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WATCH: Ukraine’s Protesters Battle Police in Dramatic Live Video of Crackdown


Just watching live now there seems to be flames in the background with a women on the loud speaker with a blue laser waving in the air. In the back ground there are lots of banging noises and big water vans washing down the flames in the road. Hope everything settles down soon.

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It appears government efforts to squash three months of protests in the Ukrainian capital have reached a dramatic climax. On Tuesday, after failed negotiations, clashes between opponents of President Viktor Yanukovych and security forces re-ignited. Kiev police report at least nine deaths and many now expect a crackdown on protesters camped out in the city’s Maidan Square. The live feed here, brought to you by an independent Ukrainian TV channel, shows the two camps locked in a tense standoff, with ranks of riot police massed before the protesters’ barricades. The clashes are expected to continue deep into the Ukrainian night.

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Murder Of Drummer Rigby Filmed

rigby murderThe murder of Drummer Lee Rigby filmed on CCTV case is a no brainer, its obvious who did it and as you will find out the expensive trial is a farce. Ben Delicious is outside the Old Bailey highlighting the problems with the British legal system that point to weird rituals of dealing with cases like this. The murder of Lee Rigby a few months ago happened inWoolwich, south-east London, on a busy afternoon in May on a main road where lots of locals were out with their kids shopping. CCTV camera’s have footage of the British army  recruit Lee Rigby. The murders on Youtube called themselves representatives of the Muslim brotherhood in Afghanistan though looking at them they look like they are Somalian of Jamaican. Behind the scenes there is a lot of money changing hands from lawyers to media coverage of the trial. People who pay for a TV licence unknowingly are investing in these cases. The question about whether the Muslim terrorism group are what they say they are is something not even worth focusing on. Ben takes what he see’s and puts it into more interesting words than what you will read here and yes there is some swearing involved in today’s evidence. Should trials like this cost so much money? What does it mean when the jurisdicial system classes cases like these innocent until proved guilty? And more importantly do you know where you TV licence annual or weekly fee’s are going? Find out all the juicy details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Alleged killers of Drummer Rigby’, they say. They were filmed doing it, you morons!

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Loud Laughter Sucks

Lets face it folks laughter is hard to come by especially in text. Even video humour now seems to just wash over us. Here in West End London, promoters bombard everyone with flashy leaflets advertising events.

At the top of every leaflet is a demographic profile of a comedian snuggled up to a mobile phone wearing a T-shirt. They brand this as humour saying, yes you guessed in “I came to London… and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”. Can this sort of humour be good for your health?

Today lets try’s to find out the reasons how and why people still laugh at the same gags that worked in 1998.

This is the easiest way to succeed on the comedy circuit:

  • Use lots of swear words
  • Quote and sing songs from the past
  • Books that people wished they had finished

It’s quite interesting what is happening. In London you can ‘Meet Up’ with friends and still enjoy laughter on any day without worrying what your neighbours might say. The age group of people have changed who like entertainment comedy. A man lives till he is 123 and a women is not far from this too. The Guinness book of Records show the people with mobile phones read with a mobile application.

If your into humour arts and entertainment, live comedy, spoofs and satire. Or even movies, films, political humour and movie fans lovers. Then this post is something you do not want to miss out on. Laughter is the best medicine according to the leaflets. On the map you have the directions with a big bright red arrow pointing you towards humorous attractions.

The reviews to promote the comedians and promote jobs based on commission. So be sure to tell the guy on the door where you got your leaflet from. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to get there. Or what time to leave home so you can get home on time thanks to the Tube. The reason why you are shopping is because the tickets in the bag. If you are just visiting London you might want to book a bed and breakfast before you go sightseeing. The attractions you see in london will be less stressful.

Booking online there are some cool websites to make sure you get the best deal. Last minute dot-com you can get roped into cheap tickets last-minute. Be sure to not get tied into the thing about laughing this is just a pun to get more punters in from outside who can hear you laughing.

Some think this is about comical unqualified humour. The fact is talent on the day and age need be as flexible as possible. Laughter club is the thing that the population grow fond of and it shows in the medical records. Statistic show that women value health care humour because laughter the best medicine. A lot of women do not like all the swearing though so stop that please if you can. The search engines now seem to love this stuff to but for how long?

Of Collective Idiocy Gripping Whole Nations. Or How Not To Praise Your Monarch

Pulling Down An Old Classic For Modernity In Monaco

monacoThomas Mathew goes to Monte-Carlo and the Principality of Monaco and the recent building being built in the City of London courtesy of the Baltic Exchange. Meanwhile near France a hotel called the  Sporting d’Hiver is doing a similar demolishing and road digging assignment. The plan is to make nice designed buildings around the world in aid of re-branding the cities. Out with the old and in with the new, sound familiar? They tried to do a similar thing to Herbie the Volkswagen a few years ago (see the Youtube clip above).

