Media Reports About Iraq

libyan militiaTed Obvious reports from Baghdad about an invasion reported by the US and the UK. Find out more about what President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair had to say about the bombings.

Statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Fird...

News from London about Saddam Hussein, the WMDs and peace in the Middle East after the war in Iraq and news about the Soviet Union and the Libyan government over on Stirring Trouble Internationally.

Tony Blair’s Legacy In Northern Ireland

tony and gerryBen Delicious is in Belfast looking at the 187 IRA terror suspects who escaped prosecution. Four soldiers were killed by the Hyde Park and Regent’s Park bombings nearly twenty four years ago. Tony Blair faith foundation and Northern Irelands news headlines today report that representatives gathered in the Old Bailey today court listings February 2014 in London Irish lawyers association were surprised when IRA suspect John Downey Sinn Fein no longer support the situation free with a pardon. Just under fourteen years ago Tony Blair’s legacy in Britain created a pardon for most and the rest were awarded amnesty. Prime Minister of Britain and Gerry Adams commander at that time negotiated the behind the scenes order.

the Old Bailey has caused a bit or a stir with Peter Robinson who is not happy with the results. and Prime Minister David Cameron admit in parliament that it was all a huge mistake. You can read more about it in Tony Blair’s autobiography called ‘A Journey‘ it includes conversations with Gerry Adams and the latest news brings you up to date with Martin McGuinness Oxford union debate. The thoughts and feelings about how the Chilcot inquiry intercept evidence. It also mentions more about the war in Iraq not a humanitarian intervention and the things that happened there too.

Hollande Break Up Scooter

hollande white houseTed Obvious is in Paris talking about Francois Hollande,  the French President and actress, Julie Gayet right to privacy had been infringed and then walks out on his squeeze with whom he was living in sin, Valerie Trierweiler.

Julie Gayet and the Agence France Presse news from Valérie Trierweiler in regards to the President of France and some satirical blurbs about Tony Blair in relation to the Francois Hollande from Paris scoop and a small reflection on the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

Hollande calls the Agence France Presse, which Bill Clinton presidency month to the US without a first lady and sensible policies on how to send French troops into conflict with a little bit more about Tony Blair on the back of a Scooter.

  1. President Hollande Breaks Up With His First Lady. No More Trips On The Back Of The Scooter
  2. France’s President Announces Split With His Companion – New York Times
  3. Trierweiler loses her First Lady status…
  4. Reuters Video: Hollande affair story boosts business

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hand-to-hand combat

Wars Aren’t Pretty, UK Government Finds Out

william hague
Ted Obvious reports from London about Tony Blair, the recent wars around the world with British troops and what David Cameron has to say on these matters. Britain has come up with a dossier of over one thousand case studies of British troops. The International Criminal Court is taking a look at them all tomorrow British politicians  and top military could face all-sorts of questions.

british troops iraqFind out more about the British Foreign Secretary William Hague and the latest views and news over on Stirring Trouble Internationally about the British armed forces.

Find out more about British soldiers, the UK government and the latest news from the Iraq Historic Allegations Team who are currently investigating abuse if any of Iraqi civilians starting over ten years ago in two thousand and three.


Mainstream Sins

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R.F.Wilson reports from London collusion with governments scribbling and reporting till they kick the bucket. New Labour Tony Blair Britain bankrupt to a crisp, the war in Iraq did not help and a lot of things started out in the 2005 general election. This is around the time 24-hour drinking options came about for publicans and people who like to drink at all hours of the night.Now, where were hacks of the supposedly free and impartial mainstream British media and incompetent wave of British politics coming out with all-sorts of strange decisions.


Tony Blair On Canvas

tony blair portrait

Adam Lovejoy is in London and has noticed something from the  art world and its the above image of Tony Blair.  Painted by Alastair Adams who also painted Stephen Fry and Mick Jagger. Tony Blair is mostly known for getting Britian involved in the war in Iraq, and helping capture Saddam Hussein. Tony also used an anti-Christ political campaign of a man with horns to win the elections. You can take a look at the paintings at the National Gallery and find out more about New Labour by following the link below to Stirring Trouble Internationally where you can read the complete post.


Political Satire Is Dead

In todays post we explore the notion about political satire and ask the question is political satire dead? R.F.Wilson is in London exploring political satire, President Obama’s uncle and life living in America. Read more humour about illegal immigrants, gun culture and the printing press with another batch of money.

Find out what is funny about President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize in response to the timing and nature of peaceful.

mocking bill clinton

The comedy crowd Ronald Reagan and Ed Miliband  The Thick Of It, and Labour political objections. Actor Peter Capaldi played The Thick Of It’s foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, inspired by Alastair Campbell, a former aide in Tony Blair’s government.

tony blair comedy

US, UK and Saturday Night Live HIGNFY and other stuff that makes a point about whether political satire is dead or not.

Taras Shevchenko
The Abbott government refused to bring a proposed ban on political pictures of politicians and mixing their pictures with animals and insects. The message sent serious ripples out to reporters, photographers covering stories in mainstream newspapers in their satirical stories. Anything proposed as counter culture challenging political expressionism art.

News in the US has picked up on the story of political satire is dead by asking the question can nine year olds offend teachers through the use of words. These stories come and go and the satirising of these stories from  places like The National Report come into contention about simply fly by plans to go viral online. One video for example created a fake story about people in India hurting people.

The art of satire Ukrainian poet Taras Schevchenkob (1814, Moryntsi) declared his independence from the USSR, which helped create change in 1991.

Armando Iannucci a well known political satirist in the image below shows him receiving his Order of the British Empire medal at Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

ian nucciArmando Iannucci helps out with a popular show that does political satire challenging the notion that ‘political satire is dead’ the show is broadcast in the USA HBO political satire Veep.

Here is a music concert of popular band from UK who paid tribute to the Ukrainian poet.