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The World with David Glencorse on Sunday. Episode One Syria – YouTube

The World featuring David Glencorse over on Arise TV a Sunday show with special guest former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov. News from Washington. Follo…



Today a new show The World broadcast news about Syria and the recent beheadings. ISIS have executed people and shared it on social media. The two men were journalists.

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Former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov responds to this weeks news and shares interesting updates about Russia. You can read and listen to more news at Telling It Like It Is over on the Voice of Russia. Or you can watch todays interviews on another mainstream news station CCTV America. Here are some more helpful links.

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News Bites: The Cold War never really went away

The Cold War never really went away, you know. If it did, there wouldn’t be the circus we saw in Wales. Former Kremlin troubleshooter Alexander Nekrassov says that the very existence of NATO proves be

Source: voiceofrussia.com

Former Kremlin advisor Alexander Nekrassov – News Bites:

The Cold War never really went away.


This entry mentions NATO and explains the politics on the subject of Russia and takes another look at the economy.


Alexander knows a lot about the West having spent time advising the Kremlin a decade or more ago.


Read the News and get the latest updates about the Sanctions and the cold war over on the Voice of Russia.


News Bites and interesting talking points to help you keep up to date with this weeks news.






Find out more about NATO, Politics, Russia, Economy, West, Kremlin, News, Sanctions and the Cold War. A selection of News Bites and talking points making the news this week. #Russia #Politics

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MPs consider revolution in gene therapy

British MPs are considering whether to approve a revolutionary medical technique which would allow women to conceive babies free of a very specific genetic disease. VoR’s Tim Ecott spoke to Dr. Geoff

Source: voiceofrussia.com

British MP consider controversial three parent baby technique women conceiving babies free of genetic diseases parent, baby, technique, Health and IVF.

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Supermarket price war predictions for UK economy – #VoRUK

Britain’s economic recovery has been put in doubt new figures showing a record fall in food sales in the UK. Fierce price wars between high street chains led by companies like Aldi and Lidl are partly

Source: voiceofrussia.com

News  from Voice of Russia UK today just in supermarkets are having to drop prices to compete. The UK Edition VoRUK announced today a change in food prices. Supermarkets like Tesco are caught up in a price war. 


The prices are changing in UK supermarkets again. Find out the top 3 supermarkets to do your groceries in over on Voice of Russia UK.

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Telling It Like It Is – TuneIn – VoRUK – This Weeks News

The execution of the journalist James Foley, the media frenzy surrounding Sir Cliff Richard and the press conference given by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange are among the subjects tackled by the Ind

Source: voiceofrussia.com

Telling It Like It Is – TuneIn – VoRUK – This Weeks News in the United Kingdom via The Voice of Russia. Just listened to the show its really good have a listen see what you think. Telling It Like It Is, VoRUK, Alexander Nekrassov, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Maggie Pagano, James Foley, Sir Cliff Richard, TuneIn, News

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Russia and Ukraine agree aid convoy border inspection rules

International officials of the Red Cross have agreed with Russian and Ukrainian authorities on border and customs control procedures for the Russian relief aid convoy bound for embattled east Ukraine,

Source: voiceofrussia.com

The aid convoy in the news this week from Red Cross and Russia came into scrutiny for sending help to people struggling in Ukraine. The reason was something to do with paper work and asking for permission to help out evacuating civilians from the towns of Khryaschuvate and Novosvitlivka. They have come to an agreement and aid continues to get to the people who most need it.

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Libor rate rigging scandal – Bank Chambers

Six years after the global recession, triggered by the financial crisis, fresh evidence is emerging of misconduct and collusion in Britain’s banks. The state-backed Lloyds Group is the latest bank to

Source: voiceofrussia.com

Fresh evidence about conduct of British bankers in the UK seems to suggest a few mistakes. The state owned banks are having to implement new measures to regulate staff bonuses that go back anything up to seven years ago. The reason for this seems to be fines have been imposed on banks. The pressure is on.

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MH17 plane crash and the Ukraine crisis

Ukraine MH17 plane crash news from CCTV America. Latest video interviews from people on the ground, journalists in Ukraine and representatives and speakers of countries around the world give reports of what they have noticed these past few days.

Source: www.cctv-america.com

CCTV America Live shares the latest interviews with journalists about the ongoing investigation into the MH17 Malaysian Boeing 777 flight over Ukraine. The investigations are still ongoing. Most of the information here is still unclear. See for yourself what the interviews reveal over on CCTV America News.

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“FGM is a universal issue” – YouTube

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/uk/news/2014_07_21/FGM-is-a-universal-issue-8231/ Female genital mutilation, or FGM, is defined by the World Health Organ…

Source: www.youtube.com

Old muslim laws that talk about women in a very damaging way needs to be stopped. A panel of women over on Voice of Russia UK got together to discuss the way forward to ending this once and for all. Female genital mutilation  is thanks to Women’s rights and the FGM decreasing around the world.  The campaign is supported by Gates and other organisations. Lets see this end soon. Listen to the audio interview. Juliet Spare interviews a panel of women who all have views to contribute.

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