Missing Malaysian Boeing 777

One of the many early cinemas of Kuala Lumpur ...

Anton Goryunov is in Kuala Lumpur and has wrote an article about the search for the missing Malaysian Boeing 777.  The flight was supposed to fly from Kuala Lumpur and land safely in Beijing.

It is all a huge embarrassment for the US state of the art global software if we are to really believe what we see in Hollywood movies.

Hollywood Bowl

British PM David Cameron and Australian PM Tony Abbot both publicly announced that this is as an unusual situation.

A witness on an Indian Ocean flight near to Australia reported to the captain of another flight that she seen a plane grey coloured in the ocean five days ago.

Loan Sharking, A Booming Industry

Today’s entry by Ben Delicious from London is about politics, politicians, the people of Great Britain  and the short-term loan sharking companies and other booming industries.

In todays article find out more about the Tory Lib Dems annual party conference and find out which companies sponsored what. You can also read an interesting report about loan company and how they do reports on other loan companies. This should help you with any future business decisions you may want to take in the next few weeks.

David Cameron and his Tories supported by the financial sectors who help the Conservative party have also been considered in todays interesting entry. Find out more about Libya and what they did in explaining loan sharking.

Obama, Dope And Young Hope

This post is about an Obama speech and young hope. Dan Majestic is in Washington. US President Barack Obama as the head of the national science foundation the nuclear restart button in Japan and astrophysicist at the Hispanic White House. Join George Bush Junior B.O. and David Cameron Twitter parody tweets the British Prime Minister, Monica Lewinsky cigar and the Washington redskins name change. Read more about Obama, dope and young hope.

Tony Blair’s Legacy In Northern Ireland

tony and gerryBen Delicious is in Belfast looking at the 187 IRA terror suspects who escaped prosecution. Four soldiers were killed by the Hyde Park and Regent’s Park bombings nearly twenty four years ago. Tony Blair faith foundation and Northern Irelands news headlines today report that representatives gathered in the Old Bailey today court listings February 2014 in London Irish lawyers association were surprised when IRA suspect John Downey Sinn Fein no longer support the situation free with a pardon. Just under fourteen years ago Tony Blair’s legacy in Britain created a pardon for most and the rest were awarded amnesty. Prime Minister of Britain and Gerry Adams commander at that time negotiated the behind the scenes order.

the Old Bailey has caused a bit or a stir with Peter Robinson who is not happy with the results. and Prime Minister David Cameron admit in parliament that it was all a huge mistake. You can read more about it in Tony Blair’s autobiography called ‘A Journey‘ it includes conversations with Gerry Adams and the latest news brings you up to date with Martin McGuinness Oxford union debate. The thoughts and feelings about how the Chilcot inquiry intercept evidence. It also mentions more about the war in Iraq not a humanitarian intervention and the things that happened there too.

Dave Got The Top Earners By The Balls

Party time in BritainTed Obvious reposts from London the ten top earners by the balls,  while the rest 90 per cent think about Labour. the Treasury, George Osborne and poorer.

the economic recovery and credit card debts at the World Economic Forum in Davos. http://ift.tt/1jLI98X

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