What A Mess Ukraine Is

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Finding middle ground for Ukraine, Russia, United States and the European Union is no easy task, this revolution has created an awful mess and someone is going to have to clear all this up. Adam Lovejoy is in London chatting to all sorts of people about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry news yesterday. Reports are in that they spoke together about Russia, United States about the Ukraine, the EU Union and the euro currency.

Kerry preferred to speak to Sergey he said he would speak to President Vladimir Putin when he gets chance. Both Sergey and Kerry are representatives for their country. Strategists who sat down for over six hours trying to find ways around what has happened in Ukraine, why it happened and what solutions are available to clean up the pieces. It seems the riots requested by a number of people in the Ukraine and various companies helped finance the cout.

When in Kiev... Revolutions come at a cost but done the right way in the long run can make a lot of money. For example when a country becomes weak and poor they will do anything out of desperation. In Ukraine the land is really good and there maybe a chance of fracking for oil.

Mushrooms  (Photocredit: maistora) A lot of the world now has debated and decided to use fracking as a way of extracting the earths resources. By shaking up the ground the fuel comes to the surface. The international crises funded by Goldman Sachs and other companies from around the world. It could be quite messy, fracking is seen as the last resort. It’s not great though for minerals in the land and the landscape will soon become urbanised. Thats just the tip of the iceberg there maybe other reasons why all this chaos began.

kieve squareThe oppurtunity was on the table and the invites were sent out. The request came in to pass the salt and they were given the whole condiment rack. In Ukraine example the saches are already gone and all thats left is the the EU salt and pepper.

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Similar things were served recently with the war in Iraq and the thoughts then were eat before it gets cold War. Naturally everything was gobbled up before it got to cold, you see everyone seems to remember a cold meal, some don’t mind where as others have spent early childhood eating cold dinners and refuse to wait or dine on nice cold meals like salad, smoothies, bread and cold spooks.

Crazy Things Happening In Ukraine

Kiev's council chambers in 1930

Kiev’s council chambers in 1930 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


During a counter culture revolution we see many types of reactions some are more sympathetic than others depending on the circumstances. The support given from around the world is made to ensure that everything is ok and that everything is as it should be. There are many revolutions happening all around the world and more and more revolutions are happening everyday, most of them never get any further than a handful of protests. The ones that do go on longer, change happens and eventually the Geography changes. We have seen a lot of changes being made these past 60 years, languages get effected sometimes they disappear and in other examples they improve and culture has to adapt in the most logical way.


Anton Goryunov is in Kiev and has made an entry about the latest news from sensitive Ukraine. This is a humorous article that responds to the most up to date news on the Internet about the subject. Todays entry responds to Cathy Ashton and gives an interesting response to the European Union’s who have highlighted in their own way what happened in Maidan a few weeks ago. The new people reading about the news will be happy about the recent measures made by United Nations find out what these are and how they came about.


Find out more about the US Secretary of State John Kerry and his visit to Kiev. The money he has offered to throw in to support Ukraine financially until it can support itself. This has started the ball rolling. The new people and the financial support the EU has promised them have been very impressed by the financial offers. Still the questions about this are open about who will get what and how it will be distributed. It all looks good on paper but how will it actually stack up?


Are there neo-Nazi linked members in the new Ukrainian cabinet? Currently Yulia Tymoshenko is at the designated leader and is making the most of the human resources available. The realities in the area are not quite clear and a lot of people are confused. Anton tries to clear a lot of this stuff up in a logical manner in a satirical way so you can understand more. Here is the link: http://www.stirringtroubleinternationally.com/?p=24372


Ukraine Crisis Or Oscar Pistorius News


Ukraine protests 2013-2014

Ukraine protests 2013-2014 (Photo credit: FotoBart)


R.F.Wilson is in London talking a look at pressing news from around the world. First Mr Wilson takes a look at the crisis in Ukraine, then he reviews  a day broadcast recently of Oscar Pistorius in a South African courtroom. The case is about Blade Runner scene that happened on Valentine’s Day where a female partner was shot at home in Pretoria, last year.  Oscar’s story is getting a lot of people talking about the news, but is it enough to stop people talking about the Ukraine crisis recent turn of events. John Kerry was on the scene yesterday and Angela Merkel today has offered a new financial package in return for other countries to do the same thing. Russia has also offered financial aid. It will be interesting to see which story lasts the longest, find out why over on Stirring Trouble Internationally a satirical news website bringing you the news in a comprehensive and humorous original way. Today’s post includes legal dramas that comply with new neo-Nazis laws being introduced by the European Union approved advertising agencies. My hope is that whoever gets the aid they need that it happens soon if this what they say they need. The open forum will start soon. Please leave some thoughts over on the main website.