Markets In Russia And West

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Ben Delicious is in Brussels reporting about economics from Russian’s point of view. The entry takes a good look West and includes helpful tips directed at the Ukraine to remind and help them understand better the world economic forum in 2014.

Firstly a question: Are Investors right in thinking war may break out in Europe?

From the outside looking in anyone might think this is true.

However its very clear that new sanctions are put in place to prevent the market from melting and also slows down other troubled news from around the world.

Ceci n'est pas deux euro

  • For example read all about the American US Federal Reserve and how they influence the rest of the controllers of the world economy.
  • Find out more about the hidden charges behind European governments who are now printing new money.
  • Read all about letting banks and subprime lenders who have been charging extortionate rates higher than the base interest rate.

Todays entry taps into the thoughts and feelings behind Big Brother. And takes an overview o Central bankers who’s job it is to explores and promote money, gambling, researching the markets. The next phase is all the military looting around the world like we see in other less unfortunate countries.

So with that said lets dive in, go over to Stirring Trouble Internationally and find out more about what is going on. Yes it seems there is a stand off between Markets in Russia, West, United States and Europe, but what does this mean to you? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Financial Markets, Borders, Struggles And Victories

Ukraine, Governments, Financial Markets, Borders, Struggles And Victories

News about the Ukraine. A personal overview of history with other helpful views about understanding world views and experiences about governments, financial markets and the struggles at the border.

Crazy Things Happening In Ukraine

Kiev's council chambers in 1930

Kiev’s council chambers in 1930 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


During a counter culture revolution we see many types of reactions some are more sympathetic than others depending on the circumstances. The support given from around the world is made to ensure that everything is ok and that everything is as it should be. There are many revolutions happening all around the world and more and more revolutions are happening everyday, most of them never get any further than a handful of protests. The ones that do go on longer, change happens and eventually the Geography changes. We have seen a lot of changes being made these past 60 years, languages get effected sometimes they disappear and in other examples they improve and culture has to adapt in the most logical way.


Anton Goryunov is in Kiev and has made an entry about the latest news from sensitive Ukraine. This is a humorous article that responds to the most up to date news on the Internet about the subject. Todays entry responds to Cathy Ashton and gives an interesting response to the European Union’s who have highlighted in their own way what happened in Maidan a few weeks ago. The new people reading about the news will be happy about the recent measures made by United Nations find out what these are and how they came about.


Find out more about the US Secretary of State John Kerry and his visit to Kiev. The money he has offered to throw in to support Ukraine financially until it can support itself. This has started the ball rolling. The new people and the financial support the EU has promised them have been very impressed by the financial offers. Still the questions about this are open about who will get what and how it will be distributed. It all looks good on paper but how will it actually stack up?


Are there neo-Nazi linked members in the new Ukrainian cabinet? Currently Yulia Tymoshenko is at the designated leader and is making the most of the human resources available. The realities in the area are not quite clear and a lot of people are confused. Anton tries to clear a lot of this stuff up in a logical manner in a satirical way so you can understand more. Here is the link:


Ukraine Crisis Or Oscar Pistorius News


Ukraine protests 2013-2014

Ukraine protests 2013-2014 (Photo credit: FotoBart)


R.F.Wilson is in London talking a look at pressing news from around the world. First Mr Wilson takes a look at the crisis in Ukraine, then he reviews  a day broadcast recently of Oscar Pistorius in a South African courtroom. The case is about Blade Runner scene that happened on Valentine’s Day where a female partner was shot at home in Pretoria, last year.  Oscar’s story is getting a lot of people talking about the news, but is it enough to stop people talking about the Ukraine crisis recent turn of events. John Kerry was on the scene yesterday and Angela Merkel today has offered a new financial package in return for other countries to do the same thing. Russia has also offered financial aid. It will be interesting to see which story lasts the longest, find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally a satirical news website bringing you the news in a comprehensive and humorous original way. Today’s post includes legal dramas that comply with new neo-Nazis laws being introduced by the European Union approved advertising agencies. My hope is that whoever gets the aid they need that it happens soon if this what they say they need. The open forum will start soon. Please leave some thoughts over on the main website.

Ukraine, Democracy And William Hague

hague kievTodays entry is about Ukraine, Democracy and William Hague. Anton Goryunov reports from the black sea in Kiev, the Ukraine navy were in the area and William Hague from the British Foreign Secretary will be representing British taxpayers. From the US John Kerry will also be attending a few meetings today representing the United States.

