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Topics discussed by the former Kremlin adviser and political analyst Alexander NekrassovThe United States’ decison to conduct air strikes in Syria, the prospects of an unlikely alliance between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, and the Scottish independence vote are among the topics discussed by former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov, Independent journalist Maggie Pagano and US television and radio commentator Jeffrey Robinson.
Obama’s plans to tackle ISIS
JR: “My immediate reaction was that it was the wrong set, the set was terrible, he was standing in between two flags, with a window behind him, the whole thing just didn’t look right to me. Significantly it was not down in the Oval Office, and that was an interesting point for me, because presidents when they are about to say something earthshattering about security of the country use that Oval Office platform; that’s where Kennedy talked about the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis, this is where even George Bush talked about 9/11, Eisenhower talked about the Cold War and what was then called the “missile gap” – from the Oval Office. President Obama chose not to do it from the Oval Office; he chose to do it from the state floor of the White house”.
AN: “You know Jeffrey, for a Russian outsider here it all sounds a bit odd: wasn’t it the Obama administration which financed and armed the people who later became the ISIS or ISIL?”
JR:“We have a habit in America of always arming the wrong people. At one point we founded the al-Qaeda…”
MP: “I thought he was really reluctant and there were lots of contradictions, and the biggest contradiction was that he said he is going to support the opposition in Syria. How is he going to do that?”
AN: “Aren’t you worried that he said he’s going to bomb Syria?”
MP: “Yeah, how is he going to know who the opposition is, who the Islamic State is, who the Alawites are, the Sunni militants? […] If it’s not the boots on the ground, it’s going to be airplanes. How are they going to see who is who?”
Should Obama have had Putin as an ally in tackling ISIS?
JR: “It certainly would help, but I don’t think it’s a reality, I don’t think these two men get along terribly well.”
MP: “Absolutely, I think only Russia and China, possibly; these are the only countries that the Middle Eastern countries are trading with, and Turkey. All these countries are hugely important as, supposedly, the IS people are selling their oil straight into Turkey. Why won’t we turn off that tap, why aren’t we talking to the Turks?”
ISIS means of sustainment
JR: “What they do is they rob banks, they are bank robbers.”
AN: “They actually loot; they come into every town and city and just steal everything they can, so they are a good bunch of people, they are perfect for some film.”
MP: “This is why I think the Iraqi government is quite right in [stating] that we are giving them too much legitimacy by calling them an Islamic state. I think they need to say: ‘these are bandits’.”
On the preliminary report on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashing
JR: “The only people who might have been pleased by the report, as incomplete as it is, are the Malaysians, because of the ability to say: ‘Thank goodness, this time it’s not our fault!’”
On Scotland independence debate:
JR:“Economically, it is a very complicated issue. What they should do is simply – if they vote ‘Yes’ – dig it out, transport it to the Mediterranean, and just think of how wonderful that would be! All the beauty in Scotland sitting in the middle of Riviera…”
AN: “Jeffrey, I suggested to some of the people in the SNP that they actually walk away, become independent, join the BRICS, adopt the rouble as their currency, and finally prosper for a change!”
MP: “I’ve heard back in the summer before this latest crisis that she [the Queen] is deeply worried, she would see it [Scottish independence] as a great failure not just as a government, but of her constitutional reign, and I suspect that she would force Cameron to resign actually…
“I think one of the big worries if ‘Yes’ wins its independence, imagine what’s going to happen with the Catalans, the people on the Dolomites, we are going to have a hundred other new independent movements sparked off.”
JR: “South London! North London will stay.”
AN: “They are doing everything to persuade them to stay, and now they announced that Kate Middleton is pregnant again.”
MP: “Oh, come on, I’m a cynic, but I’m not that cynical.”
JR: “The independent movements and votes for independence – this is nothing new in Scotland. We had it in Canada with the free Quebec movement, and of course, they voted no, but what happened in Montreal, when Rene Lavesque years ago proposed the secession of Quebec, it caused all the English businesses to be moved out of Montreal to Toronto. So, suddenly, all you had left in Montreal was no traffic, no parking problems, and a lot of great French restaurants!”
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