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Roundabout Theatre Blog British Music Hall

The British Hall of arts and music is a great place to go and find content for your blog. You can if you ask nicely take a few photographs inside or outside the theatre.


If you like going to the theatre then have a read of this. Theatre in the city has always been popular. People like to get out and watch live plays and have done for years. Have a read and see what you think.

The Art World

Tony Blair On Canvas

tony blair portrait

Adam Lovejoy is in London and has noticed something from the  art world and its the above image of Tony Blair.  Painted by Alastair Adams who also painted Stephen Fry and Mick Jagger. Tony Blair is mostly known for getting Britian involved in the war in Iraq, and helping capture Saddam Hussein. Tony also used an anti-Christ political campaign of a man with horns to win the elections. You can take a look at the paintings at the National Gallery and find out more about New Labour by following the link below to Stirring Trouble Internationally where you can read the complete post.

my baby dancing on the stage to popular music
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Pop Star Tips For Beginners

pop stardomAdam Lovejoy writes from Paris about TV on Sunday God forbid plus pop music and how it can help you get from being where you are now to where you want to be. Find out the subtle steps all pop singers take to get from being musicians to be something more like celebrities in France.

In todays post over on Stirring Trouble Internationally read all about how playing truant is not going to help you and how dancing might. Discover numerous ways to expand thinking about your personal touch to the scene, and more effortlessly getting to be a Pop Star. A free guide for Beginners.

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Breaking News Art

breakingnewsisnotbreakingnewsNews from London Stirring Trouble Internationally is a News agency review site. One song in the news this week is the OMG (song) and Breaking news, Twitter, find out more about R.F.Wilson, World News, Current affairs (news format). R.F.Wilson reports from London OMG the big TV and radio networks actually get most of their breaking news from other news providers, like news wires responding to Breaking News and art.

  • Responding To Breaking News. It’s An Art, Innit It? (

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Pop Stars Should Really Put More Effort Into Their Live Gigs

Pop stars should really put more effort into their live gigs. They look bored on stage most of the time.

Pop Stars Should Really Put More Effort Into Their Live Gigs Pop Stars Should Really Put More Effort Into Their Live Gigs


Stacey D’Erasmo Talks ‘Wonderland:’ European Music Tours, Go-To Bustle-by Morgan Ribera. The boring part of the research was I read a bunch of biographies and autobiographies, things. I would also go around to gigs with musicians and talk to them.

Have NeNe Leakes And Porsha Stewart been First gossip claimed that she got axed for being too boring, but she proved  with NeNe’s other acting gigs now somewhat defunct–save her. My happy memories of shotgun wedding, Before I tell you about my garden – and that’s the boring bit, so I’ll leave it to the end  I’l. That’s the same number that attend gigs at the Civic.Changes coming to NBC Sports’ NHL coverage?

Eddie Olczyk has one of the best media gigs in hockey to replace Olczyk, but if he ended up in the box, it certainly wouldn’t be boring!,Why does Laetitia Sadier want to teach us all a French lesson? new Sadier’s upcoming … As soon as Stereolab broke up, she received offers to play gigs all over the world. “I could barely hold myself.

North Devon Gazette world pilot gig Championships: a rower’s view North Devon Journal-7 May 2014 Nearly 2,000 rowers were in action at the 25th world pilot gig alongside boring my long-suffering friends rigid with talk of “stroke rates” and …


Leeds First Arena: Back stage pass Yorkshire Evening Post-7 May 2014 show and some of the most iconic pop songs of the moment, it’s sure to be a gig that nobody will forget – it’s certainly not going to be boring! Gigs that connect the past with the present May 2014Share It’s easy to dismiss this as just another boring oldies gig: The Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley and The Platters’ Sonny Turner on May 9 at the What’s happened to the money, money, money?

The death of the pop music industry has been predicted for years and certainly since Apple launched a whizzy device called an iPod back in How Much Do Pop Stars Actually Make?

Merchant returns to pop music after long absence South Bend Tribune She dropped off the pop music map after her 2001 album, “Motherland,” and this month is releasing her first disc of new compositions since From Awkward To Aw ‘Hell Yeah’ These Teen Pop Stars Look Way Everyone has had an awkward stage–even our favourite pop stars.

These pop music megastars didn’t just grow up to be older and wiser they. Gabrielle Aplin begins music career with a bang I just wanted to release my own music, so I created this entity, not even realising what I was doing, the go-getter says. It started Lana Del Rey Tickets On Secondary Market Have Prices Among Pop music’s new power ranking are in and, at least as far as ticket prices are concerned, Lana Del Rey is making a serious charge to the top.

Hear Four Tet’s Disorienting Remix of Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’ Explore in depth The Secret to Making One of the Fastest Selling Pop Songs of All Time. It distills 30 years of hit music into three perfect minutes blending Grande’s oft-cited ’80s and ’90s influences with today’s pop and hip-hop. Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea Next Announced Performers for ‘2014. Hollywood Reporter-

Radio pop meets club music at KIIS-FM’s annual Wango Tango Careful not to offend his host, the Scottish DJ was complaining ever so mildly about the brevity of his slot at this annual pop-music extravaganza Ed Sheeran, Paramore Lead Wango Tango 2014.

How did ABBA  and Snowden conquer the pop music world? This Nordic country, with a population of only 9 million, remains a pop powerhouse today. It’s the biggest exporter of pop music behind any anthology.

Disposable nappies and pop music come to South Waziristan as Journalism. US-operated drones have been attacking the tribal areas of Pakistan since 2004. Pop star Redfoo is in love with Indian food and music.  Electro pop star Redfoo, who was in the country on his maiden trip, fell in love with Indian music and chicken curry.