English Heritage is enshrined, protected and catapulted by The National Trust and they to love Art Deco architecture but not to the proportions we see these past six months in London.

In France the point of the exercise seems to be to impress Prince Rainier and Princess Grace as Thomas shares over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Sporting d'Hiver

Monaco football coach Claudio Ranieri said the challenge is Tottenham in the race to make the first place at the top of the league table on Saturday they managed to do just that. Noticably Real Madrid player from Monaco Andrea Raggi scored an opening goal so the country is infact as well as a posh place to live is understandably churning out good football players.

This summer, a competition of musical fireworks in Monaco hosting up to 21st of August to cater for 4 areas from around the world; Canada, Spain, Italy and China.

Life in Monaco has never been easy any fan of Art Deco will tell you a similar thing that life in the Baltic Exchange or Middle East is not all a bed of roses. Well the Casino has marked there cards and pulling out all the stops, this story reads like a Grace Kelly song which will make you feel like your a Traveller (game). rich financers from the Middle East have took a shine to Europe. Pulling Down An Old Classic In Favour Of Hideous Modernity. In Monaco Of All Places. Where is the best place to eat a good modern Balti in Paris?


Stuffing Lords Closing Down

Brian PaddickThomas Mathew shares his points of view from London and Life in the UK chambers down Westminster. Thomas shares his thoughts about what he read in the political memo about Brian Paddick Liberal Democrats speech in the House of Lords transcribed recently.

News in from the  House of Lords about the Liberal Democrat and the Labour leaders. This week some interesting things have happened as you will find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Brian Paddick and David Cameron discussed the reform recently to the echelons inside New Labour party.

Tony Blair and New Labour Westminster parliament the United Kingdom passed to Brussels and the British parliament technically became redundant.

You can go back into the archives and find out about Tony Blair who championed the catalyst for what we know and wonder about LibDem Labour party coalition JV or the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition in the United Kingdom. And Westminster parliament LibDems are out and about and shaking it all throughout.

tony blair against lordsDavid Cameron, The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition and LibDems ’. They’re Stuffing The Lords With Undesirables. To Close It Down Eventually.

The house of lords reform has been going on since day one, Big Ben near Westminster is always going through a reshuffle. The echo’s in the corridors go from supplements provided in the corridors of change.


[Language] Is The F-Word Sparkle Intact?

Dan Majestic reports from New YorkHollywood and television for young people. He has watched the TV show The F-word and explains the art of cursing with swear words on the show. He has taken a big look at the C-word and all the debates around the use of the word. He uses cynical and political correctness in his objective article to highlight verbal abuse these days. This is a blunt article about verbal abuse in entertainment and how it is creating a newly accepted objective terminology in the workplace.

f-wordHe examines a piece of shit and what is looks like to him when watching people say these sorts of things on television.

You can also read about the recent interview on television with David Attenborough.

So is The F-Word Sparkle still intact, find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally

Posted in the topic of lets be cynical Dan uses The f-word as an example of the new rules in language and has tested out the  sparkle software in the image you see above. He takes swearing from under the carpet to what is going straight back in the bin to point out the abnormalities in things these days.
He also gives a nudge to watch an Attenborough interview in the TV archives this week with Bjork to show how comedy and classical music are converging together.

From this you will learn how to tell people to go away just like the celebs do on telly. You will also get a basic incite into  being funny on stage.

More importantly you will be able to navigate around the English vernacular more when using swear words to make a point. You can also read the usual tips that are out there from New York west end comedy scene and a nostalgic reflection of George Carlin famous quotes to wet your appetite for good examples of using the “F-word”.

Stirring Trouble, F-Word 

marriage made in hell

Brave New World Of Adultery. In The Age Of Hi-Tech Communications

Adam Lovejoy reports from Amsterdam a post for married women and heads up reminder for when there hubbies go to Europe on vacation without them on stag nights etc. Here is a couple of Vine images from Amsterdam.

The article goes into some detail post mobile phones era and life before and after the Internet and how you can easily identify when they are in situations where it could go to far and in some way move into the realm of adultery. In this vine image below you see the boats with traditional family holiday gatherings on the canal you can book boats and stick together.

Adam also goes into key things to look out for and search for on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and why social media has created more and more triggers for both men and women to fall in the adultery trap. If you know or have been an adulterer yourself you will find some interesting and humourous things to identify with in todays entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

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