Women Prostitutes And Other Tough Professions

Adam Lovejoy from London talks about  prostitution numbers UK has on the circuit, gangsters selling antiques, selling on eBay, selling on Amazon and selling drugs n selling books for job security.

Its an iPod touch when iPod nano speaks about communication skills. This is not something you want to miss on your iPods shuffle.

Prostitutes on GTA 5 or prostitutes in Dubai its all the same, its like sharing prostitutes numbers. Continue reading

History Hijacked By Leftie Loons

proper history

Bed Delicious has written an interesting entry over on Stirring Trouble Internationally from Rome.  take on lots of things, including the Crusades, the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment era taken over by leftie weasels. Slavery,  black AfricansAmerican Civil War and the South vs the good guys in the North. President George Bush Sr. accounts frozen some considerable time.

President George Bush Jr. had a scary surprise around this time of year at Christmas. According to Russian intelligence it was suggested a payment must have been made and that some sort of financial Settlement will have happened. President Clinton eating  food and on nothing else. Bush family  at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin now a museum.

Separate Jewish sources the Israeli intelligence community and the subterranean intelligence war. Stalin’s USSR and Henry Paulson cease and desist from blocking payments. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Novo-Ogarevo media sources about Armenians , MI5 trips to the Vatican and more bank research.

The Russian state during the Christmas Holidays noticed Dr Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, and Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security near the old executive office building. Europe would have been seen as totally different, with bankers and politicians starting them. The Great Depression of the 1930s changing everyones concepts of money. Then there is the 20 century Arab Spring where we see the commoditisation of national assets.

black slavery

Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of America  accounts. SUBPRIME George Bush Sr. Iranian carpet, President Bush II  hitherto, under instruction, grabbed at the idea with enthusiasm.

Editor’s Note contain hundreds of pages of facsimiles of relevant documents. Steven H. Gifis, ‘Law Dictionary’, 5th Edition, Happauge: Barron’s Educational Series, Inc., 2003 Deception and Fraudulent Conveyance Black’s Law Dictionary’, West Publishing Company,

The trade due to Globalization has grown exponentially. The music business as discussed by Journalists of dance magazines , DJ, and plays Trance music  Popular Music  with the neo-Marxist approach.
(Livingstone 2002).

David Hesmodhalgh Popular Music Studies’  Mass Media and Society  cites Angela McRobbie that culture and industry for women was not really explored enough,  music lists the punk era  Jazz music. Frith says was his influence by ‘Marxism and social interactionism’ (Herbert Bloomer, 1986, p5).

Dave Laing and Charlie Gillet did some of the more optimistic research of the British popular music in Milton KeynesCurrency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act Mrs Sterling died suddenly after being summoned for her second meeting with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under Clinton the Editor for the US intelligence community’s. You can read questionnaires and do interviews on allsorts of genres of music,  the ‘dependence on music institutions’ and how it spread to outside Milton Keynes  academic research in popular music Youth Media Trance music for young people in regards to geography.

Murder Of Drummer Rigby Filmed

rigby murderThe murder of Drummer Lee Rigby filmed on CCTV case is a no brainer, its obvious who did it and as you will find out the expensive trial is a farce. Ben Delicious is outside the Old Bailey highlighting the problems with the British legal system that point to weird rituals of dealing with cases like this. The murder of Lee Rigby a few months ago happened inWoolwich, south-east London, on a busy afternoon in May on a main road where lots of locals were out with their kids shopping. CCTV camera’s have footage of the British army  recruit Lee Rigby. The murders on Youtube called themselves representatives of the Muslim brotherhood in Afghanistan though looking at them they look like they are Somalian of Jamaican. Behind the scenes there is a lot of money changing hands from lawyers to media coverage of the trial. People who pay for a TV licence unknowingly are investing in these cases. The question about whether the Muslim terrorism group are what they say they are is something not even worth focusing on. Ben takes what he see’s and puts it into more interesting words than what you will read here and yes there is some swearing involved in today’s evidence. Should trials like this cost so much money? What does it mean when the jurisdicial system classes cases like these innocent until proved guilty? And more importantly do you know where you TV licence annual or weekly fee’s are going? Find out all the juicy details over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Alleged killers of Drummer Rigby’, they say. They were filmed doing it, you morons!

Queues in Greece banks

EU Orders Left-Wing Coup Of Greek Government

eu ordersEU orders have propagated a lot of angry rants from various people about Cyprus. The European Central Bank and the European Union apply pressure on everyone within the Eurozone. Angela Merkel hopes Athens will do what Brussels says because the European Union are spending a lot of other peoples money to keep Federal Europe in check. Greece falls into two categories. The Greek people awaiting Nikos Michaloliakos response to the future of further politics in Greece that will make the EU orders possible and they hope balance the scales and make the figures look better than they actually are. Anton Gorynov has wrote this detailed article from Athens.

Followers of the Angela Merkel and the team in Brussels are doing all they can to get the right message out to the rest of Europe  who will have to dig even deeper to help out Greece a former host of the Olympics a few years a go. There is a lot of money on the table and the last thing they want is someone to blow it all, especially when it is other peoples cash.

