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Closing Lanes, Politicians And Associates

chris christieDan Majestic reports from Fort Lee in New Jersey: Forget the Benghazi cover-up, the Inland Revenue Service pestering conservative groups before the last presidential election and the Justice Department rough handed treatment of some hacks from the Associated Press, to name but a few. A road that leads from the fine metropolis of Fort Lee to the George Washington Bridge,  stern-faced hacks kept the pressure on Governor Christie.


george washington bridgePresident Obama, a Democrat, and his oversights. I mean, the man doesn’t even have a proper birth certificate to prove that he’s eligible for the presidency. Not to mention lots of other things, like that dodgy Nobel Peace Prize. Closing Lanes On Roads Is Something No Politician Should Be Associated With.


american united states

The Weather For Weeks Is News

weather news ukBen Delicious reports from London in this interesting article about British weather. He quotes Howard Stern who asked ‘What the hell’s wrong with you, people?’.

flood defences

Coverage of the storms and floods the flood defences, the Middle Ages , The Cobra committee inventions of Tony Blair and his war in Iraq looking serious humming the tune from Mission Impossible.



World Economy And The Messy War Cards

nuclear explosionThe way we look at the world is so different and distracting that in order to explain what is going on you really need to get the worlds attention. Depending on how good you are at getting peoples attention will determine if they even find what ever it is you are trying to say.

Adam Lovejoy reports from Paris sharing interesting ways of approaching political analysis. The way things are shaping up in Europe and across the pond at the moment. He takes a look at how America is explaining things. He also reports about Syrian rebels and the broad spectrum of things being formed between United Nations and Bashar al-Assad. The  Middle East is a very popular subject and the Taliban is again another popular subject people like to write about.

The thing is there has already been a lot of things said about the great big war, so what could possibly be on the cards, that you have not already read. Well like any game practise makes perfect. The easiest way to end with war cards is loose of win. The quicker this happens the less it drags out.  Another thing about war as you can see in the image (courtesy of Stirring Trouble Internationally) is that war is a great way of clearing debts. Countries have been levelling the playing field for years. Adam manages to separate from fiction and draw you into that world of knowing just what exactly is going on. Check out the main website or simply add us on Facebook or Google+ to keep up to date with news.


Social Media, Celebs Hacks And Politicians

Social MediaThe online world is taking it all in its own pace, everybody are racing to work how it all works. The providers are always changing and the companies are calling people to shift them out of one way of doing something and get them into doing something else. And the small print has it all clearly explained. Ted Obvious is in London talking again about Social Media, politicians and media hacks.

The public are often the mugs and the social networks are a great way of singling people out. The politcians are always trying to warn people about this sort of thing in newspapers. The great thing is TV news and  mainstream media make even more Celebs out of people, so in effect anyone can challenge these things that are happening. Just be sure to sort it out within seven days.

Comedians Making Life Hell For Politicians

obama bush and cheneyPart two of the comedy about politicians saga over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. A couple of weeks ago Stirring Trouble Internationally reported the news about comedians, politicians and the decline in quality of the two.

R.F. Wilson is a writer and has some interesting views about comedians in London and politicians around the world.

The news still remains the same about the comedians struggle to continue to find gags about Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and all the politicians who’s lives are made hell by comedians.

Anyone who has ever moved in 10 Downing Street will tell you a similar thing: comedians have had the responsibility of explaining what is going on to the general public. Through mediums like Have I Got News For You hosted by Paul Merton , Ian Hislop and other people. There are more shows now like Mock The Week still running other puppet comedy shows have now since finished.

Some popular themes in 2013 have been staged on Saturday Night Live, this was mentioned in earlier posts and part one of the comedians making life hell for politicians. People in the US have been outraged by the government shutting down. The irony of this is captured in today’s article.


Mayor Boris Johnson: Cycling In London

boris johnson cyclingR.F.Wilson is talking about cycling in London with Mayor Boris Johnson talking about the Tory party and the new Transport in the city  of cyclists pretend to be going to work and return back home after a ‘busy day’. He comments that in Tirana capital of Albania roads are better than London’s.

Read all about the new Boris bikes sponsored by Barclays Bank and the future prospects of him becoming a Tory leader.

Not everyone travel by London Underground cycle in the opposite direction of the traffic flow. The London underworld is very grateful to Boris who, being a cyclist himself, has no idea how to get traffic moving properly in the city and fix the Underground. The cyclist as an industry is following the McDonald’s business model.

The PC Views Of Democracy And Dictatorship

Members Of The PC Brigade Fight It Out

david attenboroughAdam Lovejoy reports from London in an article called members of the PC brigade fight it out.

The scoop today is about the BBCSir David Attenborough and Charles Darwin. You will have read in recent posts about the theory of natural selection. This article by Adam Lovejoy goes into the subject a little bit more.

As you may have noticed the PC lot have been talking about natural selection for years and broadcasting on television about the theories for quite a few years now. Phil Taylor has made a recent comment on the article this week. He spoke about a Switzerland Dignitas clinic  suicide facility.

You can find out interesting reviews about the evolution myth over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. And todays article covers some interesting things about the Liberal Democrats on TV this week.



Great Time To Be A Cop In Berlin

cop in berlin

Its a great time to be a cop in Europe. Ted Obvious reports to London inside Berlin as to the reasons why. Also Brussels in Europe is hosting a keynote speech by Chancellor Angela Merkel and there you will get the latest and greatest news from the European Union. As you have already probably gathered this is a satirical post about politics and austerity waving around the world currently. Get the latest and greatest views from around the world via videos of street protests and the latest news in Greece. British Member of Parliament Prime Minister David Cameron has called on British people many times since being in democratic control of the UK. Especially because of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the need for tight control from within the United Nations. This post is specifically about the anti-austerity protests and the brave journalists on the ground filming all the events as they unfold.

Look, The Beatles Were Just A Pop Band, OK?

Pop Songs Stupid Lyrics

baby baby babyBen Delicious reports from London It never ceases to amaze me, the stupidity and shallowness of lyrics in pop song. And by ‘pop’ I mean to pretty much cover all the trends in popular music, from rock to rap and beyond.

It’s as if all those pop stars and semi-stars and acquired taste artists, as I call the most pathetic-sounding bands and solo artists, have conspired to compete with each other in writing the most stupid lyrics. Horny young idiots with hardly any education.

Even though it’s pretty obvious that when you have nothing much to say to the world, you sort of tend to sway into the woods of sexual intercourse, because your hope is that there are enough horny idiots out there who will fall for it.

And then there’s the swearing. These days no self-respecting pop idol would ever dream of releasing an album without the parental guidance sticker on it. It’s like sex scenes in films.  Mainstream in pop to include a few F-words.