Moscow city’s worst metro crash

A train in Moscow cashed. Over twenty people died. Today the mourning began. Find out more over on The Voice of Russia UK.


A train crash in Moscow took the life of 23 passengers. My condolences go out everyone who lost their lives in this accident. I have just read the article over on VORUK and shared it on Reddit which is where this link goes. If you see and have a Reddit account be sure to comment. Thank you.

North Korea Drag The US Into Endless Peace Talks

Ivan Ivanov reports from Pyongyan in North Korea about the announcements from the United States which is assumedly speaking on behalf of South Korea to prevent another Korean War. This is a humorous entry by Ivan that examines the semantics of the discussions. North Korean National Defence Commission will be chaired by Kim Jong-un junior. Diplomats from Moscow, Beijing in and  the US State Department may even do a Google Hangout about communist ideology later on in the weeks to come. Stirring Trouble Internationally ‘North Korea Issues New Threat: To Drag The US Into Endless Peace Talks’.