Politically Yulia Tymoshenko is the number on contender for EU Ukraine. Russia and major European markets are big exporters of grain which may have an impact in the next few weeks on the stock market prices, you might see a significant fall. For a emerging markets this will have an impact on other countries how fit into this low and struggling economic bracket. The next few months it will be interesting to see what develops in the Ukraine, democracy and William Hague could have some new interesting ideas. The Russian rouble currently sits with a 10% fall.

The BBC have reported from St Petersburg that rhetoric is difficult to understand. However they also talk about or highlight the intervention during the troubles of a secret underworld unison between mercenaries originating from Turkey, Germany, USA and the UK or just about any other country you can think of that may have helped arm some of the protestors.

This sort of propaganda is not very helpful considering the seriousness of the situation, I’m not saying it does not happen and that mercenaries exist out there I am just saying this is highly unlikely. What is interesting in this report is the news inside Ukraine that many of the victorious protestors are requesting that Russian TV be disconnected from their Sky box.

Kiev ousted President Viktor Yanukovich as Tokyo watches on with concerns about financial markets and safety bonds are put in place to prepare for the worst. The fear seems to be about a US treasury geopolitical risk, at a time when the stats look good and everything right now is on an upward swing. Employment figures are high and everyone are well pleased.

Democracy and peace is at an all time high and relationships around the world are steady. The Ukraine and Crimea is a prime location where rich oligarchs reside who made money during the late 19th century from art, property and business during the eighties dot com bubble. It must be a very beautiful place to live, what we are seeing is the other side of the country. The concern seems to be about the heating, food and future medicine shortages. There has been many faculties that amounted these past few weeks, all of it televised the whole world is watching with concern.

As regards the unelected lot in Brussels running the European Union, Kharkiv on Saturday by pro-Russia demonstrators. they are now desperately trying to figure out what to say. Read the full article about Ukraine, Democracy and William Hague over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Fun For The Whole Ku-Klux-Klan Family

This post is a response to some of the comments that have been coming in over the years. Adam Lovejoy is in London reacting to some of the responses about the EU. This is a satirical entry asking the question why on earth do people join the Ku-Klux-Klan and as a family can they really help?

Fridays seem to be the most popular day when people get together and comment. This post takes a look at large families around the country blended with some of the deep south America’s shady nostalgia for the Ku-Klux-Klan.

During times of trouble and strife there is an influx of counterfeit money in cities. More and more people go out the house to dine in McDonalds for breakfast and more and more property gets sold on eBay. We have already seen the rise of Harry Potter books. Could the same things happen to the secret books of the Ku-Klux-Klan? Find out over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Revolution In Ukraine A Coup

kiev protestsAnton Goryunov “Let’s be cynical about a Kiev coup”  you cannot miss what is happening in Ukraine Berkut anti riot police disbanded.

The country borders the Russian federation and neighbourly Poland, Belarius, Slovakia and Romania all have concern for the unitary state. The  European Union protesting alliance has made the US interested in helping out too. Continue reading

Protesters In Ukraine

protests in kievAnton Goryunov is in Kiev and the protesters have been there for two months. Protestors in Kiev Ukraine are receiving money for doing so and free cups of tea and coffee.

Listen to Radio 4 interview on radio 4 about the Ukraine in January 2014.

The European Union and Vladimir Lenin is this the EU Soviet Union all over again? The US bankers in Davos have speaking with President Viktor Yanukovich and the ongoing response to Europe seems to be none to happy’.

Anton Guryunov is’s #STi UK Conflict around the world editor. Connect with the Stirring Trouble Internationally community by “liking” the Stirring Trouble Internationally Facebook page, following @StirringTrouble on Twitter and adding +Stirring Trouble Internationally to your Google+ circles. You can also check out “Nekrassov Books” books from the author Alexander Nekrassov. Be Sure to listen every Friday over on the Voice of Russia Telling It Like It Is.

The Gathering In Davos Is About Plotting And Scheming

See on News From Stirring Trouble International ly and Conspiracy buffs got it spot on about the World Economic Forum in Davos: a gathering of spivs who plot against the rest of us.

Anton Goryunov writes about the annual World Economic Forum, Davos  read more about the G8, G20 and European Union summits and International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

Get the inside information from the knowledgeable new world statesmen, have the luxury of being able to explore the captains of industry and banking  in Davos. A crisis in the world economy 50 years later with the same people making all the money who leave crumbs to feed the few. Davos, Switzerland Conspiracy buffs

Davos started a new forum called Shaping The Post-Crisis World to cover  Up any signs of economic slumps. Bernie Madoff put his hands up for a loss of $150 billion, whilst all the rich investors were very happy that this type of thing happens day in day out.

Davos, Switzerland 2008 was a start of a lot of the breaking news reaching mainstream, people started to join the Soviet style march to improve the economy.

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