Russian lawmaker says son detained by US needs medicine daily

“A disabled Russian man detained in Washington on hacking charges in one of the worst US prisons and would die without adequate medical help.”


Valery Seleznyov is trying to get help for his son Roman Seleznyov who is detained for alleged hacking and currently held in a confined us detention centre. The allegations are about credit card fraud. Without adequate medical assistance Moscow says the boy could have long term bad effects to health or worse still die.

This is an infographic shared this week over on RT. – на 21 месте

Specialists magazine Business Insider made accurate rating of the strongest armies of 35 countries. In the first place USA. Russia in second place, leading the number of tanks and nuclear warheads. Ukraine on the 21 place, and closes the DPRK rating – this is ahead by number of submarines.


This is an infographic shared this week over on RT. Its about military power around the world.

‘Five Eyes’ UK new MeetUp About Snowden, Russia and the United States

Five Eyes is the special name for countries in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand who are attending a new MeetUp this week in London. Learn more about the NSA, whistleblowers and cyber security.


More news from Russia about Edward Snowden. Learn how countries around the world are using the internet. Find out the terminology for July 2014 that people are using to exclusively share about this sort of information. Get the details and times to attend, the details of membership. A chance to rub shoulders with people behind the scenes who are pressing all the buttons. Audio included about the event this week being held in a special place inside the city. Five Eyes will be in attendance to find out what is going on. This is one of those London events you will depending on who you are will miss but would still like to know what is and has happened. If your interested in this and in some way think you qualify, go to Voice of Russia /UK and find out all the details. They clear a lot of this stuff up for you. Be sure to tune in live, download the App to your phone or subscribe to the best internet radio show these days on AudioBoo.

Missing child abuse files down Westminster


An interview with a civil servant this week reveals they do not know how the files have disappeared. The removal of over 100 missing government files about politicians accused of abusing a number of people in various ways.


The recent Rolf Harris case has brought a lot of questions for people looking for justice. The 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and nineties. File sharing has come a long way since then. In today’s interview find out more about the files that may have gone missing. The investigation continues.

Earlier entries today look at the Westminster sex trade, people trafficking and the type of people who have given statements about they were treated.

Cambridge to London: Final UK day of Tour de France

cycling in London

The Tour de France’s visit to England is the world’s best known cycling event warm up. Listen to the podcast over on Voice of Russia UK.


The Tour De London was really good. Guests from France ended their journey today. The race started in Cambridge. It is a bit of a warm up for the main event Tour de France the best event on two wheels without a motor. Find out more by listening into the Voice of Russia. It is a really good radio station that shares the most intelligent news from around the world in the United Kingdom.

Ebola is becoming a crisis that could spread around the world

The charity Plan International says the current outbreak of Ebola is rapidly becoming “a global crisis” with almost 500 fatalities and at least 800 known cases. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are af


MSF putting on protective gear at the isolation ward of the Donka Hospital in Conakry. Ebola is one of those horrible viruses that attack the immune system. Its very big in part of Africa and could spread to other countries. Its very difficult to treat so its good to be aware of it. You want t know the systems and what you can do to avoid getting it in the first place. Find out by listening in over on Voice of Russia UK broadcasting around the world.

Defector Vasiliy Mitrokhin Archives Now in Cambridge

KGB agent Mitrokhin intelligence files accumulated from around the world get public today. The story is alongside other famous people of influence in the UK during the 1940′s, 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s.


The Cambridge KGB archives files published in the United Kingdom that shown intelligence from Russia. The KGB files you will find helps understand moments of the past that we can learn today from around the world.

Paedophilia files dissapear in Westminster

Paper documents with 100 allegations of paedophile activities at Westminster over 45 years go missing. Conservative responds to a rape accusation.


News from Westminster from the archives of the cabinet raised by the Prime Minster this week. Many of the people on the front, back and side benches have been effected by the Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris news and are taking stock to make sure everything is as it should be. Unfortunately all the paper work has disappeared. Over 45 years there has been a lot of spring cleaning in the cabinet that has taken place. Today’s audio over on Voice of Russia UK Edition examines the allegations brought up recently of people who experienced discomfort during the 80′s and 90′s.

Rough sleeping Homelessness in the UK

762 people aged under 26 sleeping on the streets between 2013-2014, compared with 316 in 2010-2011. Almost half of all London’s homeless are from the UK, while almost a third come from Central and Eastern European countries. VoR’s Brendan Cole spoke to Paul Noblet, Head of Public Affairs at Centrepoint.


The thing about homelessness is that it is growing. The key thing to do is try and stop it. The problem is people are leaving their homes where they are settled. The transition can be a bit of a gamble. Sometimes things do not always work out as planned. This is what people say who are living on the streets. Research is trying to tackle the problems. Listen in a find out how you can help.