plus updates from the Tory party and little bits of info about George Osborne, Ed Miliband, The Guardian and their Liberal Democrats who help Labour to report the news.

R.F.Wilson reports from London about the Tory party and the way they feel about the United Kingdom Independence Party, or UKIP for short. David Cameron Ed Miliband’s Liberal Democrats were basking popularity.

In La-La Land of opinion polls the Tories surge ahead in popularity while UKIP falls.

So now you know a little bit more about David Cameron and the UK Independence Party, you now take a look if you wish at the Tory party proposals mentioned over on Stirring Trouble Internationally with more information about George Osborne, Ed Miliband and get the latest news from the Guardian, the Liberal Democrats and Labour.

marriage made in hell

That ‘Lobbying Scandal’ Is A Storm In A Tea Cup. Considering The Really Big Stories That Are Ignored

marriage made in hellAdam Lovejoy reports from London: Fancy that, hacks from the BBC and the Daily Telegraph – a match made in hell, if you think about it – have joined forces to cause a storm in a tea cup.

Then the Sunday Times hacks tricked three Lords into supposedly agreeing to help promote the interests of some South Korean energy company, even though the circumstances are not clear as to what has really happened and who said what to whom.

Lots of noises are made now by all the usual suspects about who praise the media for ‘cleaning up’ British parliament when it comes to helping lobbyists.

Hacks in Britain don’t do big stories ever since Tony Blair and New Labour came to power and the media that is mostly run by progressives these days has stopped doing its job properly.

Hence the war in Iraq getting approved by parliament with no problems and Tony Blair getting away with cash for peerages scandal and Labour ‘buying’ the 2005 general election and Gordon Brown bankrupting Britain to a crisp to save failed banks.

The money men sure hold all those MPs and the government by the balls, if you pardon the expression, when it comes to scrutiny of the dodgy goings on in the financial sector.

But no, no one in the House of Commons seems to be bothered by all that loan sharking.

Why didn’t the BBC and the Daily Telegraph, NHS getting ripped off on a regular bases by private operators world be the mother of all news stories.

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEStirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Is A Storm In A Tea Cup. Considering The Really Big Stories That Are Ignored…’


Opinion Polls Should Be Banned. They Are Used To Mislead Voters

opinion poll
Ben Delicious writes from LondonSTi

I can get you 1000 followers people who would say that Adolf Hitler was a great man.

This is bizarre. This is no democracy. It’s like a bloody conspiracy actually that undermines the whole concept of free and fair elections.

The most absurd situation had occurred before the general election of 1992, when, according to all opinion polls, Neil Kinnock was leading the Labour party to a decisive victory.

tony opinion pollsThat was in the early 1990s and in later years it was no different: polls were giving Labour huge advantages under Tony Blair when it was clear that his party was losing a lot of it support, especially after 2003, when the government dragged the country into an illegal war with Iraq.

And how is it that the Liberal Democrats have any support at all?

Are you going to tell me that 7 or 8 per cent of British people support these loonies?

4A9657FAE8EB6DF79FD7CDB53AE1C4FEStirring Trouble Internationally ‘…Opinion Polls Should Be Banned. They Are Used To Mislead Voters…’