So the European Union’s are asking lots of questions, who wouldn’t?  The Greek government in addition are under suspicion of being members of the anti-EU Golden Dawn party. The MPs named it is believed have been dabbling in all sorts of stuff rather than following EU orders wasting the countries surplus on the arts.

The story although seeming something out of the movies is linked with shady rappers and followers of German Nazis 1936 values, its pretty much text book stuff. Anton manages to capture the uncomfortable situation between the two countries quite well and objectively highlights the main parts of scoop.

Anton thinks both Brussels and Greece have sold out to the same forces creeping in before World War II and underlines the National Socialists as the ring leaders, back in the 30′s and reappearing today in the EU orders from Federal Europe and its banking system ready for the next wave, a cone of power is needed to fix fire with fire.

Looks pretty similar these days, doesn’t it? A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally – Humorous comments and analysis of EU orders, news and current affairs.

james bond

James Bond? He Was A Wimp And A Sissy

james bondWhen you actually read the new James Books you will find James is a bit of what can only be described as a sissy, similar descriptions have been made online of people who had faith in the word of Christ. Adam Lovejoy has been reading Ian Fleming James Bond books and more recent additions of the long standing popular spy novels. From London he shares his findings about Agent 007 and humorously challenges the buzz about James Bond excitement by consumers of books and films. He takes a look at the author in todays post Ian Fleming lifestyle and the way he describes Bond in the books compared to the films. Its funny and the link is below.

No James Bond review would be complete without talking about all the actors, one popular actor here in London is Roger Moore who played the forth version of James Bond in the movies. Roger Moore is known for having underwater flying cars, his predecessor Sean Connery came back in the nineties with a film, everyone likes Dr No the first film that Scottish Sean was in because he was portrayed as anything but a sissy. Find out about Sean, James and Ian over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

In the real world of intelligence there are many books talking and trying to describe to readers who Mr Big is in various countries. Each country has a vision of the enemy and the hero.  Adam shares his experience of this and these readings and shares info about the James Bond nemesis SMERSH and reveals interesting information about the real agencies behind the scenes for years pressing all the buttons. Years ago the Soviet Union did also have Soviet military intelligence which proved itself in the Second World War, challenging the Adolf Hitler Nazis troops.

Compared to James Bond, Ian Fleming fast cars, alpha males and gadgetry James Bond was a bit of a sissy. In the films he wins every fight and is very lucky even though he was a bit of a wimp and a sissy, so believers take note.

Misleading Economic Stats

office of national statisticsPublication Of Misleading Economic StatsBusiness is changing, there are all-sorts of claims, life in the UK stats appear different depending on which publication is referenced. Adam Lovejoy suggests the interfering of official economic stats could be made a criminal offence. The challenge as Adam points out would be with the government funded Office of National Statistics and may even be a challenge for George Osborne and the BoE. Read the full article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

The new Chinese passport

Economy, Sports, Pop Music And Big Wars

assad war in syriaEconomy Sports Pop Music And Big WarsThe economy around the world is feeling the pinch, all the best sports events are soon to end and not much great pop music is being released these days and to top it all of there is talk of big wars, what is going on?

Find out what Adam Lovejoy in Milan thinks about the matter over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

He gives some explanations why pop stars are feeling the pressure and in the world of sports why Yes the US Open ending soon is going to create a few months of latency in the world of sports.

Find out why Lance Armstrong must be over the moon and why the Rolling Stones still manage to break even when every other musician seems to fail.

And last but not least the reports and threats coming in about a  Third World War explained as yet as another financial write off. This is sure to go down a storm just like the big bang’ theory.

Brush up on your business knowledge of the Economy get an interesting perspective on sports available to watch in the UK. Also if you agree Pop Music has been taking a hit recently and are sick of news about Big Wars then get yourself over there now and join in the conversations by leaving your comments below.

Childhood Years The Happiest

R.F. Wilson recaps the difficulties of childhood and how mundane it can all be on any given bad day in London.baby in cotIn todays angry rants he reflects on early childhood. Have you ever tried to re imagine  the food  babies  eat and how your parents might have felt choosing toys during your childhood? This post is enlightening rant of a parent living in London. Take a trip down memory lane and find out more about early childhood. Read more about life as an Infant, the food they eat and the whole family eat at Home. Read all about Health and find out more about following the Olympic Way at Fort Tryon Park, you will also find out more about Early Childhood, Organisations, Education and Sandy Jardine over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Celebs Act Fifth Column Propaganda

R.F.Wilson reviews John LennonCara Delevingne again and takes another look at the Vietnam War. Todays entry is about political correctness and living in the Western world its an angry rant about allsorts of things including how celebs play a role in the fifth column propaganda being pumped into society.

For example read all about the 2012 London Summer Olympics and the influx and movement of Londoners in and out the city during, after and before the Notting Hill Carnival. Find out more about Kate Moss and the popular British Twitter icon home page Stephen Fry and get the latest updates about the 2014 Winter Olympics over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.


Melissa and Michaella Having Fun. No Harm Intended

Fiona Sweetheart is in Londonsti writing about Melissa Raid and Michaella Connolly who were approached by drug dealers and caught at customs. The young women in Hollywood films portray criminal activity and social sites like Facebook help to get people to really want to watch these films, find out how over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Read all about KFC and find out the number on Sunday newspaper, the most people are going to get their weekend entertainment.